Sunday, August 23, 2009

Maloney Challenges Auberger On Track Record

YNN Interview Gets Both Men To Go On Record

"They're sick of the bleeding. They're sick of the ridicule, being the butt end of jokes throughout the county in television and on newsprint. They want it to end and I intend to do that this fall." ~~ Dan Maloney (Dem)

"I enjoy being town supervisor. I deal with issues that are closest to the people, public safety, public works, quality of life issues." ~~ John Auberger, Supervisor (Rep)

Maloney ~~ lack of accountability & leadership led to the corruption in the PD & the kickback scandal in the assessor’s office.

Auberger ~~ claims his leadership allowed the problems to surface.

"The truth will come out eventually, and at that time, I'm hoping true justice is served, but until then, the voters here in Greece will be able to serve their own brand of justice in November." ~~ Maloney

"I will be judged on how I handled the situation by the residents of the town of Greece and I think I've done the right thing." ~~ Auberger

SCATS ~~ Judgment day is just 71 days away!! Mr. Auberger, how is it possible that Greece was among the "safest" communities in the US when we had one of the most corrupted PDs in the US? The folks in the news in recent months have been running things in the GPD for years!


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SCATS said...

"I enjoy being Town Supervisor."
"I will leave no stone unturned."
"This is serious business!"

Anonymous said...

Finally Dan Maloney speaks up! GO MALONEY you need to win! Without being disrespectful he put J.A. on the spot. The fact that J.A. thinks he has done a good job is laughable. The fact that even with current issues plaguing his administration he "pretends the people like him and support him." Again NO ACCOUNTABILITY! Perhaps if he claimed his share in this mess he could pull off a Sanford ( sure is trying) and keep his job, but those that do not repent shall be the elections! Coffee

Anonymous said...

Great interview! I encourage everyone to waych the video. Thanks for linking this Scats!

Anonymous said...


Charlie Hubbard said...

I continue to be up in the air. I do not know what Mr. Maloney believes in but he was given an oportunity by Mr. Auberger on the subject of taxes.
Mr. Auberger talked about 'keeping the tax rate increase below the inflation rate'.

I strongly disagree that tax rate should be used as a barometer - it's SPENDING!!!!!!
Example, if you increase 'spending' 10% and get 'extra' state and or federal money (our money)allowing a tax rate increase of say 3% please don't tell me you have done a good job. Too many variables go into the 'tax rate' the judgement must be done on SPENDING and SPENDING only.

Tell me about your SPENDING, what is driving that SPENDING, and what you plan to do to control that SPENDING and give me nothing but straight talk and honesty.

On this item I know nothing of Mr. Maloney's position but will need to.

Anonymous said...

Dan is okay. I know all the arguments and I want him to say more. But we have to get rid of Auberger. Period. IF we don't our town is toast.

Anonymous said...

Auberger has been Greece's town supervisor 11 and a half years.

He says during his tenure:

* A new library and community center opened their doors.

A Community Center built with money received from Kodak due to the settlement agreement tied directly to the Kodak Assessment Scandal?? The same check that Firkins "forgot" to enter into the Town Board Meeting? Give me a break!

* A youth curfew went into effect.

A lie! The only "curfew" is the restrictions placed on private property at Greece Ridge Mall - the same mall that has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in COMIDA Funding (Industrial Development Agency for Monroe County) from Maggie Brooks. This is NOT a "youth curfew"!!

* 200 acres of open space were preserved.

Braddock's Bay area does NOT count Jack. We all know if you COULD build on water, you would sell out in a heartbeat!

* The town, which has about as many people as the city of Albany, was recognized as one of America's safest communities.

This is a joke. The integrity of any data submitted is now impuned by the fact that all of your officers involved are now in jail or under indictment. It's as much a joke as having the Town receive an "outstanding assessment award" from the State the same year the Assessor went to jail on multiple felony charges!

Auberger is most proud of his record on taxes.

"Every budget that I have submitted, I have kept rate increases below that of the rate of inflation," Auberger said.

Perhaps a closer look at the SPENDING done for the tile work done by Firkins husband would change peoples minds. You can't have it both ways Jack. You're a thief and a liar!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Take a look in your town hall, your community center, your library, your town court. All that fancy expensive tile work, those tiles with the Greece logo, all courtesy of Firkins husband, who gets awarded every contract for tile work the town has to offer.

How do you think "I am him" affords the Escalade and the fancy vacation home?

Anonymous said...

The Assessor, the cops, the assessment rates, the've done a great job Jack.

And don't play "victim" here - all of this happened under YOUR WATCH.

You're either incompetent, ignorant, involved or a combination of all three.

Your time is UP. 11 1/2 years of you has cost this community dearly, and before all is said and done, will cost us even more in lawsuits, litigation and reputation.

Did it ever occur to you how your BS impacts housing values? No one wants to buy a house here. No one trusts any of you.

LEAVE. Go on your own. I suspect Parinello and Rahn are about to unleash the hounds on your sorry buttocks.

Anonymous said...

What is the escalade. Is that a fancy part of town?
Where is the fancy vacation home
Has anyone FOILed the town for the records

Note to democrats. IF the husband of an office holder in greece is gettig contracts for work this is a legitimate thing to investigate.

Stop being afraid of controversy and stand up

Anonymous said...

All in due time.

Anonymous said...

Auberger's body language is very revealing.

Anonymous said...

5:00 I agree in principle and it doesn't seem fair. But KF is not a board member so the conflict of interest does not apply. She is an appointed office holder and does not get a vote for the preferred bidder.
There still does seem to be favoritism here.
The people that would have to complain are the other bidders on these jobs that feel that her husband had an unfair advantage in the bidding and acceptance process. They may not realize that they lost out to the husband of the assistant supervisor of Greece.

Anonymous said...

Auberger looks like he has a case of irritable bowel syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Justice must not only be fair it must appear to be fair

Anonymous said...

"I enjoy being Town Supervisor"

Why am I hearing Doris Day "I Enjoy Being a Girl" in my head when I read this?

A new Court building- why wasn't a new court put in the new town hall when it was built, and why was it located in a strip mall? Does it have anything to do with the fact that the owner of the strip mall was a major contributor to the Greece Republican Committee? MPN Newspapers/The Greece Post exposed that little tidbit a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Many interesting comments..and not in favor of Auberger! I agree with what's been said.

Seems Scats' poll has been holding a consistent 74% in favor of Maloney all through this week.

"Hit the road, Jack>and don't you come back no more, no more..."

Anonymous said...

Who's blog is this? 50% or more posts are by one person. (Who just happens to be anonymous!) Where is the diversity of opinion?

Anonymous said...

8:02 Anonymous is the name given to anyone who doesn't have a blog name. It could be many different posters.
What makes you think half of anonymous is the same poster?

Anonymous said...

'Cause it sounds good in their mind :)

BTW...what makes you think those tile contracts were put out for bid?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous 8:02"..uses the same name as everyone else yet complains?

SCATS said...

To 8:02PM ~~ It's MY BLOG. Got a problem with it?

Anonymous said...

To 9:29 and Scats, it is a troll from another blog. And given that the issue of being anonymous was brought up it is likely one of two people "hiding their own identity"! I guess when you get 400 hits and 50% or more are from the blog owner and sidekick ,one starts to get better. Coffee.

Anonymous said...

Coffee..your comment makes no sense..the bloggers you are referring to would agree with all the comments made here - sounds as if 8:02 is looking for support of Auberger (when referring to "where's the diversity"?).

Probably someone from Town Hall not liking the poll numbers ;).

SCATS said...

To 9:42AM ~~ Apparently the comment left by 8/23/2009 8:02 PM is nearly the same as one left on other BLOGS. I think that's what coffee might be referring to.

Anonymous said...

To 9:42, my comment does make sense if you are familiar with the other GB. There is one person that posts, by name, more than 50% of the time. So the post asked sarcastically who's blog is this? Also if you read the content of said posts, the poster makes announcements on behalf of blog owner. Both of the referenced bloggers also have issues with the anonymous posters as we have no credibility in their opinion. So out of spite I suspect they hopped over here to cut/paste original post and add the dig that posters here are anonymous. Coffee

SCATS said...

Regarding "lack of credibility of anonymous posters" ~~ I bet our votes will be heard on election day just as loudly as anyone else's! Oh yeah, everyone gets to cast their vote anonymously! ;)

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at the "anonymity lacks credibility" argument.

Anyone can make up an account using a fictitious name that sounds real.

Are they checking IDs as people leave their comments?

Anonymous said...

10:48: when a self proclaimed psychic runs the blog and has spy tracking IP software I would say YES :)!

Jane Dough said...

Psychic? Or Psychotic?

Just teasin'!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even joke about it Jane Dough - someone might think you had access to sealed court documents or something!

Anonymous said...

About Auberger's remarks:
One could say his lack of oversight and leadership allowed the corruption to remain submerged for so long. That is nothing to be proud of. He is trying to extol his virtues and beef up his resume by noting how much crime and corruption has been hidden for his entire term until it was forced to the surface by a good plunging. I couldn't resist carrying on his water/submergence imagery. Sorry:)
Just be happy I decided not to add the roto-rooter image.