Thursday, August 06, 2009

Become A Greece Politician For $499! *

The Greece Chamber of Commerce is kicking off a new Leadership Greece program in September.

The program is designed to help equip emerging and established leaders in the community for a variety of professional, civic and volunteer leadership positions.

Class size is limited and nomination forms are being accepted through Saturday, Aug. 15.

Tuition for the program is $499 for chamber members and $545 for non-members.

Classes will meet from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the second Friday of every month through May 14, although a few dates may vary.

SCATS ~~ This raises LOTS of questions!

1 ~ Why would an "established leader" need this?

2 ~ Why would a "volunteer" pay $499 for this class?

3 ~ What is meant by "nomination forms?" Can't anyone/everyone enroll?

4 ~ Do I need to be a card-carrying member of the Republican Party?

5 ~ Given the fact that so many town politicians have either jumped ship or found themselves in legal trouble or political hot water lately, WHO THE HECK is going to teach this class?

6 ~ Exactly WHICH professional, civic and volunteer leadership positions does this prepare a person for?

7 ~ If I play nice, can I get my kids into a school-of-choice? Can wifeypoo get a part-time job working for the Town of Greece? Can hubby get a golf date with Robach?

* We could really use Billy Mays (RIP) to promote this!


Anonymous said...

The chamber seems to think it is part of the government of Greece.
Who gave them the right to rule?

Anonymous said...

The chamber takes meddling to a whole new level in Greece. I wonder whose idea this was. With so many people resigning their political jobs locally , it was a matter of time before it became necessary to recruit replacements honed by their C of C cronies. I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see who attends these training sessions.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the local town board members could teach something. I suggest a course in advanced rubber stamping. Includes: How to look interested. Head nodding techniques. Hand raising like a model. Seconding for fun and profit. Proper enuniation of 'Yea' and 'here'. Bonus: Maintaining a submissive posture.
Each sucessful candiate wil recieve a double dipping county job.

SCATS said...

To 12:49PM ~~ That is the funniest posting (and most cynical) I think I've ever read! LOL

Anonymous said...

Personally I thought 12:49 was dead on.
The chamber could advertise the great bargain it offers. For $499 you could get a $60,000 county job!!! And some of you complain about unions.

Anonymous said...

Former Chamber President, Carlos Mercado, quit because he did not agree with the Chamber's political agenda. Enter Skip Beaver, Exit Skip Beaver two weeks later, Enter Judy Perry and they are off and running. Their dirty little secret that they don't want you to know is that many local business people have quit the Chamber in protest.

This remaining group of self-appointed pillars of the community are getting aways with it because we, the serfs and peons, are sheep waiting to be sheared.

Anonymous said...

12:49 forgot a few important areas like: how to yawn and look totally disinterested when community members question your decisions; how to blame others; budget manipulation during internal investigations and stone- turning basics for the novice!

An advanced group (as determined by the instructor) will learn special techniques in how to avoid your constituents for a full decade!

SCATS said...

To 3:41PM ~~ Thanks for the chuckle!

Anonymous said...

I quit the Chamber when Carlos left, as did several of my fellow members. For several years the Chamber controlled the School Board. When HMO and CARE whipped them a few years ago, they were furious and decided to talk Boily into running and, along with some members of the Rotary, held a huge fund raiser and got over $15,000 to get Roger, Julia and Hauer elected. With the exception of Julia, Roger's control of the Board continues today for the power brokers who think they are entitled to control not only the education of our children, but who runs the Town and who gets to open a new business.

It's all about power and control by a few, much to the detriment of the many. Shame on us for allowing less than 1% of this community control over our lives and that of our children.

It's time for a revolt in this Town we call home. It's time the Chamber went back to what their purpose is - to make this Town a place in which business can thrive and people can be proud to say they live in Greece. The November 3 election will define the character of this Town and its residents.

Anonymous said...

When the uneducated run the town. It should be glorious.

What did they say about Sarah Palin and pigs in lipstick?

Do your homework.

Anonymous said...

I also know of people who quit the chamber over their practices.

There is a larger problem. The chamber is essentially a business organization meant to advance business interests -- and it falls short on those terms alone,
But even given a better chamber business groups are not generally good vehicles for a lot of issues of equity and justice or environmental issues or even the need for balanced development.

If we are serious about making Greece a better place to live we really have to face up to these challenges and have other groups part of the mix in public discussion.

Anonymous said...

I checked into this program and learned there are prerequisites.

You must have completed
How to pretend you live in Greece 1.1
Speaking in turn 2.1
Shaving without using a mirror 2 (may be waved for females)
Tickets, which ones you have to buy 3.1
Candy sales, how to claim it's for your kids 1.0
Handshaking 2.2 (slime reduction and Flu Season precautions) 2

The person I talked with tells me the material will mostly be presented by guest lecturers some of whom will lecture from behind a privacy screen.
These lectures will include -
How to rent your property to unsuspecting tenants knowing it can't be legally occupied while convincing the tenant you'll handle it because you are an elected official.

How to meet covertly with the Police Chief even though there is a white LTD parked in front of your shop.

How to conspire with high town employees

Getting your wife a County Job – Qualifications mean nothing.

Things you can get away with when you're a Board member

Things you shouldn't be seen doing and how to do them covertly especially on Retreats.

How to get your project built on land your family owns for maximum profit

How to screw other property owners nearby to increase the value of your commercial property

Anonymous said...

All of these comments are why there is a new splinter group of the Chamber. Finally!!!!

Anonymous said...

what is this splinter group?

Anonymous said...

Tell me that this article is a early April 1, 2010 fools joke.
What are the leaders of the chamber thinking. Shouldn't the chamber be more interested in bringing business and industry into the town then getting into this nonsense.
Who is Jodie Perry anyway, where did she come from? Who did she know to get this position when there were better known local candidates seeking this position then her? She must be a relative of John Auberger's or Maggie Brooks.
Isn't it suspicious to anyone that as soon as this Jodie arrived everything the chamber does is in conjunction with the town supervisor. I have heard that even the chamber social hours or meetings are now held in the Town Hall. What is going on

SCATS said...

To 2:14PM ~~ I was wondering the same thing so I asked Hillary Clinton. She says: "It's all part of a VAST right wing conspiracy!"

There you have it, right from the horse's mouth :D

Anonymous said...

Our new Council member is a recent graduate of the Chamber's puppy mill. In the past three months, Robach's gopher has joined the Chamber, the Rotary and been appointed to the Youth Board in order to build a belated resume. Can we really trust a guy that parts his hair in the middle?

Anonymous said...

Parting his hair in the middle might be an attempt to communicate that he sits on the fence (indecisive). Any male over 25 should give up this habit and grow up.

Anonymous said...

Billy Mays suffered heart disease from cocaine use. You sure you think we could "really" use him here?

SCATS said...

To 4:22PM ~~ My comment was made before his illicit drug use became known. Despite that, he was still one heck of a pitch man, wasn't he?