Monday, August 31, 2009

BLOGGERS, We Need Your Questions for Loszynski ...

Mr. Loszynski Is Invited To Appear At A Town Hall Type Forum* Sponsored by Citizens In Action To Get Questions Answered

A Non-Candidate Will Be Asked To Moderate

SCATS ~~ I've already submitted MY list of questions. Here's YOUR chance folks ... in the event he accepts the invitation :)

* The idea of a cable TV show has been replaced with a meeting open to the community.

"Criminal Mischief" & Burglaries Abound

Police Reports ~~ Vehicle larcenies, vandalism, buglaries and even robbery/menacing make for a very busy week for Greece PD

Aug. 21 ~~ "Someone broke into a storage shed at Greece Olympia High School, 1139 Maiden Lane, and scattered goal posts and equipment all over the playing fields."

Robbery/Menacing ~~ "Four people walking in a group near Cragg Road and Stonewood Avenue were robbed on Aug. 23. As the group was walking, a silver car stopped beside them and occupants in the vehicle pulled out a gun and demanded the group turn out their pockets. The suspects fled in the vehicle."

SCATS ~~ Mr. Auberger, whatever happened to our "Safe City" designation?

Saturday, August 29, 2009



Announcement Planned Before Nov. 3rd Election

Finalists Include:
1 ~ Major Steve White, State Police (Seen as most qualified)
2 ~ Captain Michael Ceretto, State Police (Has better political backing)
3 ~ Acting Chief, Brian Uhrmacher (Likely to be named Deputy Chief)


Dear Mr. Loszynski,
You came to Greece four months ago. According to recent statements, your investigation is winding down. You and your detail men plan to pack up and leave town in another week or so, leaving the rest in the hands of the DA's office. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent by Greece taxpayers to support your investigation. In return, we the people of Greece have many unanswered questions that continue to haunt us.

Before you go, I think you owe us some answers. In fact, I think there should be a community-wide opportunity to hear you address the issues and the questions on the minds of the people who entrusted you to get to the bottom of some extremely serious troubles plaguing our police department. A town hall type meeting and forum would be much appreciated.

Some of the questions that remain include:
1 ~ Please explain how Supervisor Auberger came to learn of your services and hire you in particular. Did someone recommend you? Are you a licensed, insured and bonded private investigator in New York State?
2 ~ Is your per diem rate inclusive of all expenses, or are your personal living expenses, meals and transportation supplied in addition to your per diem rate? What about the other 7 individuals who helped you? Approximately how many days, and how many hours within those days do you spend actively investigating the Greece Police Department?
3 ~ Will you or can you be called to testify in any private, civil, or class action litigation filed by any individual, group, insurance company or organization or group, public, private or governmental?
4 ~ Are you related to, or have you provided services to any family member of any elected official, employee or relative thereof in the Town of Greece, the City of Rochester, the County of Monroe, or the government of New York State? If so, to whom, and when?
5 ~ As a "public employee"(Public Safety Director), are you willing to make public the transcripts of your interview with Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger?
6 ~ Approximately how many hours daily are you involved with communicationing to the Monroe County District Attorney Michael Green's office? Have those sessions, communications and/or interviews been billed to the taxpayers of the Town of Greece, or are you cooperating with the criminal investigation by the District Attorney's office willingly, and without renumeration and reimbursement from the Town of Greece?
7 ~ Has your investigation been expanded to include additional departments and employees in the Town of Greece? If so, which ones?
8 ~ Under what NYS State Civil Service Law were the 2 civilian employees of the Police Department discharged under?

9 ~ The Town of Greece is budgeted and the taxpayers have been levied for the department to be staffed with 94 Police Officers. How many Police Officers are currently employed and active in the Greece Police Department? How many were there when you began your work?
10 ~ A text message alerted the State Police that three of our top cops were shredding documents on a Saturday morning in April. Do we have in place an adequate system for officers to report such conduct should such a situation ever arise again? If so, what is that system? If not, why haven't you developed one for us?
11 ~ Did you ever get those shredded documents reconstructed to the point that you know what they were?
12 ~ If so, WHAT was the general topic/content that you believe caused those documents to be shredded by Rahn & Mackin in the first place?
13 ~ Nick Joseph is where he belongs, but we still want to know HOW DID HE GET HOME? We've paid you a lot of money to find the answer to such questions. If you don't know, tell us. If you do, you need to say something!

14 ~ To what extent was Thomas Schamerhorn's current pending litigation, and past litigation filed against him and the Town of Greece taken into consideration in your "interview" of Thomas Schamerhorn? Was it "your" personal recommendation that he be demoted instead of fired? If not, who was responsible for making this decision?
15 ~ During the course of this indepth investigation, did you uncover any other mishandled cases (besides Sgt. Ball's) aside from the ones you originally came here to sort out?

16 ~ Can you tell us why GPD failed to investigate the former Supt. Steven Walts for the issues brought to the attention of the DA, the Atty. General's office and Greece PD? What advice do you have for the citizens of Greece to move us forward on that case?
17 ~ What changes have been made to ensure the corrupt culture inside GPD has been changed? People who were here throughout all of these problems are now in positions where they will be doing the hiring and oversight. How can we be sure THEY aren't part of an ongoing problem?
18 ~ What actions and/or procedures did our Supervisor, John Auberger, take or permit that allowed this corruption to flourish right under our noses? What preventative measures do we need to instill to ensure it can't happen again?

19 ~ Despite all that has happened, there is some evidence that perhaps nothing much has changed. For example, just yesterday, I saw an activity I haven't seen since you arrived in Greece. Several police cars were huddled together in a parking lot with the officers hanging out the window chatting. This was commonplace in the past. So was walking into certain restaurants and finding 3-6 cops eating together. It seems like that's a lot of people to pull off the streets at one time in a town as big as Greece. Don't you agree?
20 ~ Another concern I'm hearing is that many of the cops applying for openings in GPD are coming via the same route that brought us Pignato and Joseph ... middle-aged RPD cops looking for something extra before pension time. I don't know if it's accurate, but I've even heard that Pignato's brother has expressed interest in filling a job at GPD. Should we be taking in new cops that we send to police academy to balance out the ones we take from other PDs? Why, or why not? I'm sure there must be some advantages and disadvantages both ways. Tell us what to look for!!
21 ~ What can the average citizen do in the future if it seems their case isn't being investigated or handled properly? Who can we seek advice from? What is your recommended process so that people like Chris Kenyon can get answers and closure, instead of more mysteries and continued heartache?
22 ~ If someone is pulled over by a Greece cop and feels uncomfortable with the way they are being treated (like in many cases Pignato or Schamerhorn have been involved in), what can they do to prevent becoming the victim of another bad cop? Does a citizen have the right to call 911 and ask that someone from MCSO be sent to the scene to handle the situation instead? If we insist that call be made, are there potential legal consequences that the cop who stopped us can employ? If so, what are they?
23~ Some time ago, you told us that you thought Greece residents would "be surprised" by what your investigation uncovered? Specifically, what were you referring to?

You see, Mr. Loszynski, we spent a lot of our hard earned money hiring you to investigate and "fix" our police department. With so many unanswered questions, we don't feel the job is done. Please address us and our many concerns before you leave! Thank you!

(If anyone else has additional questions to pose to Mr. Loszynski, please post them in the comments area. Thank you!)

GPD Arrest 9 On Larceny, Burglary Charges

Greece police arrested nine people on larceny charges before the sun came up Friday morning.

Shortly after midnight, officers saw a suspicious vehicle on Olivia Drive and after investigating, accused the three occupants of taking nearly $1,000 in property from numerous vehicles on the street. The three face petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property charges.

About 5 a.m., officers responded to a burglary call on Old Meadow Drive and found a vehicle fleeing from the area.

Police stopped the vehicle and arrested five adults and a juvenile. The suspects are accused of burglarizing the residence twice and are also accused of burglarizing a home on St. Andrews Drive. They face burglary and grand larceny charges.

Police recovered more than $2,000 worth of property at the scene and from a residence on Malvern Street in Rochester.

Fasco Machine Personnel/Medical Records Dumped in Greece

Nine file boxes recovered from dumpster at apartment building contain SS numbers, bank info, even X-rays

GPD Confiscates Boxes


Friday, August 28, 2009

Union Plans School Opening Antics

Anonymous said...
GTA is planning picketing before the superintendents opening day address.
8/27/2009 8:31 PM

SCATS ~~ I'm hoping it's to protest the fact Apollo MS can't seem to get off the NY State watch list ... I'm also hoping to win the NY State Lottery jackpot ... guess I better not hold my breath ... ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Accountability Status: 2009-10 School Year

NYSED Report Shows:

Athena HS Now "In Good Standing" (Removed from "Needs Improvement List")
Apollo MS "Needs Improvement" (Elementary-Middle Level English Language Arts)

BOE Members Easier To Contact Via Email Now

But are they tracking the online movements of those who use this means to contact them? (see comment inside)

BoardDocs Page on GCSD Website Provides Email Tool

Just Click on BOE Member's Mail Icon (column on right side of page)

SCATS ~~ While I think it's great they are making themselves more readily accessible, I certainly hope it is their intent to actually provide a satisfying response to those who contact them with inquiries.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eyewitness Accounts Included In Kenyon Police Report

I-Team 10 obtains 24-page accident report Ball accused of falsifying

Paramedic: Kenyon smelled of alcohol, acknowledged having at least 10 drinks. An open beer was found in the car beside Kenyon.

Ball: A different Sgt. told him the DA's office wasn't going to prosecute any criminal charges

Ball: Closed out the case on November 18 BUT the toxicology report wasn't completed until weeks later

Sources say toxicology report was positive for marijuana

SCATS ~~ So WHO was Ball covering for if he doesn't know anyone involved in the accident? I'm still betting on now retired Judge Anthony Sciolino and his drug court failure, Chad Kenyon ... and potentially it was done at Rahn's request, a "favor" for Sciolino ... possibly a "debt" repaid ...


Odd Coincidence

Chad Kenyon & Joseph Marini Appear In Greece Town Court Today

Kenyon ~~ Facing DWI charge from 2008 & a separate petit larceny charge

Joseph Marini, a passenger in Kenyon's car from the crash in 2005, was in court today on an unrelated traffic charge

Joe Moscato Talks About Public Access TV

"Discussion of the intergovernmental conspiracy to take over public television."

Channel 12 tonight at 7:00PM & tomorrow night at 7:30PM

GTA Endorses Joe Moscato

But snubs one of their own ~~ Jo Meleca-Voigt

READ GTA Endorsement Letter

N.Y. Leads US In Number Taking SATs

NY had largest, most diverse student group to take SATs & AP exams

85% of NY HS seniors took the SAT in the 2008-09 school year

NY math scores fell 2% to a mean score of 502;
Reading scores down 3% to a mean score of 485


SCATS ~~ The masses are taking the SAT exam, and the scores continue to fall. NOT ALL STUDENTS should be heading to college. With college costs rising faster than inflation rates, schools and parents need to rethink the direction many students are taking.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Recruitment & transfer efforts
are underway to fill 12 openings;

Uhrmacher says he's ready if called upon to be chief.
Transfers can require 7 mo. to train.
New recruits may need 18 mo.

They need to replace:
1 Deputy Chief
6 Sgts
5 Officers

Chad Kenyon to appear in Greece Town Court tomorrow for DWI charges from June of 2008


SCATS ~~ *Women, too ;) Why aren't they looking for a Lt. to replace Lt. Wise who is reported to be "retiring?"

Timing Really Is Everything ...

Ball filed the police report related to the fatal accident BEFORE the toxicology results became available

Kenyon's Mother Can't Figure Out Her Son's Connections To GPD

Watch the interview from the link on the page

"Why would he cover up for our family or for Chad when we don't know Sgt. Ball, we don't know Chief Rahn?"~~ Christine Kenyon, Chad's mother

SCATS ~~ Smells fishy, doesn't it!

Ball: Lead Evidence Tech In Roderick Scott Case

DA Green admits decision to call Ball as witness may be impacted by Ball's arrest & the charges against him

"It certainly has the potential to be a factor in any case that he was involved in." ~~ Mike Green, DA

"I have no idea what the fall-out (for criminal cases) is with the dismantling of the Greece Police Department." ~~ John Parrinello, Scott's attorney


Tickets issued to Chad Kenyon the night of the accident were both "ultimately dismissed" according to Loszynski

"To have uncovered something of this magnitude was unimaginable." ~~ Auberger's reaction to charges against Ball (That's what happens when you let your Constituent Services "double" run the town!)


SCATS ~~ Let me recap. Chad Kenyon had already done a stint in rehab for drugs at age 14. Through Compeer, he gets counseled by Dr. Jeff Alberts who is a pediatrician but also a transgender specialist. Then later, Kenyon crashes his car killing girlfriend Stephanie Oliva. Two weeks later, Ball fudges the police report he files related to the blood alcohol content which comes back as 0.0 on a person who is a known addict/abuser. The tickets Kenyon gets that night are dismissed later on in court, so Kenyon literally gets away with murder!

WHO THE HECK IS THIS KENYON KID CLOSE TO? Somewhere there's got to be more of a connection. Why does DA Green say the crash case can't be reopened? Does the now retired Judge Anthony Sciolino who oversaw Kenyon through the "model" drug court case figure into this equation somehow? If Kenyon had been charged in the fatal crash, would this have marred the Judge's record/program related to rehabbing kids like Chad? Hmmm ... !!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chad Kenyon Charged With DWI In June 2008

MPNNow ~~ "Chad Kenyon, 19, of 80 Morton St., Rochester, was charged June 28 with driving while intoxicated after a traffic stop at Britton Road and Dewey Avenue."

Then there's this item from 2003 when Chad was only 14 ...

"At his weekly appearance in Juvenile Drug Treatment Court, Chad Kenyon acknowledged smoking on the sly during a trip home from a rehabilitation center... "

The article outlines a kid with a VERY troubled past.

SCATS ~~ Is it possible Ball/GPD covered up for his rehab in 2003 when he crashed the car in 2005?

Ball's Arrest Raises More Questions Than It Answers ...

Today had to be one of the truly saddest days the Town of Greece has experienced in the months since Nick Joseph got high on drink and drugs and slammed his car into a parked vehicle on I-390. It seems as if there is no one remaining who we can trust among our employees involved with "Public Safety." It also seems as if the more we learn, the more questions we're left to ponder. Here are a few that are swirling through my mind:

WHY did Brian Ball falsify a police report?
WHAT was the payoff (motive) to him for doing so?

WHY wasn't Ball paraded around in front of cameras in handcuffs the way his former boss Merritt Rahn was last week?
WHO decides how the accused will be treated in front of the cameras?
WHAT justifies different treatment between Ball and Trowbridge when both face similar charges?

HOW many other cases will need to be re-examined or re-opened to uncover bad police work and rogue cops before the end comes?
HOW much will all of this cost Greece taxpayers once the investigation is finished and the lawsuits begin?

HOW can the "powers that be" justify only demotion for Schamerhorn, a cop with an affinity for roughing up and feeling up the women he pulls over?
WHY not fire him, too?
CAN we afford to keep him given his history?

WHY hasn't GPD seen fit to investigate former Greece Supt.Steve Walts?
WAS there some motivation to avoid doing so?

WHERE does politics fit into all of this?
HOW can we eliminate it for the betterment of the entire community?

HOW can the community ever trust anyone who remains in GPD following so many scandals, so much shame and so many serious charges against people ranging from the Chief of Police down to the property clerk and even some civilians?

HOW could anyone vote to re-elect a Supervisor who admits he's responsible for all hiring in this town, but who has accepted not one iota of personal responsibility in any of this mess?


Ball Pleads not guilty in cover-up of 2005 death of Stephanie Oliva in car driven by her boyfriend Chad Kenyon

MPNNow ~~ "Former Greece police sergeant charged with falsifying toxicology report in fatal crash"



Charged with offering a false instrument in the first degree, falsifying business records in the second degree and two counts of criminal misconduct


INTERVIEW WITH MIKE GREEN, DA ~~ (It sheds light on "why now")

Old News File Reveals Interesting Info (Mucho thanks to my "helper")

Oliva Atty Statement ~~ Family told to "get over" their loss by the investigating officer; their unanswered questions "were met with callous indifference."


"Now the Greece Police Department is Ball-less." *

(*From comment left on D&C story)

To be arraigned at 2PM

Charges against him are still unknown

Mark Your Calendars ...

BOE Study Session Tues.
Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss the employment history of particular person(s). (Could it be the Supt?)
Agenda Items
Guidelines for Presentations to Board
BOE Self-evaluation


Fundraiser For Joe Moscato

August 26, 2009 (5:00 PM - 7:30 PM)
Millenium Lodge Greece Canal Park

(Gourmet Pizzas, Salads, Snacks, Wine, Soda, Cake, Coffee)

Suggest donation of $25 per person/$40 per couple is very much appreciated! Children under 12 free. Sponsored by the Committee to Elect Joe Moscato



Maybe There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
BUT You CAN Eat Dinner Free ALL Week !!

Turkish Cultural Center Is Offering
FREE Ramadan Tent Dinners

Aug. 22-29th (8PM)
Tent Near Sears at the Greece Ridge Mall
The food is great! (I went :)
The company is educational & friendly!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Few Bad Apples ...

... Or is the whole bushel tainted by the Greece PD scandals?

Tell Us How You Feel

Maloney Challenges Auberger On Track Record

YNN Interview Gets Both Men To Go On Record

"They're sick of the bleeding. They're sick of the ridicule, being the butt end of jokes throughout the county in television and on newsprint. They want it to end and I intend to do that this fall." ~~ Dan Maloney (Dem)

"I enjoy being town supervisor. I deal with issues that are closest to the people, public safety, public works, quality of life issues." ~~ John Auberger, Supervisor (Rep)

Maloney ~~ lack of accountability & leadership led to the corruption in the PD & the kickback scandal in the assessor’s office.

Auberger ~~ claims his leadership allowed the problems to surface.

"The truth will come out eventually, and at that time, I'm hoping true justice is served, but until then, the voters here in Greece will be able to serve their own brand of justice in November." ~~ Maloney

"I will be judged on how I handled the situation by the residents of the town of Greece and I think I've done the right thing." ~~ Auberger

SCATS ~~ Judgment day is just 71 days away!! Mr. Auberger, how is it possible that Greece was among the "safest" communities in the US when we had one of the most corrupted PDs in the US? The folks in the news in recent months have been running things in the GPD for years!


Joe Moscato's Friends Offer New Website
For Their Candidate of Choice

Saturday, August 22, 2009

John Auberger Announces ...

13th Annual Citizen's Police Academy
Alumni Training Seminar & Picnic

When: Sept. 17th from 11:30-2:00PM

Where: Circus Tent By Town Hall

Why: Following our intensive 15 minute workshops & a free lunch, we plan to deputize ALL attendees who survive the cuffing demo! (Hey, we're desperate to get some new cops!)

Schedule of Events:

11:30-11:45PM ~~ Filing false instruments (M. Rahn, presenter)

11:45-12:00PM ~~ Clipboard sign-ins (Our background check process! Try out what you just learned!)

12:00-12:30PM ~~ Join us for a FREE lunch (Yummy leftovers from the senior nutrition program!)

12:30-12:45PM ~~ Advancing through the rank & file (J. Auberger, presenter; campaign donations HIGHLY recommended. )

12:45-1:00PM ~~ Frisking, cuffs 'n other domination techniques (T. Schamerhorn, presenter)

1:00-1:15PM ~~ Handling evidence - Shredding for Beginners (B. Ball)

1:15- 1:30PM ~~ Snortin', tokin', drinkin' & tele-transportin' home! (N. Joseph)

1:30-1:45PM ~~ Retiring from public service without doing time (S. Wise, presenter)

1:45-2:00PM ~~ How NOT to dress when arrest is imminent (J. Parrinello, our special guest!)

At 2PM sharp, the Greece Town Board is expected to call an Executive Session and the Supervisor will swear-in all attendees behind closed doors with various members of the clergy blessing the new hires. Badges and Super-Soakers will be distributed. Shift assignments will be made avail. within 24 hrs. To sharpen his seldom used skills, Off. Schamerhorn will take group photos of the newly deputized posed with Auberger. *

*You must sign a release so these photos can be used by the Committee to Re-Elect John Auberger!

Ball's Atty Expects Ball's Arrest On Monday

Charges not expected to be related to the document shredding incident.

"He was terminated, but we don't know why. It's hard to tell since the town is being very secretive. ... It's very frustrating ... He was never charged with that administratively." ~~ Jon Getz, atty for Brian Ball



SCATS ~~ Anyone want to bet that charges are likely to be related to Nick Joseph's background check?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Greece PD Tops List On ~~ "Taking note of crime, slime and the not-so-sublime in NY"

"So, a woman calls the police dispatcher in Greece and says, "I want to report a crime in progress."
Dispatcher says, "All of our on-duty units are busy right now. Just gimme the perp's badge number and we'll arrest him later . . . "

SCATS ~~ Does this mean we've lost our "safe" community status?


Town Board met at 8AM today to take action!


Schamerhorn's pay cut from $82,000 as a sergeant to $68,000 as an officer.
He was the lead investigator in the car crash involving former Greece Police Officer Nicholas Joseph.

Auberger makes statement to constituents

Acting Chief Uhrmacher is looking to hire new officers and promote others to fill vacancies


James Pattison, 41, was last seen Aug. 3rd

Abandoned truck found in parking lot at W Ridge Rd & Fetzner Rd

Empty wallet (no ID) left in vehicle

Anyone with information is asked to call 311 or 911.



SCATS ~~ Do we have any officers left to help find this fellow?

NY School Locations Considered For Vaccinating Students

Health officials eye schools to innoculate students against swine flu this fall

"Schools are definitely in the mix as one of the venues where it wouldn't really be the school operating and giving the vaccine, but the public-health department." ~~ Dr. Guthrie Birkhead, deputy commissioner for the state Office of Public Health

National School Boards Association survey results show that 74 percent of schools would agree to allow the inoculations.


SCATS ~~ Parents, would you allow your kids to be vaccinated at school?

Mid-October Hearing Is Target Date For Rahn's Public Hearing

Parrinello wants it held before November elections;
Claims Auberger had central role in hiring Pignato

"I think that John Auberger hasn't been forthright." ~~ John Parrinello, Rahn's atty.

Auberger contends Parrinello's recommendation to hire Pignato wasn't the only factor considered;
Says a partially fabricated background was another important piece

READ MEMO That Caused Rahn Trouble


SCATS ~~ As scary as it sounds, I tend to agree with Parrinello's quote!

Parrinello: "This whole thing is out of control."

Interview with Rahn's attorney


On August 20th, RJ tells YNN : "Yesterday I got 500 hits."

But then tells someone on her own BLOG:

GreeceBlogger said...

Diane I got 410 hits yestarday. It's amazing!!!! August 20, 2009 9:28 AM


SCATS ~~ Indeed! It is "amazing" ... and "out of control" ...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Loszynski Turned Over Auberger's Stone ...

Says he's found nothing criminal after questioning the Supervisor (Did Auberger respond, or was "I am him" on duty? Did he find anything "serious" under there?)

Pignato & Joseph Both Decline Offers To Be Interviewed From Behind Bars (Well, duh!!)

Internal investigation includes 700 Leads (Only 578 pointed towards the Supervisor, so nothing fishy there ;)

To be wrapped up around Labor Day (It was a labor of love, I'm sure ... the final report will make great Christmas gifts!)

"I will correct what needs to be corrected. I will leave in place what I feel is adequate." ~~ Joseph Loszynski (Sounds like curtains for John afterall ... )


Deputy Town Supervisor Jeff McCann told the D&C the investigation has cost only $252,000 to date; claims the town has absorbed those costs through vacant positions (Created by charging cops with felonies!? I wonder if he learned math at GCSD... hmmm ...)

GPD Boots Two Civilians Connected To Rahn

WHEC reports: "The Town of Greece confirms that civilian employees Molly Wheaton & Lana Soroka were dismissed - both did clerical work in the department."

The current scorecard:

Chief Merritt Rahn (suspended, indicted)
Deputy Chief Bill Mackin (suspended, retired)
Sgt. Brian Ball (suspended)
Sgt. Robert Trowbridge (suspended, charged with felony)
Michael Giardina (abruptly resigned as department property clerk)
Molly Wheaton (dismissed)
Lana Soroka (dismissed)
Sgt. Nick Joseph (convicted)
Sgt. Gary Pignato (convicted)

*Lt. Steve Wise ("retiring" ... wink, wink ... SCATS' addition to the list)

How Teachers Hold Parents Hostage For Student Grades ...

Anonymous said...

Scats here is the perfect example of those points kids earn for nothing, look at the BONUS ITEMS! Really p-me off!

7th Grade ASL – Level 1A
􀂾 Minimal 2 GB Thumb Drive (label with Student’s name) for ASL Class Only
􀂾 1 subject spiral notebook
􀂾 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder
􀂾 1 package loose leaf paper
􀂾 6 index tabs for Binder
􀂾 Highlighters (2 different colors)
􀂾 Color pencils
􀂾 2 glue sticks
􀂾 Pencils (#2 & pens)
􀂾 Notebook size 3 hole punch (extra)10

Optional Extra’s for the general class use (5 bonus points for each optional supply)
􀂾 1 box of tissues
􀂾 1 hand sanitizer
􀂾 1 bottle Clorox clean up wipes
􀂾 3 blank writeable CD’s (for storage of video portfolio Data)
Summer Reading Books / Book Reports
􀂾 A Season of Change, by Lois L. Hodge

8/20/2009 2:27 PM

SCATS ~~ So much for the idea (and the law) of offering a FREE public education! You can literally buy a better grade in GCSD. Not to mention 5 extra points for a box of Kleenex is a much better "buy" than actually having to read and write a book report!

Timing IS Everything ...

Lt. Steve Wise To Retire From GPD
Plans To Teach
"I've got my time in and this fabulous offer came along." ~~ Lt. Steve Wise


SCATS ~~ Gee, Steve. I hope you teach them about the appropriate use of police dept. vehicles, credit cards, etc.

WATCH Auberger's CYA ... I mean Press Conference ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Craig's List Ad Touts Private Nudist Club In Greece


SCATS ~~ The spas are closed. Our cops are in jail. Is this our next worry?

Democrat's Website Features Map of Greece Wards


SCATS ~~ They already accomplished something the Republicans have failed to do for all their years in office!


RAHN INDICTED & ARRESTED (arrested according to 1180WHAM radio)


Released without bail;
Turns in passport;

Must surrender weapons


PROPERTY CLERK QUITS ~ Calls questioning "abusive"



GASA Contract: A "Sweetheart Deal" For GCSD Administrators?

THE BOE recently approved a new 3 year contract for 64 district administrators that provides 3+% increases for each of the next 3 years.* The heftiest increase of 3.46% will occur in year 3, which is notable because it will stay in play for as long as it takes to negotiate a new deal at that time.

SCATS ~~ In what areas have these folks performed to substantiate their ongoing raises given the current economy?

* ~~ 3.17% in 2009; 3.08% in 2010; 3.46% in 2011 includes benefits & salaries

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Auberger Expects GPD Investigation To Wrap Up In A Couple Weeks

“There's no pressure. I think we need to have a thorough investigation for the Greece residents and we will continue to do that.” ~~ John Auberger, regarding investigation costs

News 10NBC reports that the grand jury is hearing testimony currently which concerns the Greece PD investigation. It is not known who the target is.

Also, GPD property clerk Mike Giardina resigned days before being interrogated by Loszynski's team.

“They're spending a lot of a lot of money on some very non descript issues and they're dismantling the Greece Police Department which I think in both respects is just atrocious.” ~~ Atty John Parrinello

SCATS ~~ I think we need to have a thorough investigation into the costs of this investigation and the sources of funding used to support it!

Spa Owner Facing Prostitution Indictment

James Polaski charged with promoting prostitution at Tub 'n Tan and Elite Spas


SCATS ~~ Parrinello is such a busy guy!

Monday, August 17, 2009



"Authorization to approve 2009 budget modifications to various accounts. A complete list has been given to each Town Board Member and will appear in the minutes of record."

SCATS ~~ Is this to cover the outrageous expenses incurred by the internal investigation into the Greece police dept?

BOE Wanted Lawyers To Tell Them Walts' Health Care Couldn't Be Stopped

Anonymous said...
What everyone is forgetting in all this is that they illegally hired a law firm to tell them what they wanted to hear. The lie that Walts' health care could not be rescinded.

I don't know why Harris, Beach couldn't tell them that, or wait, maybe it's because that firm represents Walts.

This board of education is so enamored of lawyers it's beyond belief. They could have stopped Walts health care a year ago, saved all the lawyers fees and we would be free of the $20+ thousand we spend every year.

They, the board, are so afraid that Walts will sue them. I say so what? First of all, he doesn't have a leg to stand on, he is guilty of theft of property and services of the Greece Central School District. That is black and white. Do they really believe he will come back here, sue us and open up a huge can of worms? He's smarter than that.

With all the money they have spent so far just to avoid this issue,it has cost more than a law suit by him would have. Ridiculous!

If Walts sued the district for his health care, he would have to say why he was awarded this phony bonus in the first place, and we all know that was to take care of other quid pro quo favors by former board members. This is just what the present board is doing its best to hide and shame on the others for going along with that! 8/17/2009 1:20 PM

SCATS ~~ Recounting the main points in this situation:
1 ~~ The BOE wasted money hiring new lawyers to tell them they couldn't rescind Walts' health care, which is what they wanted to hear all along.
2 ~~ The BOE did the hiring behind closed doors once again.
3 ~~ The BOE illegally voted to "hire" the law firm waiting until after GCSD received the bill to do so!
4 ~~ The BOE avoided ALL discussion of this subject in front of the community, but expects us to trust them ;)
5 ~~ The BOE accepted minutes for this action that fails to state who moved and who seconded the motion for the resolution!
6 ~~ In the REALLY BIG PICTURE, the BOE continues to thumb its nose at the laws, their policies, Robert's Rules of Order, the Comptroller's audit, their oathes of office and the entire Greece community.

Craigslister Gives Kudos To GPD


Greece police just returned stolen property to me. It was stolen wed. night out of my driveway in my truck. GPS and alpine face plate . My gps led them to me because because my adress was programmed as home. My hats off to officer Colburn of the Greece police.

Maybe next they will catch the Driveway Vandal: A phallic symbol was painted on a driveway of a Winesap Terrace home on July 31.

SCATS ~~ I feel sorry for teachers who will be to trying to teach these delinquents in just a few weeks!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Four Days & Still Nothing From The Republican Candidates

Wednesday evening I invited Republican candidates from Greece to provide bios, web links and other info to me. They could either post it in the comments or provide it to me via email. I got nothing, nada, zip! I guess they think they have the elections all sewn up. Time will tell.

In the meantime, let's see how the candidates would do if the Supervisor's race were held today. Please vote in the poll.

I'll be keeping Comment Moderation on for as long as necessary, since I seemed to have picked up one or two SNERTS who are continually posting the same nasty, name-calling, insulting comments over and over. I will no longer even bother to make a note that I'm deleting the remarks from this person (or two) who have chosen to spam me with their drivel. I wonder if these are RJ's pests ... hmmmm ...

NY's Campaign Finance Laws Among Weakest In Nation

Hot sauce, cars, charitable contributions are among the "justified" expenses for NY politicians

D&C Story

NY State Campaign Financial Disclosure database


CONLON, ANDREW (3rd Ward candidate 2009)

MACKIN, WILLIAM (GPD ... I wonder if he is STILL a "friend"? )
OKEEFE, SHANNON (Contributor in 2008, Greece Town Board in 2009!)

SELKE, WILLIAM (Greece's "professional" volunteer!)

SCATS ~~ Any implication that it "pays" to contribute is merely coincidental! ;)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fibs ... Fairy Tales ... and Fables ...

... One Example of the Lies the Greece BOE Wants You To Believe ...

From the BOE Special Meeting Minutes of 6/23/09 -
"Engagement of Attorney
Motion: That the Board of Education appoints David Rothenberg as Special Council to the District effective April 28, 2009.
Adopted 9-0"

On June 10, 2009 GCSD Accounts Payable Dept. stamped "Received" at the top of a bill for $7234.51 for legal services from Geiger & Rothenberg LLP related to the Steven Walts litigation case.

The bill shows the file with GCSD was opened on 4/17/09 when .5 hrs. was spent on correspondence and a telephone conference call resulting in a charge of $175.00 that day for services from "DR" ~~ presumably David Rothenberg.

The bill shows the final charges to GCSD occurred on 5/20/09 where charges of $315 accrued for more correspondence and calls.

The issue ~~ David Rothenberg's legal services to GCSD began on 4/17/09 as reflected by the bill to the district, BUT the BOE did NOT LEGALLY HIRE HIM UNTIL 6/23/09 when the BOE agreed to "engage him" for services beginning April 28, 2009!

There was NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION related to hiring this law firm during the June 23rd meeting. Obviously, the decision to do so was made BEHIND CLOSED DOORS ON APRIL 17th OR EARLIER!


As BOE President at the time this happened, Julia VanOrman has some 'splainin' to do!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Why Obama Wants To Euthanize Grandma ...

... It occurred to me while I was out driving today. Look inside for the answer ;)

Greece PD Stays Busy Ticketing Skateboarders?

From craigslist:



*SCATS Edited for expletives

Flap Over Alleged Abuse of $200 Back-To-School Grants Continues

“What’s been reported to our department of human resources and witnessed by our county’s public assistance workers is really sickening at best.” ~~ Maggie Brooks


ATMs ran out of cash
High-end Electronics Flew Off Shelves
Darien Lake Tickets Big Seller at Wegmans

Community reaction "mixed"

“I think it's a nice gesture to say, take care of your children, but in all honesty, if you're giving money away--you can't tell people how to spend it.” ~~ Mark Welch of Rochester


Thank you letters from $200 grant recipients

SCATS ~~ Can't govt ever do anything right?

Judge To Decide Prayer Case Within 6 Weeks

Americans United for Separation of Church & State Seeks Relief From Sectarian Prayer Offerings at Greece Town Board Meetings

Town's defense counsel says: "It is not the town's place to tell the clergy what to say. It would cause a nightmare for the town."


SCATS ~~ Is that because it IS Auberger's place to tell our council people how to move, second and rubber stamp each & every agenda item BEFORE the meeting happens??

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Black Tie Gala W/Massa To Raise Funds For Maloney

Wed. August 19, 2009

Valicia's Ristorante
2155 Long Pond Rd

Reservations Required

SCATS ~~ It's been over 24 hours since I invited the Republicans to provide me with campaign info to post. They must think they have the elections all sewn up to pass by free publicity ;)

Brooks To Hold 3pm Press Conference



SCATS ~~ Can you imagine that!? Give the good people of NY $200/child with no constraints on how to spend it and they end up purchasing flat screen TVs!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calling All Republican Candidates For The Upcoming Greece Election!!

People are asking about you!

Where are your bios?
Your webpages?
Your interviews with media?

If you don't step-up and share your background info and positions on the issues, how can you expect to get elected?

D&C: GCSD Website "A Model"

Editorial On Need To Change NY State Law To Require Advanced Posting of Agendas

SCATS ~~ What the D&C doesn't consider is how often the adopted GCSD agenda barely resembles what was posted prior to the meeting!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some BOE Highlights From the 4 Hour Marathon

* The BOE plans to try to track their unfinished business (What a novel idea!)

* Joe Moscato spoke about how GCSD broke NY State Law by officially hiring the law firm of
Geiger & Rothenberg ONLY AFTER ALREADY EXPENDING $2000+ for services related to Steve Walts health care. The total bill for their services was $7234 ... and then the BOE voted to give Walts a "free pass" on the situation.

Joe also spoke about his inability to obtain via FOIL requests the CARR facilities report (related to structural deficiencies in several bldgs) and the EFP limited audit report that looked at Steve Walts travel and cell phone costs.

* No Union Leaders Addressed The BOE ~~ (Are they boycotting the meetings?)

* Finance Committee ~~ Major budget gap issues are documented for the years 2010-2013

*Faith Committee ~~ They are changing their composition and may rename themselves. (Hallelujah!!)

*Tax levy ~~ Set at a reduced amount of $21.70/$1000 of valuation. (Hallelujah again!!)

*EXCEL Project update ~~ NYSED still hasn't approved the plan. They want emergency strobe lights and other lighting added to the plan at additional cost.

*Swine flu plan ~~ Parents are asked to specifically state why a student was absent upon their return to school. (Yeah, right.)

* Safety Committee ~~ The Supt., union leaders and head of security are discussing an alternative educational plan & program to be provided at an alternative site. (HALLELUJAH!!!!)

*Family Support Center ~~ West Ridge Community Center is presenting challenges since the district doesn't own the building that they want modified. This program may have to start-up in a different location and move when the WR Center is ready.

*GASA Contract approval ~~ BOE adopted this 9 to 0 without a roll call vote and without discussion of how the district benefits. (Sorry Charlie)

SCATS ~~ Thank God Julia's need to continue to lead ("control") the BOE continues. Tydings needs ALL the help he can get!

NY State To Give The Needy $200/Child For School Supplies

George Soros provides $35 million gift to augment $140 million in federal stimulus


Evidence Of How Politics Controls Local Media ...

Anonymous said...
Since we're talking about news management, try this on for size.

Meaghan McDermott of the D&C canvassed all board members regarding their decision to terminate the Superintendent's contract at the end of June 2010. One person confirmed this fact and was told by Meaghan that now that she had a confirmed source, she would do a story the following day. It never happened as advertised two weeks ago.

It now appears that the story was killed by a member, along with Steve and Roger, of the Greece Chamber of Commerce who just happens to be a person at the D&C in charge of what makes it into print and what doesn't.

This story is now DOA as the reporter is gone until August 24.

This is another reason why the D&C itself will be DOA within a year. We can only hope. 8/11/2009 11:27 AM

SCATS ~~ I disagree about the story being DOA. I can confirm that it is true that recent BOE discussions concerned replacing the Supt. and not renewing his contract. Numerous reliable sources have shared the details ;)

Email Raises Questions ...

Upon returning to Rochester from a trip out of state, a friend of SCATS asked me about posting two different topics.

1 ~~ Why hasn't Greece stepped up to offer a home for RBTL's new theater, The Phoenix Project? This does seem like an opportunity missed!

2 ~~ What if the newspaper were to print, periodically, the parents' names, addresses, dates and lengths of time for all their children who were truant from school? This idea came from reading just such a list in a newspaper in Pennsylvania. It's kind of like reading the names of those picked up for DWI or for using the services of a prostitute.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fundraiser/Dinner For Joe Moscato

Wed. August 26th
Millenium Park Lodge


Did D&C Boot Greece Blogger Over Her Political Views?

Anonymous said...
Rumour has it that the Town didn't like the D&C Blogger so she is no more at the D& C at least. The Town of Irondequoit did the same thing to their blogger. D &C are such xxxxxxx. 8/10/2009 4:13 PM

Anonymous said...
After reading this I saw that rj is no longer a blogger and that her blogs have been removed. There were a number of blogs in which local candidates were introduced. I cannot find these in the site. There were also some blogs critical of the town leaders Rj come on here if needed anonymously and indicate what happened to these blogs and what happened to you 8/10/2009 4:59 PM

SCATS ~~ Would this surprise any of you? I emailed RJ to ask what happened ... developing!

Lack of Sportsmanship Results In Another Black Eye For Greece?

I found this comment and link left in the comment area on a different website.

"The final game between the Greece Cobra and Greece Eclipse U 19 Girls travel soccer teams last week resulted in nearly $7,000 in fines due to unruley parents and coaches."


$6000 in fines were due to "Cobra sideline warned by referee about comments on officiating in 50th minute, 20 fans were ejected in the 60th minute, by Rule 802 each spectator ejection results in a $300 fine"

Prayer At Town Board Meetings Goes To Court

Americans United for Separation of Church & State lawsuit against Greece starts Thursday

Alliance Defense Fund ~~ "the Court and the Town should not get involved in dictating the content of prayers. This is a matter best left to theologians."


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Regular BOE Meeting 08/11/2009 @ 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session @ 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining & the employment history of particular person(s). (Has Steve found a new job yet?)

Board Reports
Finance Committee
Transportation Committee
Audit Committee
Community Faith Committee

Supt's Reports
Consent Decree Update
Establish 2009 - 2010 Tax Levy
EXCEL Project Update H1N1 Plan Update
Vision Statement Update
Safety Committee Update
Family Support Center

Unfinished Business (They used to call this "Old Business")
Update on Work Force Diversity
Selection of Board Evaluation Tool

Financial Oversight
Finance - Treasurer's Report & Budget Status Report
Resource Report
Adult Literacy Contract Approval (What is this??)
GASA Contract Approval (Ka-ching!!)
Architectural Services for 2009 Reconstruction Projects Contract Approval

New Business
Board Committee Assignments
2009 - 2010 Study Session Topics
Board Discussion of reporting out on topics from Conferences

20+ Policies are up for First or Second Readings, many related to Special Education

Board Member Comments (Will Mr. Oberg be permitted to speak this time?)
Board President Comments
Superintendent Comments

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Feds New Swine Flu Guidelines Asks Parents To Use Common Sense

They Want Schools Open As Much As Possible

Ask Parents To Keep Kids Home For 24 Hrs After Fever Breaks


SCATS ~~ Based upon administration's low opinion in past situations, Greece parents can't handle such responsibility. Home schooling is starting to sound better & better.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Man In Van Takes-Out Ting-Ho's Restaurant

Update ~~ Damages to the structure are so severe it may have to be demolished.

After falling asleep at the wheel, a man drives his van into a Chinese restaurant at Dewey near Stone Rd.


SCATS ~~ Gives a whole new meaning to "pick-up!"

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Become A Greece Politician For $499! *

The Greece Chamber of Commerce is kicking off a new Leadership Greece program in September.

The program is designed to help equip emerging and established leaders in the community for a variety of professional, civic and volunteer leadership positions.

Class size is limited and nomination forms are being accepted through Saturday, Aug. 15.

Tuition for the program is $499 for chamber members and $545 for non-members.

Classes will meet from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the second Friday of every month through May 14, although a few dates may vary.

SCATS ~~ This raises LOTS of questions!

1 ~ Why would an "established leader" need this?

2 ~ Why would a "volunteer" pay $499 for this class?

3 ~ What is meant by "nomination forms?" Can't anyone/everyone enroll?

4 ~ Do I need to be a card-carrying member of the Republican Party?

5 ~ Given the fact that so many town politicians have either jumped ship or found themselves in legal trouble or political hot water lately, WHO THE HECK is going to teach this class?

6 ~ Exactly WHICH professional, civic and volunteer leadership positions does this prepare a person for?

7 ~ If I play nice, can I get my kids into a school-of-choice? Can wifeypoo get a part-time job working for the Town of Greece? Can hubby get a golf date with Robach?

* We could really use Billy Mays (RIP) to promote this!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Check Out The Candidates

Monroe County Republican Committee

Monroe County Democratic Committee

More Greece Sex Crimes News

The D&C reports: Greece man charged with rape, trespass

A 21-year-old Greece man accused of rape pleaded not guilty in City Court today.
Calvin C. Franklin was charged yesterday with second-degree rape, a felony, and second-degree criminal trespass, a misdemeanor, according to City Court records.
Given the nature of the charges, additional details of the incident were not immediately available.
Franklin was remanded to the Monroe County Jail in lieu of $25,000 cash bail or $50,000 bond. He is slated to return to court for a preliminary hearing at 11 a.m. Monday.

SCATS ~~ Finally, we have someone other than cops & teachers committing sex crimes in Greece. There goes our "Safest Town" designation. (If you can't hear the sarcasm, don't bother commenting on my word choice.)


Pignato's Second Trial Date Set

Gary Pignato, the former Greece Police Officer who was convicted in June of coercing a woman into sex, is set to face another trial. Pignato is scheduled for a trial on November 30 on similar charges involving a second woman who Pignato found using marijuana in 2005. It’s alleged that Pignato threatened her with the possible loss of custody of her children if she didn’t have sex with him.Pignato was sentenced to two to six years in prison in the earlier trial. (

SCATS ~~ How convenient! Pignato's trial is the same date as Roderick Scott's. Maybe we can get Rahn's hearing set for Nov. 30th too. Then when we book the War Memorial, we can have a three-ring circus!

HMO "Reunion" To Air On Ch. 12 Tonight


Tonight we will be running an HMO reunion with Charlie Hubbard, Joe Muscato and Frank Oberg at 8 pm and at 8:30 Deborah Indivino canidate for Town Judge.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

W Ridge Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault

GTA nominee for Golden Apple Teacher of the Year Award & 35 veteran teacher, Barry Morris charged with a first-degree criminal sexual act in assault on 14 yr. old girl


Mother of Disabled Kids Fights Greece Over Ordinances

Single Mom Erects Shed & Pool In Front Yard Because She Has No Backyard
Pool Used For Therapy
Hearing Scheduled For Sept.


SCATS ~~ I didn't realize Greece enforced ANY of its ordinances!

Regents Revise 2009-2010 Testing Schedules

Grades 3-8 ELA, Math & Other Exams Pushed Later Into School Year

Press Release & Schedules

SCATS ~~ How will this impact teachers?

Monday, August 03, 2009

New DNA Test Gives Hope To Solving Milgate Murder

GPD Reopens 14 Year Old Case After Blood Sample Tests Show Second Person Was At Crime Scene



It's a slow news day ... and I miss Jay Leno's "HEADLINES" segment, so I've put one together here :)

Include Your Children When Baking Cookies

Teacher Strikes Idle Kids

Kids Make Nutritious Snacks

Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half

Old School Pillars are Replaced by Alumni

Safety Experts Say School Bus Passengers Should Be Belted

Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant

Students Cook & Serve Grandparents

Superintendent: If We Don't Change, We'll Remain The Same

Students Hear Reptile Lecture

Grammer Hotline Available

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Should GCSD Outsource More To Save Money?

Which areas would result in the biggest cost savings?

Print Shop
Other areas?

Anonymous said...
The problem with the district doing their own study or comparison regarding outsourcing in house services is that the district NEVER finds it is more cost effective to outsource ANYTHING. I have seen this time and again for over 25 years. It is not about saving taxpayers money or delivering services mor effectivly. It is about job prservation. Period. We have not had any true job layoffs in 25 years. Likewise for the vast majority of other school districts in this state. Which is why we spend over $15,000 per kid in NYS and are the highest taxed residents in the nation. 8/01/2009 5:53 AM

Are They Dealing With Reality? Or Too Arrogant To See The Writing On The Wall?

Politicians Respond After Albany Shutdown

"Nine of 12 locally elected state legislators responded to inquiries from the Democrat and Chronicle, including three of four state senators. Of the senators, only Joseph Robach, a Republican from Greece, reported receiving no negative feedback."

"William Reilich, the head of the Monroe County Republican Committee and an assemblyman from Greece, said the notion that incumbents could be tossed out en masse in 2010 is an exaggeration that discredits discerning voters."

"I have run for the Assembly multiple times and every year you hear that. To throw everybody out is foolish. It's incumbent on the voting public to know the good guys and the bad guys." ~~ Bill Reilich

Saturday, August 01, 2009

School Lunches Around The World ...

Let them eat veal scallops Marengo, hake with lemon sauce, and lamb with paprika!

The Finnish educational system is often considered one of the best in the world and serving healthy school lunches is a major priority. Government regulations demand that meals are "tasty, colorful and well-balanced." Since the late 1990s, guidelines have specified serving proportions: vegetables, cooked and raw, must cover half the plate (carrot and beet salads are popular), with proteins and starch taking up one-quarter plate each. The majority of the nation's schools offer a vegetarian option every day. The national specialty hernekeitto, a green pea soup often flavored with smoked pork, is usually served on Thursdays in a nod to Finnish tradition.

Most Aussie kids bring their lunch from home. And most of the time, that lunch is a sandwich of cheese and Vegemite, the jam-like, salty yeast-based spread that's been a staple since 1922. The Vegemite sandwich gets a shout-out in Men At Work's classic antipodean anthem "Down Under."

The sustainable food crowd loves Italy, and with good reason. The majority of Italian schools serve lunches made from organic ingredients, mostly grown nearby. The daily meal at la mensa della scuola -- the school canteen --is usually centered around pasta or risotto, with salad served as a separate course. Meat shows up on the menu only a couple times a week, and in small portions. But it's not all about nutritionally correct eating for Italian children; merendine, aka snacks, are big parts of most children's days. Bread spread with chocolatey Nutella is a classic between-meal sweet and Italy's kids are almost as addicted to packaged candies and cakes as their American counterparts. Italy actually has a higher proportion of overweight children than the U.S.

People who went to school in Kenya usually have strong feelings about githeri; they're either totally nostalgic or extremely sick of it. A mixture of beans and dried corn, the dish is traditionally associated with the Kikuyu tribe, but it has become the standard school lunch throughout the country. Every day, school children line up with their plastic bowls as servings are ladled out from huge pots.

Most school cafeterias in Korea use sectioned metal trays and there's a standard way of filling them up. The two biggest sections are for rice, usually served with pickled vegetable kimchi and soup. Smaller compartments -- there's usually three of them -- hold side dishes of vegetables and fish. As for the beverage, kids are given little plastic bottles of sweet yogurt drink, hugely popular in Korea.

For many kids in Barbados, the best part of school is the morning snack of milk and biscuits -- known as cookies to us Americans -- provided free in all schools since the 1930s. The locally produced Wibisco brand biscuits have nourished generations of children. In 1963, the government began a hot lunch program, with meals, beans and rice, mostly, delivered by van to schools around the island.

The school day for most students in Brazil starts at 7 a.m. and runs till noon. To stave off hunger pangs during the morning hours, kids will munch on snacks like queijadinhas, which are muffins made from cheese and coconut. While many children eat lunch at home after school, the Brazilian government has sponsored a nationwide school lunch program since 1955, offering hot, healthy meals to underprivileged students.

You don't think the French would serve their children sloppy joes, do you? School lunches are taken just as seriously as meals for adults. In fact, kids are served pretty much the same things adults eat. A week's menu in a restaurant scolaire -- the canteen of a French school -- might include veal scallops Marengo, hake with lemon sauce, and lamb with paprika. Fresh bread and salad are, of course, included at every meal and fruit and yogurt are the usual desserts. The only thing the kids don't get is wine.

In Japan, school lunch known as kyuushoku is an important part of every child's daily schedule. Meals are eaten in the classroom; after the tables are cleared, the student assigned as that day's lunch monitor serves everyone. Rice and fish make up the bulk of the menu, but some days students are treated to the kind of East-West comfort food that Japanese kids especially love: dishes like korokke, which are fried potato croquettes or omurice, an omelet filled with a ketchupy rice and chicken mixture.

School lunch in Zambia is nshima. Actually, pretty much everyone's lunch in Zambia is nshima -- breakfast and dinner too. The starchy dish of white cornmeal cooked to a thick, sticky dough is the staple food of the entire population. It's eaten with your hands and dipped into relishes made from greens, dried sardines called kapenta, or stewed soy protein.

Denmark & Norway
Scandinavian school children usually bring their own lunches to school. The standard is homemade or store-bought smørrebrød, which are open-faced sandwiches of cheese, liver spread or salami on dense dark rye bread.

Multicultural Singapore is famous for its street food. Residents flock to huge outdoor food courts and buy their meals from the various hawker stands. In most schools, kids get to do the same. The canteen or "tuckshop" in a Singapore school is often a collection of different stalls rented out to private cooks. Students choose between noodle soups, curries with rice and so-called "Western" food. One typical Western lunch that kids particularly love is chicken chop, which is boneless chicken covered with thick gravy, served with either spaghetti or beans and coleslaw.