Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Check Out The Candidates

Monroe County Republican Committee

Monroe County Democratic Committee


Anonymous said...

Neither of these sites has any info on the town candidates.
I know the Greece Democrats have some information on their candidates at the Greece Democrats web site. I might have missed it but I couldn't find any candidates bios or descriptions at the Greece Republican site.
Does anyone know if the Greece Republican have post info on any of their town candidates online?

Anonymous said...

Don't you know it's serious business running town hall. They don't have time to provide bios on their candidates.

SCATS said...

To 2;)8PM ~~ So much for my attempts at "equal coverage." This site has bios for the Dems:

I guess the Reps. think they will win like always so they don't need bios ;)

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

BLOG Administration deleted the previous comment posted by someone with a fascination with brooms.