Monday, August 24, 2009


Ball Pleads not guilty in cover-up of 2005 death of Stephanie Oliva in car driven by her boyfriend Chad Kenyon

MPNNow ~~ "Former Greece police sergeant charged with falsifying toxicology report in fatal crash"



Charged with offering a false instrument in the first degree, falsifying business records in the second degree and two counts of criminal misconduct


INTERVIEW WITH MIKE GREEN, DA ~~ (It sheds light on "why now")

Old News File Reveals Interesting Info (Mucho thanks to my "helper")

Oliva Atty Statement ~~ Family told to "get over" their loss by the investigating officer; their unanswered questions "were met with callous indifference."


Anonymous said...

While I don't condone this, I wonder why Auberger didn't raise this issue 4 years ago when it happened. It seems too convenient to bring out past problems now in order to make a weak and small (and quickly aging) politician look like he is doing something.

If Ball is so bad (and I don't know whrther he is or not) why would we have to wait four years???

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the motive is/was for a cover up? Was Kenyon (the driver) a relative or friend? Is this a cover up or incompetence? Coffee

SCATS said...

To 3:29PM ~~ I'm wondering the same thing, too. I'm sure there's more to this story. That name of Kenyon rings a bell from long ago. But I don't know if there is a connection or not at this point.

Anonymous said...

The investigation uncovered this? I can't imagine that the driver turned himself in. Or was he falsely accused of DUI?
There has to be an informant on the inside that told. And now the news is saying there was shredding by this man not just alleged. An employee alerted the board of the shredding? Who was that? It used to be that the Greece police could count on the cleaners to keep their mouths shut since it was their job to do the shredding. Now what is the world coming to that the cleaning staff isn't part of the problem.
Sure wish someone would tell the authorities about goings on in the school district. But who would they tell it to?

Anonymous said...

It appears the driver got off the hook for dwi. I wonder who he is connected to??????

Anonymous said...

My blood is boiling over seeing Auberger on Channel 10 saying that "as a parent, and a grandparent".

My A Double S!!!

WTF - he expects us to believe that he knew NOTHING about this?

BS Auberger - BS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rahn and Auberger can claim innocence all they want. There is no way the two of them are not involved in this unless they are the most incompetent idiots on the planet.Enough is enough, get rid of them all and start over.

Anonymous said...

As reported on another news ch Rahn was at the scene of this accident. And Mike Green did not answer, would not comment, if Ball was DIRECTED to write the report in the manner it was. Sounds like they may believe he was directed to lie. So who is the Kenyon kid related too?

@ 3:41: The parents of Ms. Olivia contacted Lozynski. becasue they wanted it looked into. Coffee

Anonymous said...

Is Marini a name associated with Greece officials from days gone by?

Anonymous said...

Although not as serious a matter as someone's death in an accident, I would like the Greece Police or the State Troopers to again look into their investigation of the Walts theft of property.

They just sloughed off the proof they had right before their eyes that he did indeed steal computers from Greece Central School District, this is fact. However, after checking with Auberger or Boily, they found no cause.

It seems that in the GPD, there is only a crime if they say so, or more importantly if Auberger says so. Who can believe anything that was supposed to be "investigated" by them.

Anonymous said...

Ball plain out lied about this whole incident and was smug with the family hurtful and deceitful.

The family was advised to keep notes of everything because one day it would come out and it did.

Why do we all think Greece was the safest community to live in years ago

can someone say ignore the incidents etc

The Olivias loss can NEVER be given back and this man Ball thought he would play GOD and make it all go away.

Unless you have witnessed first hand what this family has been thru you can never know what he did to them by not giving an answer so that they could put this thing to rest.

Now I wish that this investigator would open up the whole massage stuff again.

Several several well known people were video taped we are told-caught and then covered up for by a request from a local politician in the way NOrth Greece area-but no ones talking because he is rumored to have a filing cabinet full of trash on just about everyone in this town.

again-one caught and freed is working with YOUR children. all ofcourse in our opinion

Anonymous said...

As I stated previously the only thing worse than a scumbag with a gun is a scumbag with a badge and a gun. The rank and file knew what was going on and did nothing. This is not a big enough department to keep things like this quiet somebody knew. When you look at the complete lack of leadership this organization has had for the last 25 years why does this not surprise me. My fondest wish is that they go back far enough and hold Rahns predecessor accountable for his misdeeds. The only thing worse than a scumbag with a badge and a gun is a scumbag with a chiefs badge and a gun.

Anonymous said...

Auberger is telling a lie everytime he moves his lips. And if the intelligent citizens in this town don't realize this, then there is no hope for this town.

As for Ball, what was his reasoning for doing this? What did he have to gain? I would love to know this.

SCATS said...

To 9:18PM ~~ I suspect we will eventually be told that he was ordered to do so ... just like Trowbridge claims.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to make it look like everyone is beating up on John Auberger but opportunity was given him to look into this fatality and he did not do so.