Monday, July 13, 2009

Trowbridge Suspended Over Pignato Background Check

According to I-Team 10 sources, Pignato's background check came back to town officials with glowing recommendations - those apparently vouching for his character were his command officers when he was at Rochester police Department and Palmyra’s Police Department. The problem is, some of those references appear to have been made up and Trowbridge never spoke to those people.

For now, Trowbridge is suspended from the department, but we are told that he is likely to be charged criminally within days, for submitting the inaccurate background information.


Anonymous said...

this sounds way too convenient

Anonymous said...

I guess I have some questions regarding the supposed false letters of recommendation Trowbridge submiited for PIGnato.

1. Was he forced to submit a falsified "background" check because of Daddy PIG?

2. Why did not Rahn as CHIEF OF POLICE conduct HIS own background checks on new hires instead of his subordinates?

3. If the Stupdivisor was so controlling and supposedly did ALL the hiring and APPROVED all the hiring for GPD, then why did HE not do his OWN background check on new hires (PIGnato & Joseph)?????

4. The Stupidvisor and RAHN know all the bigwigs in the RPD. WHY did they not PICK UP THE FREAKIN PHONE and talk to these big wigs in RPD to get the work history on PIGnato and Joseph?????

It looks to me that the Studivisor and his minions are looking for all the scapegoats they can to save their sorry political butts. They think we are all deaf, dumb and blind.

SCATS said...

Let us not forget that hiring Pignato came with Parrinello's self-admitted recommendation to Auberger to do so ;)

From the D&C
( ):

After Pignato's arrest, Rahn defended Pignato's 2002 hiring. Rahn said a background check and psychological profile showed that Pignato would be a good police officer.

Local lawyer John Parrinello contends that Auberger, not Rahn, was largely responsible for Pignato's hiring.

"Pignato was hired by Auberger based on my recommendation," Parrinello said.

Parrinello, who represented Pignato in his civil suit against the city, said he arranged a meeting with Auberger and Pignato in 2002. Pignato was a good officer who "should never have been fired by the city," the lawyer said he told Auberger.

"I told Auberger, in front of Pignato ... 'If he screws up, fire him,'" Parrinello said.

Anonymous said... are correct about Parrinello and the D&C story. However, it still appears that police officers are being made scapegoats to cover a bunch of people's butts. The supervisor and others are on a major witch hunt.

Also...I heard from a very good sorce that the Patrolman's Association sent a letter to the town telling them they would be making a big mistake in hiring PIGnato and Joseph. I was also told this letter has now mysteriously disappeared from town files.

If anyone has any knowledge about this I hope they can verify it on this web site or contact Gary Craig or Meaghan McDermott at the D&C.

Anonymous said...

this is a set up no doubt about it.
Someone in the know needs to blow the whistle

Anonymous said...

Folks, there is the way the book says it's done, and there is the way it's done.

Rahn was Piglet's commander in Goodman Section of RPD, and knew full well exactly what kind of cop Piglet was. Rahn did NOT want Piglet. Rahn was told he was getting Piglet, and he was to smile and accept the boy.

Trowbridge was assigned to do the background. He was also handed some letters of recommendation, and told to weave them into the report. Trowbridge was assigned the task for a reason, he was well known for following orders and not asking questions. (Remember Sgt and Detective appointments in GPD are only given out with political boss approval)

Trowbridge was willing to accept the letters of recommendation at face value and appropriately wove them into the template as he had been instructed to. It's not a task that requires the skill or intelligence of a brain surgeon.

Somebody above the level of Auberger wanted Piglet on GPD, and Auberger being a good little puppet arranged the facts to make it happen. Rahn knew damn well waht was going to happen next, the same crap that happened over in Goodman Section. He also knew he was powerless to prevent it or do a damn thing about it.

Now the fecal matter has exited the rotating fanblade, and a sacrificial lamb needs to be slaughtered. The lamb on this will be Trowbridge.

Anonymous said...

This is a strech. This man has union protection. What you are saying is he had no choice but to do this.
Sorry, can't buy it.

Anonymous said...

Auberger is Maggie's puppet.

Anonymous said...

Let us say that at the direction of the Chief Trowbridge did falsify the Pignato's background report.
Put your self in Trowridge"s place you are being directed by a chief of police who holds all the cards due to his relationship with the conservative leader.
Trowbridge certainly could not go to Auberger because every employee in the town knows that Auberger will turn his head on anything Merritt did because Auberger wants to play nice for the conservative endorsement. He could not go to a town board member becasue they would not do anything for fear of John.
Also let us say that the doctoring of the report did not come from Merritt but through Merritt from John.
John has enough stugges in the police department tht he could have certainly followed up on any investigation.
The bottom line is John's mis-mangement has our town in disaray

Anonymous said...

What you are also saying 11;12 is that the UNION IS WORTHLESS.

Anonymous said...

12:28 - I can't believe that you have these supposed "facts" but didn't share then with investigators to help the officer out. Why are you letting him take the fall if he is actually innocent here?

Your defense of Merrit Rahn and amazing facts that only you have (but refuse to share except anonymously on a political blog) calls into question your validity.

I'm sorry, but you sound like John Parrinello and this is simply just another crazy rant.

Anonymous said...

its on the news Trowbridge was arrested. He says Rahn directed him to do the deed.

Anonymous said...

writer's referre to Union, Union and more Union.
Yes in theroy the Union is present to safe guard the employee, but in reality Auberger's administration has manipulated the system so much that every employee knows that the Union in this case has been rendered as helpless.
The Union can do very little when an employee's work schedule is changed, when vacation requests are denied, when the duties of an employee are reassigned, when your next in line for a promotion and passed up.
Example: inquire as to how many times Auberger, through his director of personnel has requested job title changes because his friend or family member in that position has failed the civil service exam or has been found to be unreachable. Title is changed; special person gets to keep their job under a new title. Or what John is noted to do for those friends and family members who continually fail civil service exams is to hire them under his "mangement confidential" which means that a civil service exam is not required or union approval is not required.
These employed friends and family come in making more per hour then the true hard working civil service qualified employees who have been working for years with the town. Where is the Union? Why hasn't the Unions representing town workers brought all of this out in the papers and media?

SCATS said...

To 11:26AM ~~ Maybe they were too busy fixing up politicians' homes under Rob-U-Trad??

Anonymous said...

11:26 - I guess union people get very upset when someone says something about them they don't like. Don't get mad at just the commenters here. Get mad at the D&C and the rest of the media. They too claim costs associated with union demands aren't helping this community.