Monday, August 31, 2009

"Criminal Mischief" & Burglaries Abound

Police Reports ~~ Vehicle larcenies, vandalism, buglaries and even robbery/menacing make for a very busy week for Greece PD

Aug. 21 ~~ "Someone broke into a storage shed at Greece Olympia High School, 1139 Maiden Lane, and scattered goal posts and equipment all over the playing fields."

Robbery/Menacing ~~ "Four people walking in a group near Cragg Road and Stonewood Avenue were robbed on Aug. 23. As the group was walking, a silver car stopped beside them and occupants in the vehicle pulled out a gun and demanded the group turn out their pockets. The suspects fled in the vehicle."

SCATS ~~ Mr. Auberger, whatever happened to our "Safe City" designation?


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Anonymous said...

I've never seen someone so happy about crime occuring in a community. BTW, stuff like this has been going on since the dawn of time and happens in every community. The Greece post has had a section reporting these forever. Go check it out if you need a weekly crime fix to help you feel good.

It seems you either enjoy hearing that people are victims of these types of crimes or you're promoting them for political purposes. Which is it? Either one is pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

"BTW, stuff like this has been going on since the dawn of time and happens in every community."

The criminal mischief and vehicle/shed/garage break-ins that is.

Anonymous said...

These incidents have escalated in the area in recent months and especially in Greece. The list in the paper used to be much shorter. The question becomes are they reporting them now and didn't in the past? Or is the problem worse than it was before? I'd say the problem is worse, at least in my neighborhood. My next door neighbor's home was robbed in broad daylight in a narrow timeframe. She went out for just over an hour and came home to two doors busted down, theft of all the jewelry, some cash and small electronics. Seems like people are watching and waiting for opportunities. The report about those four people getting held up at gunpoint should be worrisome for everyone. Very scary!!! Gangs have arrived. What are we doing about them?

Anonymous said...

SCATS-I say good for you keeping the community abreast of the crime. The problem with alot of people is they are so close-minded they feel they have to accept the crime and the criminal mischief that's why they don't like to be reminded. So much for being one of the safest communities. Parents wake up and start being parents to your criminals in the making. Stop expecting society to raise your kids and discipline them.

Anonymous said...

9:36 must be a Shamber of Commerce member. No crime. No problems. Greece is wonderful! If it weren't for the naysayers we'd be out of the headlines, right 9:36?

To SCATS: I appreciate the hard work you do to keep us informed about ALL the news in Greece, good or bad. THANK YOU!!!!

SCATS said...

To 9:36AM ~~ Although it may not be scientific, I think the poll showing that over 3/4 of respondents believe that our cops were all aware of the troubles in our PD but remained silent speaks volumes about community attitudes towards crime right now. People are fed up with the juvenile delinquents who commit these crimes, the PD who seems unable to stop them and the politicians who have allowed this to become the status quo. I'm glad to see the newspaper is publishing more of what's the reality in our neighborhoods, instead of pretending it doesn't exist.

To 9:52 & 10:13AM ~~ You are most welcome :)

Anonymous said...

In defense of the hardworking honest professional greece cops. Until you have worked in the political intimidating atmosphere that was allowed to be created by the town supervisor and I say the town supervisor because he is the chief executive of the town and not only had knowledge of what was going on but still is part of it, there is a great deal of pressure placed on the individual officer to play the game or else.
When I say or else! Only those who have taken the high road to stay morally honest and professional no the consequences. We have chosen some very not nice people to run are government.
Scats your doing a fine job!!
As for delinquency the town supervisor was made aware of the negative outcomes the community would experience when chose to terminate an effective Youth Bureau and Police Youth Division.

Anonymous said...

That just doesn't wash to the extent that SOMEONE had to retire, switch jobs to a different town or agency ......... they knew and did nothing even when they could.

As they say, either you're part of the solution or you're part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

If any cops were aware of corruption around them...who exactly were they supposed to report it TO? Auberger is at the top of that list who runs the town and he wanted control of everything. It stands to reason he wouldn't want anything "bad" reflecting on the town, and thus, HIM.

There needs to be a system in place where cops feel safe to make such reports without fear of retribution.

And yes, I can see where crime has accelerated around Greece>>it's these armed robberies that are scary...or just robberies altogether. Unless you've been a victim, it's hard to imagine the violation. Neighbors must be vigilant and look out for each other and report when seeing something. Drug sales, too, need to be reported (get license plate #'s if possible)--I've done that.

Anonymous said...

So tell us SCATS why you even live in Greece if you hate it so much? Why not move? But then would could you possible have to blog about? Misery loves company doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

"But then would could you possible have to blog about?"

Huh? There is lots to blog about here and the whole county knows it.

And we all have to stay here and make it better.
And we can't sell our houses. Don't you know about the obamanation we are in now? Cross between a recession and a depression and scared.

SCATS said...

To 6:22PM ~~ What makes you think I hate the town? I just loathe the party politics/nepotism/ favoritism/cronyism that's infected every facet of this once great community.

If trying to make this town more livable rubs you the wrong way, by all means you can feel free to move ;) I'm staying put and continuing with my efforts.

Anonymous said...

I think Greece (minus "the party politics/nepotism/ favoritism/cronyism ") is a pretty great town. We have everything here from AAA to Social Security Ofc to a hospital w/FREE parking, many doctors, shopping Malls, auto dealers, every imaginable place for car parts, repair, or maintenance, some great restaurants, unique businesses & retail shops, have the most high schools & sports teams, and as many Wegmans, a YMCA, lots of churches & groups, close to the beach, housing & rentals for every age/economic group-including nursing homes, and you can add to the list.

What we do need is more participation from anyone and everyone to be more vigilant to protect our assets...and a leadership in this town that knows it's the people in the town that make it what it is...great. (And we're working on that to fix the leadership part).

Anonymous said...

1:34 - This really isn't the site to promote all Greece businesses. Remember, SCATS in the early days promoted a boycott of certain Greece businesses because the owners or relatives of the owners wanted to participate in local elections. I'm not quite sure why someone doesn't want everyone with a vested interest in our town to be allowed to support candidates of their choosing.

SCATS said...

To 1:51PM ~~ Your statement about the "early days" of this BLOG is a blatant lie ~~ "Remember, SCATS in the early days promoted a boycott of certain Greece businesses because the owners or relatives of the owners wanted to participate in local elections."

I have no problem with anyone who wants to participate in the local elections. But I may have an issue with the METHOD USED TO DO SO ;)

Big difference, ya know?