Monday, August 17, 2009

BOE Wanted Lawyers To Tell Them Walts' Health Care Couldn't Be Stopped

Anonymous said...
What everyone is forgetting in all this is that they illegally hired a law firm to tell them what they wanted to hear. The lie that Walts' health care could not be rescinded.

I don't know why Harris, Beach couldn't tell them that, or wait, maybe it's because that firm represents Walts.

This board of education is so enamored of lawyers it's beyond belief. They could have stopped Walts health care a year ago, saved all the lawyers fees and we would be free of the $20+ thousand we spend every year.

They, the board, are so afraid that Walts will sue them. I say so what? First of all, he doesn't have a leg to stand on, he is guilty of theft of property and services of the Greece Central School District. That is black and white. Do they really believe he will come back here, sue us and open up a huge can of worms? He's smarter than that.

With all the money they have spent so far just to avoid this issue,it has cost more than a law suit by him would have. Ridiculous!

If Walts sued the district for his health care, he would have to say why he was awarded this phony bonus in the first place, and we all know that was to take care of other quid pro quo favors by former board members. This is just what the present board is doing its best to hide and shame on the others for going along with that! 8/17/2009 1:20 PM

SCATS ~~ Recounting the main points in this situation:
1 ~~ The BOE wasted money hiring new lawyers to tell them they couldn't rescind Walts' health care, which is what they wanted to hear all along.
2 ~~ The BOE did the hiring behind closed doors once again.
3 ~~ The BOE illegally voted to "hire" the law firm waiting until after GCSD received the bill to do so!
4 ~~ The BOE avoided ALL discussion of this subject in front of the community, but expects us to trust them ;)
5 ~~ The BOE accepted minutes for this action that fails to state who moved and who seconded the motion for the resolution!
6 ~~ In the REALLY BIG PICTURE, the BOE continues to thumb its nose at the laws, their policies, Robert's Rules of Order, the Comptroller's audit, their oathes of office and the entire Greece community.


Anonymous said...

It really disgusts me that not one single board member spoke up about this, NOT ONE!!

Charlie Hubbard said...

Let me take a moment to speak to this item.
First of all when we toke over in July 05 this
Walts health care was one of our priority items.
100% paid family plan for life???
What is the cost? No idea.
Let me be as nice as i can. For a school board to approve something like this and to put a burden onto the taxpayers (cost unknown) is both irresponsible and down right STUPID. Every member of that board who voted for that should have been removed from office for incompetence.

One of the first things we did in 05 was to get rid of the law firm who sat by and let that happen (harris beach). The same firm who was hired 'back' in 08. Obviously 'they' would be unable to advise the board on this item for obvious reasons. And so the taxpayers are on the hook for more $$$$$$ for legal fees when the firm we hired in 05 was well prepared to 'move' on this item. All this board needed to do was to contact 'that' law firm to 'make it happen'.
Unfortunatly it also required the board to 'grow a pair'. Instead they hired another firm to 'tell them what they wanted to hear'
The biggest loser? the taxpayers NOW and EVERY YEAR to COME.

It truly makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

They are totally intimidted by the "bottom-feeding" lawyers. They don't seem to realize that lawyers are in business to make money and most lawyers, if given the result you want, will research until they find the answer you want. It has nothing to do with the law.

Laws are written by the Legislature which is made up of about 75% members of that profession. Every law is written ambiguously, simply to make them open to interpretation and that, my friends, is what makes lawsuits and lawyers rich. If the law was written in plain simple English that could be understood by anyone, they would be out of a job.

Therefore, anyone who has a legal problem can get a lawyer who will tell them they have a perfect case and we all know this is a big lie. The courts are full and dockets are overflowing with lawsuits simply because interpretation of the law is compltely open.

Our Board of Education has wasted more money on getting lawyers to see things their way, than if we had been sued ten times by those they wish to save.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone get their hands on the contract that was voted on regarding Walts' lifetime health insurance benefits?
If not is there a way that we could see if the board then was acting NOT in the best interest of the children of the school district when they handed him that.
Any contract has to be followed whether or not we have buyer's remorse afterward. But if the terms of the contract said that it could be voided if the board had cause to find the former superintendent did something illegal or mishandled funds of the district while he was here,we could be relieved of that financial obligation. Or if he stole equipment when he left. That would be "cause."

Either he didn't steal the equipment or he did steal and we can't prove he stole the equipment. Or he stole it along with his fellow evacuees and the board doesn't want to bother about it. (What do they call people who know a crime is committed and don't do anything about it....accessory after the fact)

Even if he returned the equipment it was still stolen. Returning it was only retribution but the board should have pressed charges. Even shoplifters when they are caught can try to return the merchandise in their pockets but they still committed a crime and will probably be prosecuted.
So are we waiting for the statute of limitations to tick out on that which was pilfered in 2005? Could that be the reason for the rubber-stamp lawyers that gave the decision the board wanted to hear. And that Walts wanted to hear.
(What do they call it when someone deliberately tries to cover up the investigation of a crime.....oh yeah obstruction of justice. That happens frequently in Greece)

SCATS said...

To 8:15PM ~~ I believe I have access to the complete contract as it was sent to me long ago as an attached file. I do not have a hard copy provided to me via FOIL.

It contains an addendum dated Dec. 14, 2004 signed by Gerald Phelan (then BOE Prez) and Steve Walts. It states that if he retires from or becomes disabled while an employee to GSD he would be eligible for 100% coverage of his health and dental care.

If you want a copy of your own, you can email me and put Walts' Health Care in the subject of your email. I'll send you the file.

SCATS said...

To 8:15PM ~~ Regarding the theft of property and evidence of it, please check out the May 4th, 2009 comments posted by Joe Moscato on this website:

I'm pretty sure Joe has everything needed in terms of documentation. He's been working on this for months!

Charlie Hubbard said...

2 impotant items on this contract change Dec. 04.

Walts was interviewing for another job and the board was well aware of it. The board wanted SO BAD to keep him - which speaks volumns about thier judgement.

#2 It was all done in the BACK ROOM - sound familiar?????

Anonymous said...

You said "back room" A lot of transactions happened with administration that way:)
That's why he was in such a hurry to get away.

Anonymous said...

He's been gone for five years which equals about $120,000 so far and running.

He could have sued us, but he would have lost and I don't think it would have cost us that much, plus all the money spent for lawyers to say - Don't do it!

This is absolutely asinine!

Charlie Hubbard said...

You need to keep in mind what the cost 'will be' down the road.

The board gave him the 'best' and most 'exspensive' policy going and it is reasonable to assume an average increase of 8% per year.

NOW - what will be the cost in say 20 years?????
Do your own math.
The bigger point is how school board(s) have been doing business.

I ask you - how in gods name could ANY board member vote on ANY contract without knowing the committment $$$$ being made to taxpayers. Yet that is exactly how business was being done.

Welcome to public education !!!!!

SCATS said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall for just one "closed door" meeting! If I were, I suspect I'd never be able to keep it all to myself out of respect for the community.