Monday, July 13, 2009


Resignation submitted to New York State Retirement System

Town of Greece Received Notice Friday

Saturday Was Mackin's Last Day As An Employ

"Mackin’s retirement does not have any affect on his state pension because the current investigation only deals with the benefits, like health insurance, he receives through the town.
Whether Mackin loses the health benefits will not be determined until the completion of a disciplinary hearing, which has not been scheduled yet." ~~

SCATS ~~ Seems like it's time we start hiring some replacements for all the positions lost during the scandals. Time to call Maggie, right John?


Anonymous said...

Smart move on Mackin's part. Wonder if Rahn will try the same thing?

Anonymous said...

Rahn will put papers in the day after Hell freezes over.

Mackin's benefits are being held hostage by the Politicians to get him to testify against Rahn. Mackin will say whatever the pols want him to say in exchange for benefits, and so will Ball.

The pols are hopeing for a good hemp harvest on the Forever Wild land so they can brade a rope to drag Rahn out kicking and screaming like a little girl.

This show has a long way to go before the fat lady sings.

Anonymous said...

time for Merritt or someone to squeal on John. See how he like it.

Anonymous said...

I know when is Rah going to take down Auberger? Will it be closer to election day?

Anonymous said...

AFTER election day if possible.

Hairburger is a very lonesome man in Repub circles. He is also a man without favors to call in. Hairburger refused to campaign for the Party candidate for Sheriff unless he got paid to liek someone else did. That cost him!
Hairburger wanted the Water Authority job that was filled a year or so back. He didn't get that. Hairburger is all alone swinging over the Genesee Gorge with no safety net.

Hairburger also is without friends at Tom Cook's bar. Rahn is Tom Cooks boy.

If Hiarburger gets reelcted, he will get to shove some of his legal bills on the Town, if he looses the election he pays his own legal bills and Bernie Iacavangello probably won't take his phone calls. If he wins and Rahn dumps solid information Hairburger won't be able to govern, and may have to step down.

If Rahn dumps now, maximum loss to Hairburger is the election but the Town still pays his legal bills. If Rahn dumps on Hairburger Rahn will want Hairburger to feel maximum damage like Rahn did when Roger Rabbit crapped on Rahn.

Rahn's personality is such he needs the job and if somebody takes the job from him he will go to scorched earth mode. Records may be missing, but you can bet Rahn has his copies locked away.

Anonymous said...

12:14 - any proof or just a rant?