Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Accountability Status: 2009-10 School Year

NYSED Report Shows:

Athena HS Now "In Good Standing" (Removed from "Needs Improvement List")
Apollo MS "Needs Improvement" (Elementary-Middle Level English Language Arts)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can I have a raise?

Anonymous said...

According to the D&C this am:

Apollo Middle School in GREECE and Durand-Eastman in East Irondequoit are the ONLY two Monroe County Schools outside the city on the state's improvement list.

This is not new. Apollo has been on the list for years.

Why? Why? Why?


Doug Skeet

SCATS said...

Doug ~~ Apollo is in "good company" with 24 city schools on that list. I see one of the city school board's members wants to get rid of Brizard. I'd take him! Maybe we could swap Supts ;)

Anonymous said...

To borrow a statement from an ex board member while speaking to other board members - "and everyone responsible got a raise" "aren't we doing a great job"

Anonymous said...


What a deal that would be. I would take Brizard in a minute over Steve A. He, Brizard, would come to Greece and see all the "problems" administrators, teachers, some BOE member and yes some parents use as excuses for our low achievement scores and low graduation rates and laugh his fanny off.

He is creative, while trying new ways and new programs for student learning. The one I like the best is the gender schools for middle schoolers.

It would be Kind of like getting a Corvette for a Ford Edsel.



SCATS said...

To Doug ~~ I like Brizard. There are few things I've heard of that I disagree with about his ways of managing things. When they try to pin a problem on him, he solves it (like making kids walk to school in the cold -- they complained, so he got them coats & mittens!). He seems very straight forward, no nonsense and possesses a "can do" attitude ... kind of like Dr. Phil with an accent ;)