Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The "Man in the Mirror"

Greece Town Board Meeting
Tuesday July 21 at 6PM
Town Hall ~~ 1 Vince Toffany Blvd

Bring a small mirror (like the kind from the Dollar Store) to flash towards John Auberger. Let's show him who is responsible for hiring Gary Pignato & Nick Joseph, who runs the Greece Police Dept. and where the "buck" stops in the Town of Greece! Feel free to get up during the public forum and ask him to take a peek into the "looking glass" for himself while you recite:

"Mirror, mirror in my hand ... Show me who is in command ..."


Anonymous said...

Send in the clowns! That seems to be the game plan for the Democrates in Greece. So sad. They must think we are a bunch of idiots to pull that stunt with the brooms.

Gentlemen, Greece is not the place for your union rallying tactics. Grow up if you want to earn the respect of Greece citizens.

Anonymous said...

That group should first try out their skills as Greece school board members. Clowns are welcome at that circus.

Anonymous said...

6:31 knows nothing about advertising. Getting people's attention and building name recognition is a key. Some of the best ads are where the public doesn't like the ad but surely remembers the product. And that is HUUUUGE...AH. So the Dems have a brilliant strategy to get on TV free. Corrupt Republicans have got to get the wedgies out before their brains can engage.

Anonymous said...

"AH. So the Dems have a brilliant strategy to get on TV free."

"And the Republicans have a shameful history that gets them on TV free at the cost of all of us"

"Grow up if you want to earn the respect of Greece citizens."

"Earn the respect? Does anyone think that anything the Republicans, and in particular Mr. Auberger have done have earned the respect of anyone?"

Go back to bed. Your story is weak and your logic flawed.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think they're going to balance each other out. The Greece Democrats will send their campaign supporterss to disrupt the meeting with brooms, mirrors, shouts and catcalls and the republicans will probably videotape their antics and use it in their campaign.

7:53-You're missing a very important point. I may remember Billy's ads, but I sure as heck wouldn't vote for him to represent me in government.

Anonymous said...

This is such a sorry excuse of a stunt. Of all the times I have seen Maloney on the television, I haven't once heard him say what he's going to do remedy the situation in Greece. It doesn't seem as if Maloney is FOR Greece, its as if he's just AGAINST Auberger.

SCATS said...

To all of you ~~ I've said it before & I'm going to say it again, I DESPISE PARTY POLITICS. I am not endorsing any party on here, though I may endorse specific candidates at times, or condemn one party or the other or both at other times.

I attended two Town Board meetings this Spring and to be honest with you, I had no indication of who was a Democrat or who was a Republican (other than being able to identify the people who I knew were Dems in the audience vs the entire Town Board). I don't think this is intended to be a Rep vs Dem "rally." I see it more as a way of showing the folks in charge that the status quo isn't sitting well NO MATTER YOUR POLITICAL AFFILIATION. It's a bit of a friendly protest. That is MY intention with promoting it.

Now that I've stated that, let's stop with the Rep vs Dem bashing and talk about what messages Auberger & Co need to hear, how to fix this mess, etc.

Anonymous said...


You are correct.
I was one of those online who suggested going to the meeting with mirrors and I did not have a specific political slant in mind. Rather the questions is accountability on the part of our elected leaders.

Of course the current republican leaders ship sees everything in strictly political terms. Since they are entitled to rule all protest is from enemies trying to undermine their rule.

All the while trying to claim that they are not political. They are trying to spin this event before it even happens. So they must be scared. Methinks they protest "its poltical" too much. They really ought to look in the mirror sometime.

Anonymous said...

I see how it is now. Only democrat candidates and their political campaign workers get to comment here. Just post that this is now the case and you won't have to hear from the other 96 thousand people who live here.

SCATS said...

To 12:28PM ~~ How could I know how or whether you are registered to vote? I couldn't possibly know!

Anonymous said...

SCATS said, "To all of you ~~ I've said it before & I'm going to say it again, I DESPISE PARTY POLITICS."

Promoting a political candidate's fundraiser, while clearly your right, is in fact party politics.

SCATS said...

To 12:53PM ~~ That IS your opinion. If I knew about a fundraiser for the opposing side, I MIGHT be inclined to post about that too.

FYI, no one asked me to post it. I did it solely on my own.

Anonymous said...

The fundraiser I saw on here isn't for a particular candidate. I will go just to hear Duffy talk. He fascinates me.

Anonymous said...

Mavbe we could have a weenie roast for Auberger? Weenies for a weenie.

All proceeds to the Auberger defense/retirement fund!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad but the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile crashed into someone's house. I saw it on the news.

Anonymous said...

Due to the untimely death of the Taco Bell dog SuperHairburger is forced to postpone his testimonial dinner/campaign finance fundraiser until further notice.

It seems Hairburger was getting the dog to supply the food.

SCATS said...

To 11:31PM ~~ Chinese!?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 6:31, I saw the stunt on TV, I thought that it was very creative and to the point with clear direction as to what they want to accomplish. More than what we are getting from the current administration.

SCATS said...

To 2:46PM ~~ C'mon now! You gotta give John's boys (and girls) credit for wearing their yellow shirts to Tuesday night's Town Board meeting. It's kind of reminiscent of the union solidarity T-shirts Greece teachers wear to school ... oh wait! That's a "tactic" Dems usually use ... I'm getting so confuzzled :) ~~

Anonymous said...

@ 2:46 - you're kidding right? Maloney set the whole thing up with his news comment. It was orchestrated well in advance. It wasn't thought up by concerned citizens. It's the people running Dan's campaign. Look for the giant rat to show up at town hall when they run out of ideas.

SCATS said...

To 10:40AM ~~ I think you and 2:46PM are talking about different things. I believe 2:46 meant the "clean sweep" idea using brooms. I think you might be referring to the "Man in the Mirror" idea. If that is what you were referring to, then you are wrong to the extent that SCATS got the idea to have people take mirrors to the meeting after I heard Maloney's reference to having Auberger look into one on the news. I helped to spread the word and some other BLOGS including the D&C's posted the idea. To that extent, it was a grassroots effort by concerned citizens :) I assure you that I do NOT "work for Dan's campaign."

Anonymous said...

IMHO, Brian Caterino and Dave Garretson don't fall into the purest sense of a "concerned citizens" category. True, they're citizens and I'm sure have concerns, but it's obvious they're with Maloney's camp.

Dave appears to be spearheading campaign activities and Brian was giving them free political airtime.

All this is perfectly fine, but they're not your average Greece Jane and Joe.

SCATS said...

To 12:44PM ~~ It's really sad that you would prefer to focus on people's political affiliations instead of the many serious problems facing our community. While I've never met either of these people, I have seen them at meetings, bringing up the issues and attempting to get some changes made for the betterment of our town. That's something too few people do and it leads to the kinds of messes we're deep into now.

brian said...

I'm wondering how the poster decides what concerns and what people are legitimate and what one's aren't.

We all have the right to speak.

SCATS said...

To Brian ~~ I'm not sure if your comment was intended for me or someone else, but I'll respond in case you meant me.

Yes, you have the right to speak. It's what you say AND how you say it that matters.

First of all, I have a pretty good knowledge of what is going on around Greece. For the most part, I know "who is who" among our leaders.

Regarding who posts "legitimate" concerns vs. those whose don't, I rather not judge that, since much goes to opinion. You can decide for yourself whether someone's issue is something that matters to you or not.

The items that don't get posted here are usually the "take no prisoners" type of personal attacks. I do not take kindly to the use of the words "stupid" or "idiots" or to name-calling in general, and that is a longtime policy here. Pres. Obama caught my attention earlier this week when he uttered remarks about the "stupidity" of the Cambridge PD. I knew it would be something he would wish he never said ;) It turns out I was right.

I'm also not going to post political attacks that characterize entire groups of people in some horrible way, especially when no examples are given to back up the person's accusations.

Strong opinions about specific individuals are likely to get edited, deleted or rejected from posting altogether, especially if they have little to do with the issues. I prefer you focus on people's actions and behaviors instead of appearances, etc.

In the end, some of it will be my gut feeling. I'm not sure if it's possible to be entirely unbiased, so I'll strive for being fair.

Very few entries get deleted or edited. It's usually a specific hot button topic that draws that sort of comment & my response to it. Most people understand the expectations and adhere to them.

brian said...


I was not referring to you. I think you do a fine job under sometimes trying circumstances. I was referring to the poster at 7/24 12:44 who seemed to say that I was not a "concerned" citizen"

That was an attempt to stipulate on his/her terms who is legitimate and who is not.

Because I have been involved in some issues doesn't mean I'm not a "concerned citizen" More the contrary is true, invovlement generates concern. A concerned citizen is rarely a non-partisan a pure innocent who untouched by any standpoint or position.