Saturday, August 22, 2009

John Auberger Announces ...

13th Annual Citizen's Police Academy
Alumni Training Seminar & Picnic

When: Sept. 17th from 11:30-2:00PM

Where: Circus Tent By Town Hall

Why: Following our intensive 15 minute workshops & a free lunch, we plan to deputize ALL attendees who survive the cuffing demo! (Hey, we're desperate to get some new cops!)

Schedule of Events:

11:30-11:45PM ~~ Filing false instruments (M. Rahn, presenter)

11:45-12:00PM ~~ Clipboard sign-ins (Our background check process! Try out what you just learned!)

12:00-12:30PM ~~ Join us for a FREE lunch (Yummy leftovers from the senior nutrition program!)

12:30-12:45PM ~~ Advancing through the rank & file (J. Auberger, presenter; campaign donations HIGHLY recommended. )

12:45-1:00PM ~~ Frisking, cuffs 'n other domination techniques (T. Schamerhorn, presenter)

1:00-1:15PM ~~ Handling evidence - Shredding for Beginners (B. Ball)

1:15- 1:30PM ~~ Snortin', tokin', drinkin' & tele-transportin' home! (N. Joseph)

1:30-1:45PM ~~ Retiring from public service without doing time (S. Wise, presenter)

1:45-2:00PM ~~ How NOT to dress when arrest is imminent (J. Parrinello, our special guest!)

At 2PM sharp, the Greece Town Board is expected to call an Executive Session and the Supervisor will swear-in all attendees behind closed doors with various members of the clergy blessing the new hires. Badges and Super-Soakers will be distributed. Shift assignments will be made avail. within 24 hrs. To sharpen his seldom used skills, Off. Schamerhorn will take group photos of the newly deputized posed with Auberger. *

*You must sign a release so these photos can be used by the Committee to Re-Elect John Auberger!


SCATS said...

This is serious business!

(It's also a spoof on an actual mailing to "graduates" of Greece's Citizen's Police Academy. Thank you to the person who sent me a copy :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When do we get the State Police in here to cover this town until this can all be sorted out?

As a citizen, I don't feel safe. On behalf of the 'good guys' that are left, I think someone of greater authority needs to step in.

I don't trust Auberger, and I don't know and don't trust this Loczynski character. We have absolutely nothing on him except that he is calling all the shots and destroying our community.

Maybe at the same time we can actually get a supervisor who knows how to do his job and doesn't have to hand over his authority to a literal unknown!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that was Auberger's plan? To scare the senior citizens so badly that they would follow him like lemmings into the voting booth?

Anonymous said...

Isn't there some way we can mount a campaign to INSIST the State police takeover in Greece while we clean up this mess? No one feels safe any more. I don't think there are any honest cops left untainted by this. It would take a miracle for that to happen!

Anonymous said...

I received one of those invitations in the mail too last week. I took the GPD Citizens Academy in 2008. Ball was the instrutor and an arrogent SOB. This is the second time I received this invitation in two years and both times this "picnic" is held during working hours. WELL.........I happen to work during the day. There were many people who took this class and there were a lot of us who are not "retired" and cannot make these functions. Why not have this "picnic" some evening instead????

Oh, I forgot, our elected officials and some of our GP would not be able to keep the Body Rub appointments in the evening.

Love your site Scats!

Anonymous said...

Let us hope that this doesn't (or hasn't already) morphed into "legal mobbing". While the outing and punishing of a few bad apples has been warranted for a long time, it is important to know when "enough is enough".

It is common knowledge that if an "investigator" looks hard and long enough, they will find "something" to prosecute on anyone/everyone, without exception. Research "McCarthy" for some background.

This investigation should continue until the primary guilty parties are ID'd and prosecuted. However, don't forget that underlings are in weak power positions relative to their dirty supervisors. It is up to the "investigator" to assess when that is at-play, and move-on.

Anonymous said...

This is a legal hit squad

SCATS said...

To 8:49AM ~~ I think it's very important to remember that with all of the different people involved, from Police Chief down to Officers, it would be difficult to make a case showing that anyone wearing a badge didn't know what was happening. If they knew, they are part of that culture and part of that problem.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right scats. And what kind of detectives would they be if they didn't have a clue as to what was going on. Especially since we have known the GPD was sketchy even before Rahn took over. It was easier for them to look the other way.
Think of the crimes committed by public officials that we know about from the tax scandal to sex coercion to addicted cop crashing to coverups. We stink in greece.

Anonymous said...

"We stink in greece."
In the Godfather it was a horse's head. In Greece, it's the fish's head and it's rotting fast!.

rj said...

SCATS: There's no category here for Identity Fraud

Greecemonkey? coffeeready? radaronline?

will the Real SCATS please stand up???

Glad to see you have gotten 5,000 hits on your blog. That's way WACKY and so out of control. Way to go.

SCATS said...

To RJ ~~ Since you have told everyone you can track IP addresses, the number of unique visitors and whatever else, then YOU of all people should know who is who and what is what. Or was that just more trash talk too?

Anonymous said...

scats at 9:41
She may have a tracker to see which IP address that sends her email also sends her comments. If she has a website it is easy to not only see which IP has visited and which site that IP goes to before visiting her website and after they leave. The IP gives a broad range of geographic location where the IP is located but not an exact street address.
This blog is owned by google and doesn't track. The rj website has tracking since it is her own.

SCATS said...

To 11:40AM ~~ Her "new" BLOG is also a Google-owned one, just like SCATS. The comments are sent by Google ( to the Blogger's email. They are not sent by the people leaving comments. Unless hacking is involved, there is no IP tracking going on there.

Anonymous said...

Haven't read her blog and didn't realize it was google so she is "mistaken" if she says she can track. Don't worry we are all ok unless google decides to out all of us as having opinions:)

GreeceBlogger said...

SCATS-I apologize for thinking you were the identies previously mentioned (GreeceMonkey, Radaronline and Coffeeready). I was informed by someone else that you were indeed Greecemonkey. I was obviously misinformed. I do apologize for the personal attack since I don't like it when it is done to me. It is out of character for me, despite what people make think,so I do apologize.

Again, my goal as a blogger is to inform people, to empower them to take action. At least that is my hope as a blogger.