Saturday, August 29, 2009



Announcement Planned Before Nov. 3rd Election

Finalists Include:
1 ~ Major Steve White, State Police (Seen as most qualified)
2 ~ Captain Michael Ceretto, State Police (Has better political backing)
3 ~ Acting Chief, Brian Uhrmacher (Likely to be named Deputy Chief)


Dear Mr. Loszynski,
You came to Greece four months ago. According to recent statements, your investigation is winding down. You and your detail men plan to pack up and leave town in another week or so, leaving the rest in the hands of the DA's office. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent by Greece taxpayers to support your investigation. In return, we the people of Greece have many unanswered questions that continue to haunt us.

Before you go, I think you owe us some answers. In fact, I think there should be a community-wide opportunity to hear you address the issues and the questions on the minds of the people who entrusted you to get to the bottom of some extremely serious troubles plaguing our police department. A town hall type meeting and forum would be much appreciated.

Some of the questions that remain include:
1 ~ Please explain how Supervisor Auberger came to learn of your services and hire you in particular. Did someone recommend you? Are you a licensed, insured and bonded private investigator in New York State?
2 ~ Is your per diem rate inclusive of all expenses, or are your personal living expenses, meals and transportation supplied in addition to your per diem rate? What about the other 7 individuals who helped you? Approximately how many days, and how many hours within those days do you spend actively investigating the Greece Police Department?
3 ~ Will you or can you be called to testify in any private, civil, or class action litigation filed by any individual, group, insurance company or organization or group, public, private or governmental?
4 ~ Are you related to, or have you provided services to any family member of any elected official, employee or relative thereof in the Town of Greece, the City of Rochester, the County of Monroe, or the government of New York State? If so, to whom, and when?
5 ~ As a "public employee"(Public Safety Director), are you willing to make public the transcripts of your interview with Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger?
6 ~ Approximately how many hours daily are you involved with communicationing to the Monroe County District Attorney Michael Green's office? Have those sessions, communications and/or interviews been billed to the taxpayers of the Town of Greece, or are you cooperating with the criminal investigation by the District Attorney's office willingly, and without renumeration and reimbursement from the Town of Greece?
7 ~ Has your investigation been expanded to include additional departments and employees in the Town of Greece? If so, which ones?
8 ~ Under what NYS State Civil Service Law were the 2 civilian employees of the Police Department discharged under?

9 ~ The Town of Greece is budgeted and the taxpayers have been levied for the department to be staffed with 94 Police Officers. How many Police Officers are currently employed and active in the Greece Police Department? How many were there when you began your work?
10 ~ A text message alerted the State Police that three of our top cops were shredding documents on a Saturday morning in April. Do we have in place an adequate system for officers to report such conduct should such a situation ever arise again? If so, what is that system? If not, why haven't you developed one for us?
11 ~ Did you ever get those shredded documents reconstructed to the point that you know what they were?
12 ~ If so, WHAT was the general topic/content that you believe caused those documents to be shredded by Rahn & Mackin in the first place?
13 ~ Nick Joseph is where he belongs, but we still want to know HOW DID HE GET HOME? We've paid you a lot of money to find the answer to such questions. If you don't know, tell us. If you do, you need to say something!

14 ~ To what extent was Thomas Schamerhorn's current pending litigation, and past litigation filed against him and the Town of Greece taken into consideration in your "interview" of Thomas Schamerhorn? Was it "your" personal recommendation that he be demoted instead of fired? If not, who was responsible for making this decision?
15 ~ During the course of this indepth investigation, did you uncover any other mishandled cases (besides Sgt. Ball's) aside from the ones you originally came here to sort out?

16 ~ Can you tell us why GPD failed to investigate the former Supt. Steven Walts for the issues brought to the attention of the DA, the Atty. General's office and Greece PD? What advice do you have for the citizens of Greece to move us forward on that case?
17 ~ What changes have been made to ensure the corrupt culture inside GPD has been changed? People who were here throughout all of these problems are now in positions where they will be doing the hiring and oversight. How can we be sure THEY aren't part of an ongoing problem?
18 ~ What actions and/or procedures did our Supervisor, John Auberger, take or permit that allowed this corruption to flourish right under our noses? What preventative measures do we need to instill to ensure it can't happen again?

19 ~ Despite all that has happened, there is some evidence that perhaps nothing much has changed. For example, just yesterday, I saw an activity I haven't seen since you arrived in Greece. Several police cars were huddled together in a parking lot with the officers hanging out the window chatting. This was commonplace in the past. So was walking into certain restaurants and finding 3-6 cops eating together. It seems like that's a lot of people to pull off the streets at one time in a town as big as Greece. Don't you agree?
20 ~ Another concern I'm hearing is that many of the cops applying for openings in GPD are coming via the same route that brought us Pignato and Joseph ... middle-aged RPD cops looking for something extra before pension time. I don't know if it's accurate, but I've even heard that Pignato's brother has expressed interest in filling a job at GPD. Should we be taking in new cops that we send to police academy to balance out the ones we take from other PDs? Why, or why not? I'm sure there must be some advantages and disadvantages both ways. Tell us what to look for!!
21 ~ What can the average citizen do in the future if it seems their case isn't being investigated or handled properly? Who can we seek advice from? What is your recommended process so that people like Chris Kenyon can get answers and closure, instead of more mysteries and continued heartache?
22 ~ If someone is pulled over by a Greece cop and feels uncomfortable with the way they are being treated (like in many cases Pignato or Schamerhorn have been involved in), what can they do to prevent becoming the victim of another bad cop? Does a citizen have the right to call 911 and ask that someone from MCSO be sent to the scene to handle the situation instead? If we insist that call be made, are there potential legal consequences that the cop who stopped us can employ? If so, what are they?
23~ Some time ago, you told us that you thought Greece residents would "be surprised" by what your investigation uncovered? Specifically, what were you referring to?

You see, Mr. Loszynski, we spent a lot of our hard earned money hiring you to investigate and "fix" our police department. With so many unanswered questions, we don't feel the job is done. Please address us and our many concerns before you leave! Thank you!

(If anyone else has additional questions to pose to Mr. Loszynski, please post them in the comments area. Thank you!)


SCATS said...

My sources tell me that Cerretto will be "the chosen one."

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the new chief won't be a GPD insider. On the other hand, I hate the idea politics will have any part in the decision. WHERE ARE YOU JOHN PARRINELLO and MERRITT RAHN????

Anonymous said...

that might backfire

Anonymous said...

Sounds like more secret meetings taking place. Same ole, same ole in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Shoudn't the choice of a police chief be a more open and public process?

Anonymous said...

The most important question to be answered is what is Auberger's guilt in all of this. They are so quick to oust every police officer who was close to Rahn, how about ousting every police officer who was close to Auberger.

He is as guilty in all of this as Rahn. He was the boss. He knew everything that was going on via his department snitches.

He probably knew more than Rahn about what was going on.

He did nothing until he was caught red-handed, then he calls in a friend of Maggie Brooks' husband to delve into the mess.

This whole matter stinks and he should not be allowed to get away with it. If he does, we might as well give up on the Town of Greece.

The first thing that needs to be done is to get rid of Auberger. Then we must clean up the police department, hire a non-political chief of police who can concentrate on running a police department and not helping out the powers that be get their friends and relatives hired or tickets fixed, etc.

We need to hire young, town residents who have a vested interest in Greece. Not aging department jumping, out of county residents who put in their 8 hours and go home and couldn't care less.

PEOPLE OF GREECE, this is our last best chance to make something great of this town, we can clean up the police department, have good police services, we can make this town what it once was. When the crooked politics have been cleaned out, we also will once again have some decent schools.

SCATS said...

To 6:30AM ~~ You mean the same as how they chose new Town Board Members? ;)

To 12:15AM ~~ I disagree about getting rid of Auberger. I think it might be a better strategy to keep him but replace ALL TOWN BOARD MEMBERS, so they can make him accountable for all the crapple he has pulled ... which might include jail time.

Anonymous said...


Respectfully I disagree.
Auberger must go.
He can be prosecuted any time in or out of office.

Also what makes you think the local dems especially those downtown who are closely linked to many republicans would be any moper aggressive pursuing crimes of Auberger than the national democrats have been toward the illegal excesses of our last administration.

It's probably wishful thinking

Anonymous said...

Good idea, Scats - keep Auberger and make him pay!

SCATS said...

To 2:25PM ~~ You're right. It probably is wishful thinking. I keep having fantasies of Auberger having to endure PUBLIC MEETINGS where his mistakes are discussed and remediated openly and in front of him ...

Anonymous said...

oooooooooh, I like that vision :D

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely true about the downtown Dems. They have no clue about what is needed in Greece and the only thing Morrele cares about is keeping Jeff McCann in a job. He has no idea of what Greece Dems need to do to win here and is doling out some very bad advice.

Anonymous said...

5;07 is correct.
That Joe (Morelle) should go.

Anonymous said...

Good questions that need answering. Could someone arrange a meeting that would include this Mr. L where he could answer questions and not just give a prepared speech? Maybe a group already in place could set up the meeting. CARE or Joe Moscato,s organization. Is channel 12 still around and could that man set up a call in show?
If we wait until the new people are sworn in in January he will be gone.

Anonymous said...

Of course the candidates for Rahn's job would be affiliated with NYS Police isn't that what Loszynski's affiliation is?

I would prefer it be soneone from out of state. One who hasn't been touched at all at any level.

Anonymous said...

This is sad because each name presented as becoming the new chief has political affilitations.
This administration tried pushing Cerretto into a Deputy Chief's position because he is friends with our supervisor and Ed M who is now the Executive of the Water Authority.
How much more does a state police officer know then officers from other agencies.
Why not a nation wide search. We do it for school superintendents why not for our chief of police especially since Greece has the largest muncipal police force outside of the City of Rochester. I am one who believes that the residents of Greece should have the best qualified individual in this important position so lets take this opportunity to get just that. I am for a national search.

SCATS said...

To 12:26PM ~~ I included your questions with mine for submission.

To 8/30/2009 7:19 PM ~~ Great suggestion! We're attempting to invite Loszynski to do a Question/Answer show on Ch 12 ... let's keep our fingers crossed that he accepts :)

Anonymous said...

we need an open honest search.
A national search would do it.

Anonymous said...

I agree....

and too bad it couldn't be Sheriff Joe.

I just hope we get the best qualified candidate this town can be proud of.

Anonymous said...

I know Daniel Varenti the Chief of the Brockport Police Department may be interested in the job. He went to Brockport some years ago after the previous Brockport chief was fired and cleaned the place up. I'm told his officers like him yet he's been tough on them when he needs to be. He was with Irondequoit for 20 some years, ran a lot of drug task forces and was very sucessful prior to going to Brockport. He lives in Greece and has no political ties to anyone. He says it the way it is and really doesn't care about political correctness. I don't think he would consider the job unless he has control over hiring along with everything else in the police department. I know he will never allow politicians to control the department and he would be very open to the people who live in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Varenti would be a great choice. He's a no nonsense kind of guy. He's loved by those that do their job and hated by those that don't. Just the type of guy we need.

Anonymous said...

He sure does. He probably doesn't stand a chance though in this town as long as Auggie is here.