Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yolanda Hill Gets Probation For Theft Of School Services

GCSD Not Seeking Restitution

"School officials could not be reached Friday afternoon to clarify whether Miranda's children were still enrolled in Greece."


SCATS ~~ I won't be surprised at all to find her kids back in Greece Schools in the Fall. It appears GCSD has let her off-the-hook financially. This means we spent $$$$ investigating, arresting and having her prosecuted ... to what end? What is happening to the 20 odd other cases that were reportedly under investigation at the time Hill was arrested last Feb.? Where do they stand?


Graehaven said...

She shouldn't go to jail. What good does that do? She SHOULD be required to pay restitution - as the founders intended. Pay back, with penalty, what you've stolen. She WOULD learn something from that, and so would everyone else.

If we'd just start doing that with all the fraud going on, watch how it stops virtually overnight.

SCATS said...

Grae ~~ I'd go one step further. If she can't afford to pay, she should be required to do some labor for the district that equals what she owes. I'm sure there are bathrooms to clean, trash to take out, halls to sweep, books to count, etc. It seems silly that we made such a big deal out of this to "make an example" then didn't follow through. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

What was the purpose of the investigation? The district did not follow through. Why are the greece taxpayers liable for the actions of someone that is guilty of stealing from the district? Seeking damages or restitution is the way to send the message that the GCSD means business. I would prefer to see the civil cases filed rather than the criminal. In this case 15k x 4 and ( two with special needs means extra $$$) is a boat load of money. IDK but a judgment of 60k may makes people stop and think.