Monday, August 24, 2009

Ball's Arrest Raises More Questions Than It Answers ...

Today had to be one of the truly saddest days the Town of Greece has experienced in the months since Nick Joseph got high on drink and drugs and slammed his car into a parked vehicle on I-390. It seems as if there is no one remaining who we can trust among our employees involved with "Public Safety." It also seems as if the more we learn, the more questions we're left to ponder. Here are a few that are swirling through my mind:

WHY did Brian Ball falsify a police report?
WHAT was the payoff (motive) to him for doing so?

WHY wasn't Ball paraded around in front of cameras in handcuffs the way his former boss Merritt Rahn was last week?
WHO decides how the accused will be treated in front of the cameras?
WHAT justifies different treatment between Ball and Trowbridge when both face similar charges?

HOW many other cases will need to be re-examined or re-opened to uncover bad police work and rogue cops before the end comes?
HOW much will all of this cost Greece taxpayers once the investigation is finished and the lawsuits begin?

HOW can the "powers that be" justify only demotion for Schamerhorn, a cop with an affinity for roughing up and feeling up the women he pulls over?
WHY not fire him, too?
CAN we afford to keep him given his history?

WHY hasn't GPD seen fit to investigate former Greece Supt.Steve Walts?
WAS there some motivation to avoid doing so?

WHERE does politics fit into all of this?
HOW can we eliminate it for the betterment of the entire community?

HOW can the community ever trust anyone who remains in GPD following so many scandals, so much shame and so many serious charges against people ranging from the Chief of Police down to the property clerk and even some civilians?

HOW could anyone vote to re-elect a Supervisor who admits he's responsible for all hiring in this town, but who has accepted not one iota of personal responsibility in any of this mess?


Anonymous said...

Answer: Vote them ALL out in November, and get involved in attending Town Board Meetings and making certain we hold our elected officials ACCOUNTABLE.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the biggest question of all you forgot to ask SCATS.

How can Loszynski find nothing wrong after questioning Auberger? That makes no sense!

Anonymous said...

Good question about the motivation of Ball to falsify the blood alcohol report. Was this boy a relative of his or did Rahn coerce him to cover it up? Or who was this boy related to? Or do they many times coverup DUI?

Anonymous said...

Better ? What is the evidence he actually did it?

Anonymous said...

To 11:35PM.......I was thinking the same thing. Is this kid Chad related to anyone in law enforcement? Why would a police officer go out on a limb to cover up for a kid in a FATAL car accident? This young girl DIED in a car this kid was driving. And all he gets is a few tickets???? Good Lord save us from the GPD.

SCATS said...

To 4:25AM ~~ I think Loszynski hinted that we will be hearing all about that in the days to come. I'm confident there is SOMETHING they are using to make a case.

Anonymous said...

Scats you asked the ultimate question--how could anyone vote for Auberger when he hasn't taken responsibility for any of this mess. He seriously thinks we are all stupid.

SCATS said...

To 8:46AM ~~ Another question occurs to me now that is almost as troubling:

Is it because the statute of limitations has run out? Is it because Chad Kenyon has turned 18 since it happened? Is it because we can't get an accurate blood alcohol test after the fact, so it would be pointless? WHY CAN'T IT BE REINVESTIGATED? WHO IS BEING PROTECTED STILL?

Nick said...

HELP: Do you have any evidence of any kind for the accident of Stephanie Oliva back in November 4th 2005. Though her accident was supposedly investigated on from Joe. We never really got any answers, Just Ball getting let go but with a lg. sum of money?. I keep asking for the report b/c I feel we are entailed to it and we are the victims with no daughter. Not one officer especially Sgt.Ball would not talk to us about her accident.He closed it early before the teleology test came back b/c Chad Kenyon THC test came back High . Anthony DeCarlis had no test done at the scene and his truck was never shrunk wrapped but his step father and Anthony was able to go to his truck the weekend after to get out his belongings and the black box in the truck that gives evidence. If he was speeding or used his breaks. The box was also tampered with.Greece Police let them in the pound and that truck was never used for any evidence. The toll company driver is no longer working at the station. Rahn was good friends with this toll company.But Kenyon's car was shrunk wrapped. Why? We are her parents and still no real answers b/c nothing was done properly in this accident. Not even the measurements on the road was never done properly. A bag of pot was found on DeCarlis and logged in at the hospital but the pot was destroyed of course. I am looking to see if anyone knows anything of this accident and for help. The real truth.