Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eyewitness Accounts Included In Kenyon Police Report

I-Team 10 obtains 24-page accident report Ball accused of falsifying

Paramedic: Kenyon smelled of alcohol, acknowledged having at least 10 drinks. An open beer was found in the car beside Kenyon.

Ball: A different Sgt. told him the DA's office wasn't going to prosecute any criminal charges

Ball: Closed out the case on November 18 BUT the toxicology report wasn't completed until weeks later

Sources say toxicology report was positive for marijuana

SCATS ~~ So WHO was Ball covering for if he doesn't know anyone involved in the accident? I'm still betting on now retired Judge Anthony Sciolino and his drug court failure, Chad Kenyon ... and potentially it was done at Rahn's request, a "favor" for Sciolino ... possibly a "debt" repaid ...


Odd Coincidence

Chad Kenyon & Joseph Marini Appear In Greece Town Court Today

Kenyon ~~ Facing DWI charge from 2008 & a separate petit larceny charge

Joseph Marini, a passenger in Kenyon's car from the crash in 2005, was in court today on an unrelated traffic charge


Anonymous said...

They say they have the 24 page report. When can we get it scats? Please.
And we were right about not just alcohol but more. So she is wondering why he would cover up her son's report but then again she is not unhappy that it was covered up?
What a coincidence that 2 from that car accident were in court together today. Wow Karma is winding things up at a frantic speed.

SCATS said...

To 5:38PM ~~ That will be up to WHEC news to decide. They haven't posted it. I think they are still digesting it in that the info I posted out front was updated after they first reported some of it at 5PM.

Please note, for whatever reason, it sounds like no one is arguing that Kenyon's BA on the toxicology report was 0.0. It's the presence of marijuana that is significant and would have changed the course of Kenyon's life following that crash.

His mother was shown outside of court today, in tears. In my opinion, she was less than upfront during Brean's interview by failing to mention Chad's previous experience with rehab & drug court. She kept the discussion totally on alcohol, possibly a decision she may come to regret.

Anonymous said...

Interesting update report. That interview with the mother how she looks down and shakes her hands as she says they know no one. That is deceptive body language. She is always so specific that she does not know Rahn or Ball so she is hiding (omission) the others that she knows did the cover-up. Just a theory.
And she was so adamant about alcohol but is mute about the marijuana. Yes let us all get stoned and drive up and down Ridge Rd. That won't impair our driving.
Warning...when you are on the road after 10 on most evenings but especially fri and sat night most of the other drivers are under the influence of something. And not just the medicated housewives at the grocery store. Don't leave your cart unattended when they are in a hurry. But that's another story.

SCATS said...

To 10:11PM ~~ I think the change in the mother's body language and overall demeanor happened when she was asked about her son's past. That was her omission ... telling us he had been through drug rehab and drug court. I'll be shocked if we ever hear that some favor was done for Kenyon or his family. Any favors were for the benefit of much more important fish, I think.

Anonymous said...

The son benefitted from the favors but they were done so the drug court and compeer could save face. After all the judge was less than a year to his retirement in 2006 so he could be a deacon at the transfiguration church. Poster children for compeer and youth drug court do not go to jail for vehicular homicide. Now he is expendable.

SCATS said...

To 10:31PM ~~ BINGO! Yes, he benefitted but was the secondary beneficiary, not the primary one. The judge was the intended recipient, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Random question....who took over for Frank Ardino when he retired from Greece Dept of Human Services in 2005?

SCATS said...

To 11:42PM ~~ His Human Services Dept was completely "revamped." The Youth Bureau was dismantled. "I am him" took on many of his group's former duties.

Anonymous said...

We do have a Greece Youth Bureau or did acc to a report on such bureaus in 2008. K Firkins is the head and it says she was the head for 2 years so she must have taken over for Frank. It is located at the town hall address and has 8 full time employees and 2 part time employees and works in "collaboration" with the local public schools providing counseling. Still trying to see who did the save for that situation in 2005.

SCATS said...

To 11:54PM ~~ Well whatever "services" were offered in 2008 were a far cry from anything Ardino ever offered. In fact, the school district is getting ready to offer (or maybe they already started) to offer counselling for families through a newly established center. I believe it is a joint venture with the Town, but it's purpose is to help fill the void. Another of the services that ended when Ardino left was the loss of truant officers. Even the BOE didn't realize they lost these services until quite some time after they were ended.

SCATS said...

To 11:54PM ~~ I just took a deeper look. On the Town of Greece website, "Youth Bureau" is listed under the Public Safety link. Clicking on it takes you to a page with a welcome from Chief Rahn & Auberger. On that page there's a link for Youth Division under "Records Division." Clicking on that takes me to a page with links for the Police Athletic League and Human Services. Clicking on Human Services takes me to a page where Auberger "Welcomes" us to the Community & Senior Center" which has a bunch of links for its operations. I suspect we do employ 8 people in that Center, but it certainly isn't a "Youth Bureau!"

Also note that under the column of links for the Community Center, there is a link for "Counseling Programs." When I click on that link it says: "Information on Counseling programs is currently being updated and will appear here in the near future. In the meantime if you require assistance, please call the Community and Senior Center at 723-2425."

I'm pretty sure it has said that ever since Firkins took over and the Community Center opened.

Anonymous said...

I am him sure can give you the run around - whether on the phone, in person, or on the website.

Now I know why Augie pays her the big bux.

How that Escalade looking these days?