Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Clown Posse has become a Circus Posse

Tydings over VanOrman
Smith over Oberg

Tydings introduced Supt. Achramovitch as Supt. Walts!!! Can you say Freudian slip??

Other highlights ...

The BOE unanimously voted on a resolution to accept the entire GCSD policy book although they immediately broke their own policy by not having Residents' Forum at tonight's meeting.

The BOE voted to end their attempts to pursue termination of Steve Walts' lifetime healthcare.

Final approval on the EXCEL project still hasn't come from The NY State Education Dept.

Tydings didn't like Oberg's comments and attempted to silence him during BOE member comments. Frank stood his ground, but changed his tone. McCabe reacted as though he was specifically named in an attack (he wasn't ~~ guilty conscience maybe?) and was allowed to censure Oberg's remarks, but Oberg wasn't permitted to respond. Instead, Tydings decided no one else would get to comment, aside from himself and Steve.

SCATS ~~ If you want to know what life is like under Communist rule, tune into a BOE meeting this upcoming year and listen to how the Circus Posse shuts out the community's voice & attempts to silence any dissenters within their own ranks. You are advised to hold onto your wallets, since the Circus Posse Prez's spouse works for GCSD. I wonder how fast the stalled contract negotiations will get moving again ... ? Tydings should abstain from voting, negotiating, commenting, etc. since it will be a clear conflict of interest for him to do so.

The BOE seeks the donation of an alarm clock to help its newly elected VP to remain awake during the meeting. All donations will be readily accepted, since this will be no small task.


Anonymous said...

So what is the point of having Jeff Smith be V.P. of the board? The guy is dumber than dirt and says nothing at the meetings. He is going run the school board meetings when Tydings is not there? What a joke!

All I can say is the parents get what they deserve electing these bozos to the board.

Anonymous said...

Jeff seems totally asleep most of the time which is no doubt a good thing. ZZZZZZZZ

so what is the sense of this. Will Roger channel him.

Anonymous said...

To Greece Central Community

Old fashion dirty politics mastered by the master politican Roger Boily has put his golfing buddy Tyings in as BOE Pres and the village idiot Smith in as BOE VP. As stated tonight Smith never even attend a single Greece high school graduation as a BOE member. This is in addition to sleeping at BOE meetings and looking at Roger to get the clue as to how to vote.

Smith as VP. Can you see him running a BOE meeting? Can you see him as Pres. of the BOE next year?

New BOE member and Hockey mom drops her friend Julia and teams up with Roger to make it a 5 to 4 for the Boily puppets of Tyings and Smith. It is another new low for Greece Central.

While I did not agree with Julia on some items, as a first year BOE Pres. I have grown to respect her ability to bring some peace to the BOE, have students first, to be concerned about low test scores and low graduation rates, to get into the school buildings, while holding down a full-time job and to vote her mind without partisan

It was been reported that Steve A. has submitted letters to leave the district by July 1, 2010 and maybe as soon as January 1, 2010. I am sure this was with Julia's concern to have an instructional superintendent instead of a Boily puppet. Now with Roger back running the district will Steve A can get his much desired contract extension to take him to 55 for his pension.

God help Greece Central again. The district was making progress toward inproving instruction. A new math program and a new superintendent was a good start. Now it is politics as usual.

Thank you Roger Boily.


Doug Skeet

Anonymous said...

I was just told the new board president's wife teaches in the district.
Is this true?

Anonymous said...

She is a counselor at Arcadia HS

Anonymous said...

Firefighters are trained to take orders and execute without thinking.

Seems perfect qualification for an rxecutive position.

Anonymous said...

McCabe is the fireman not Smith.

Anonymous said...

Does the board have a policy that requires board members not to vote on any employee contract that involves a faimly member?

Can negotiations include any board member that has family member subject to the contract terms?

Any I living in never-never land?

Anonymous said...

I believe Tydings,McCabe, and Ferrington's wives are all covered by the teachers contract.

Anonymous said...

And of course ole Roger himself is an ex teacher.

SCATS said...

To 6:40AM ~~ Do you really believe they would follow the policy if it exists? They break policy now, and often. They ignore the results of community votes. They overturn decisions made by the Supt. We're talking about the nine Supreme Beings of Greece here. They will do as they please regardless the laws, rules, regulations, policies or freshly inked signatures on their newly signed letters accepting GCSD's Code of Ethics.

Anonymous said...

Scats, it appears your service to the community are going to become even more important over the next year! Hope you are ready to help provide a public forum where the truth can be aired.

SCATS said...

To 8:03AM ~~ Do I get a raise?

Anonymous said...

Scats- I'll personally double your salary!

Anonymous said...

I caught the end of the meeting last night and heard Tydings try to silence Oberg. No code of ethics or pledge revokes the right to free speech and expression. It sounds more like these codes are meant to stop dissent not just keep things civil.

And that's the central problem here is Greece. People who are critical are labeled as criminals and evil doers. But sometimes expressing the truth requires being impolite and naming things as they are.

Anonymous said...

It may well be that it is less expensive to give a health insurance policy to the Walts family that to fight it in court. I wonder if the deal that Phelan and Co. gave away specifies what level of coverage is guaranteed. As most of the GM, Xerox and EK retirees have discovered recently, there are all sorts of coverages at all sorts of prices. Are we providing the minimal coverage? Is there $$$$ to be saved by examining the level of co-pays, coverages, etc?

Anonymous said...

At only $25K per year in cost to taxpayers, it seems unlikely that any money could be saved by putting Walts on the "economy" plan.


Anonymous said...

7:00 Ferington's wife retired....3 years ago. Try to keep up.

SCATS said...

To 3:19PM ~~ Of course, Dave himself is also a retired Greece teacher ;)

That makes the BOE count: 2 former teachers (Ferington, Boily) and 3 with teacher spouses (Ferington, McCabe, Tydings). That's 4 votes for potential settlement of a contract based upon personal/family teacher union affiliations alone. If Boily wakes up Smith and tells him to vote too ... I'm going to need a job that pays more than this one!

Anonymous said...

You could always go back to teaching. That's lucrative.

Anonymous said...

I think sometimes principles and the idea of fair treatmnet( as opposed to principals) are worth fighting for. We should not set a precednet by giving folks big bucks to go away.

Let say Walts live 25 yera past his retirement date that $625,000 no mean amount of money.

Does Walts have something on pople in the district?