Thursday, August 20, 2009

Loszynski Turned Over Auberger's Stone ...

Says he's found nothing criminal after questioning the Supervisor (Did Auberger respond, or was "I am him" on duty? Did he find anything "serious" under there?)

Pignato & Joseph Both Decline Offers To Be Interviewed From Behind Bars (Well, duh!!)

Internal investigation includes 700 Leads (Only 578 pointed towards the Supervisor, so nothing fishy there ;)

To be wrapped up around Labor Day (It was a labor of love, I'm sure ... the final report will make great Christmas gifts!)

"I will correct what needs to be corrected. I will leave in place what I feel is adequate." ~~ Joseph Loszynski (Sounds like curtains for John afterall ... )


Deputy Town Supervisor Jeff McCann told the D&C the investigation has cost only $252,000 to date; claims the town has absorbed those costs through vacant positions (Created by charging cops with felonies!? I wonder if he learned math at GCSD... hmmm ...)


Anonymous said...

I hope they used an anal probe on Jackie - rumor has it he hides the good stuff there!

SCATS said...

To 9:56PM ~~ That only happens if he gets beamed up to the Mothership ;)

Anonymous said...