Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Turns Himself In To State Police

Charged With Falsifying Pignato's Background Check Document

Claims Rahn Directed Him

Pleads Not Guilty To This Felony

Released With No Bail

Supervisor Auberger asked if this shows any deficiency in his own work. “At the outset of this investigation we said that we would leave no stone unturned and we're doing that right now. it shows that this process does work. We've uncovered this issue, forwarded it to the District Attorney and we're doing all that we can to restore credibility to the police department."


Interview With Trowbridge's Atty

Press Conference With DA Mike Green

The Complaint

Letter Of Duffy's Charges Against Pignato

SCATS ~~ Too bad John hasn't restored credibility to his office and the town board!


Anonymous said...

No stone unturned?? Yea, right Johnny Boy. As long is it is not your stone that is overturned! There is NO way this police officer falsified this background check on PIGnato unless he was ordered to do so.

This is disgusting! The Republican Party should hang their heads in shame. They have all lost their moral compass. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

He said he was ordered to falsify the recommendations by Merrit Rahn. I can't believe the Democrat Party is still spreading false information. Did you guys help with the background check too? It's too bad the officer chose to do this. He could have said no. Nothing compares to facing up to 4 years in the state penn like he is now.

Anonymous said...

Watch channel 13. They went to Bob Duffy who was Chief of the RPD at the time. He says that at NO time did ANYONE request ANY background information on Pignato.

So who's the LIAR NOW JOHN?

I think he just woke up the sleeping giant! :)

Anonymous said...

5:39PM......What is your point? Read the affidavit on the news web sites. It clearly states this officer what ordered to falsify these documents by Merritt Rhan. This has nothing to do with the Democrats. It is the Chief, the Supervisor and Town Board. And guess which party(ies) they all belong too? It ain't the Democratic Party. The Dem's are primed to win this town election. The Republicans just keep handing it to them on a silver platter.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Auberger admits to knowing that Pignato was fired from RPD, but states that his "background" check was good!?!?

I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

Parrinello was interviewed by phone on Channel 13 and he claims PIGnato's hiring was done by the Stupidvisor because the Stupidvisor actually sat down with Parrinello in Parrinello's office to discuss the hiring of PIGnato.

I, too, am speechless after listening to the Stupidvisor state he KNEW PIGnato was fired from RPD.

Why do the citizens of Greece deserve RPD rejects including Rahn?????

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the Greece town Board rubber stamps personnel recommendations from the town supervisor in the same way that the school board has been bullied into approving the recommendations of the school superintendent when it comes to hirings and tenures. The school board is told if they don't approve the recommendations that they will be sued for not granting the tenure for not giving the employee notice that they were in jeopardy? Is it possible that the men in question were in some civil service line and were the next to be hired? In the private sector when a person offers the place where they have worked the former employers and HR people can only say he was here in some position for a certain span of time. Just like that wild monster male nurse that is going on trial for the valentine killings.
This is not making an excuse, just trying to figure out their hiring practices. Does anyone know? Is Auberger responsible for all of this?

SCATS said...

To 10:39PM ~~ Auberger stated previously that HE decides all personnel/hiring issues in the town. Parrinello stated previously, that he asked Auberger to hire Pignato in Pignato's presence. Today, Auberger agreed that he knew Pignato was fired from RCSD, but then claimed he hired him based upon false, glowing recommendations. Trying to pin responsibility for anything of import onto Auberger is like trying to nail Jello to a tree!

Anonymous said...

All Auberger wants is to deflect his failure onto anyone else he can get it to stick to.

The real showdown will come between Rahn and Auberger. Parinello was on TV last night with a phone interview on Channel 10 claiming Auberger was IN PARINELLOS OFFICE when he hired Pignato and that this was AUBERGER's call.

So unless he's going to have Parinello disbarred, the truth has yet to be heard.

This is Auberger's baby - hired in 2002 - the same year the Assessor ran away with all of our money. And note: John isn't talking about who hired Nick Joseph either. He's hoping everyone will be distracted enough on Pignato and Trowbridge to forget about the rest of the picture.

SCATS said...

To 8:06AM ~~ Auberger already admitted HE was and is the person who hires in Greece. Also, he didn't dispute Parrinello's claim that he asked Auberger to hire Pignato when it first came out a couple months back. I think Auberger depends on the senior citizens of this town for votes ... people with the shortest memories.

Anonymous said...

About Sgt. Trowbridge not condoning what he did or did not do but put yourself in his shoes.
You are summoned into the Cheifs office your boss, politian, Conservatvie Chairman Tom Cook's boy, survivior of charges placed agains him during the Boily administration.
Your told by the Chief "the Town Supervisor has advised me that he is hiring Pagnato; fired from the city police department and that we are to drum up a background investigtion report. Here is what will go into the report you as the investigating office will sign off on it. If you do not I will be upset with you because Auberger will be upset with me. If both of us become upset your police career will be over with.
Being in this officer's shoes you think now this is crazy! This is against the law! Who can I go to when it is the to most highest ranking town officials giving me this order? The Town Board the rubber stamp for John Auberger, The DA who is politically connectd, how about the County Manager, oh yea.
How about the State Police, where Auberger and Rahn have connections.
Just who do I go to?

SCATS said...

To 10:54AM ~~ How about to the media?

Anonymous said...

Sorry 10:54, no one risks doing 4 years time cuz they're afraid of their boss. I don't care who it is or who the boss is. Not in this day and age. You say "no," and if pressed, let the boss know that if he/she comes down on you you're going to the press and/or IA types. Your assumption is bunk. I may not always agree with SCATS but he/she is right.

Anonymous said...

Republicans are running for re-election but not putting their party affiliation on their flyers. Beware. Make sure of who gets your vote.

Anonymous said...

testing? testing? 1,2,3.

SCATS said...

To 1:15PM ~~ I can hear you now ;)

Anonymous said...

@2:59... the Greece Democrats are doing the exact same thing. Must be trying to keep that Union/ACORN political party thing quiet.