Friday, July 10, 2009

Sgt. Trowbridge Suspended With Pay ($82,000/yr)

23 Year Veteran of GPD Is 4th Suspended Since Monday In Ongoing Internal Investigation

Loszynski may present formal charges to him later today



SCATS ~~ Things must be really bad for "I am him" to wait until Friday to let us know about actions taken on Monday. I guess they figured they could avoid the press for the weekend ;)


Anonymous said...

Friday news dump

Anonymous said...

John T. Auberger's ilegal witch hunt continues. Now another Sgt. with ties to Rahn is being set up to take the heat off Auberger and the Town Board that hired Pignato, Auberger for recommending Pignato to the Board and a Board that never questioned his hiring. Why? They were not allowed to question decisions by El Supremo, Auberger. This was six years ago and that is still the rule. Board members obediently obey or be taken to the political "woodshed".

Here is the unofficial story circulating regarding Trowbridge. Six years ago he was assigned to do the required background checks on Pignato. In his application Pignato gave the names of individuals as character references. Trowbridge interviewed them and placed their statements in his report to the Chief.

This illegal Public Safety Commissioner, Loszynski, for obvious reasons, was directed to look at that report at which time he contacted those same character witnesses who vouched for Pignato six years ago and who now are denying they made the statements in Trowbridge's report. What a suprise!! Given Pignato's present notoriety, it's a no-brainer.

So now another scapegoat to cover the real architect of this scandal, John T (for Tyrant) Auberger, to make it look like he was misinformed when he hired Pignato. Move over Pontius Pilate, Auberger needs some of that water to wash his hands.

Joe Moscato said...

I had the privilege of working with Bob Trowbridge while I was a member of the Department. He always conducted himself professionally and was a real gentleman who cared about the people he came into contact with as well as his fellow officers.

Over the years since I retired I had several occasions to talk with Bob and he still projected that same dedication to duty. Bob is a fair man and treats people accordingly. He is a man of character with strong convictions and integrity.

If the previous post is correct, I would find it difficult to believe that Sgt. Trowbridge would issue a false report even under orders. It's just not his profile.

At any rate, I will be interested in hearing the true allegations being made against this fine officer and gentleman.

Anonymous said...

So we bring in this stranger, retired dude from the troopers who is able to uncover all this filth in just a few weeks, when Auberger never saw any of this in 12 years?


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of moving to Greece. How's the neighborhood around Pine Valley Drive?

Anonymous said...

I almost bought a house near there 10:29. It's very nice.

How many more of these upstanding citizens can we afford to drag to court?

Anonymous said...

To 10:29 I grew up there and my parents still live there it is a nice neighborhood it is in the turn over phase as many original owners ar moving and younger families are moving in.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Trowbridge is being used as the scapegoat for the Stupidvisor in the hiring of Pignato. Johnny Boy had to be deaf, dumb AND blind not to know what was going on with Pignato when he was with RPD!!! And Johnny Boy knows enough people in RPD all he had to do is pick up the freakin phone and make some calls to find out the scoop on Pignato. He is trying to save his sorry a _ _ by making Trowbridge the fall guy for his faulty hiring. AND where by the way was RAHN in all of this??? As Chief of Police you would think HE would be the ONE doing the BACKGROUND checks of any new hires!! Does Johnny Boy and his minions think we are all idiots??????

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how history repeats itself in Greece, NY? Terms such as "Witch hunt", "Scapegoat" being used now are the same terms used during the Walts/Keller-Cogan era (and slightly beyond). People's personal and professional lives were turned upside down (some, never recovering) yet NOT A SINGLE ALLEGATION of wrongdoing on the part of the accused staff was ever proven.

How widespread was it? You'd be amazed. There was NO level of employee that was untouched by the Stalin-like purge. It was carried out in such a way (see: that fear and shame spread through the organization. People's will to endure was crushed.

It was a shameful and embarrassing era in the Greece Central School District. It appears that it was only the initial eruption of a disease that permeates all of Greece.

Anonymous said...

There were two similarites, there was a lack of oversite (the board) AND if you kiss my ring i'll get your kid into Pinebrook.

Anonymous said...

The D&C is reporting this morning that Greece has 94 sworn officers. This is simply not true. While it is true that the authorized budgeted positions are 94, the current number of actual sworn officers stands at 78. If the current rate of suspensions continues, well do the math.

It is clear to me where the money for this current "purge" is coming from, $100,000 and some change. It's called "budget bingo". They collect tax money for 94 cops, pay for 78, and spend the balance elsewhere, i.e., to cover Auberger's back side while we pay for protection we don't have. This practice has been going on for years in this town government. This overtaxing is also done with our school taxes by Greece Central School District.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...3 officers, 1 chief suspended, 2 officers in jail, that makes 6.

Loszynski and his "team" make 8.

2 more suspensions and they can slot right over to become your permanent police representatives deluxe, courtesy of John T. Aubanger and Maggie Boy Husband Joseph Wiesner.

How Quaint. Good ideas take good planning.

Anonymous said...

You are right about the budget bingo at GCSD.
Remember group pickup? There are sooo many exceptions it almost does not exist any more but you still hear about the same figure $$$ of savings being used.
Can't be!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The same could be said about the administration's witch hunt for 1998 to 2005 to get rid of some teachers and staff that were over 40 and maybe expressed opinions that strayed from those of the superintendent Walts and Meg.

Anonymous said...

I had a conversation recently with a relative who lives in Fairport. The topic got around to the police scandal in Greece and she was appalled by the lack of response from the community. She wondered why there is no outrage and why no one is demanding the resignation of Auberger, why no letters to the editor condemning those responsible for shaming our town. I had no answer except to say that I believe that fear of retribution is the answer.

Town employees, police employees, their friends and neighbors had to know what was going on and yet no one said anything. I believe that it is as it always has been in Greece, keep your mouth shut and you will keep your job, you won't be harassed, etc. Just as it was in the school district during the Walts Keller-Cogan era, no one said anything for fear of losing their job.

It's time now for everyone to band together and throw the bums out. Let's put an end to intimidation once and for all. In our town and in our school district. We have an excellent opportunity in November to put an end to this nonsense and once again be proud to say we live in Greece.

SCATS said...

To 2:34PM ~~ I agree with you but must add that the fear of retaliation problem has been an issue in GCSD long before Walts hit town. I'd bet it is still a problem today, especially for any parent who dares complain. Look at what happened with the hockey team drinking problem. Someone dared complain and they were chastised with a vengence!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe's statement 100%.
Some of these officers are well intended professionals, but are working under conditions where when given an order they are also faced with the immediate consequence if the order is not obeyed.
It is like a dysfunctional household taking directions from an alcoholic parent.
Bye the way the rumor has it that within 40 minutes after Sgt. Trowbirdge; in the presence of Merritt Rahn handed the completed investigation packet to Auberger disapproving of the hiring of both Joseph and Pignato, they were put on the force.

Anonymous said...

An example please of someone being hit with consequenses ????

Anonymous said...

Here is the irony of all this. Why is there civil service criteria that has to be met for the hiring of each position within town government accept for Town Superviosr and Town Council?
If we are not hiring the best for Town Supervisor how can we depend on "not the best" to hire the best in subordinate positions.
The Town's needs have outgrown John Auberger's ability to adminstrate.
John do the right thing resign.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that elected officials are never just administrators they are by nature "political" offices -- as they should be -- so civil service rules don't apply.

Some people still think we run on a city county manager system which was abandoned many years ago. IT provided the false impression that administration was above politics. IT not that's why we have accountability by electing officials,

Anonymous said...

12:31 apparently accountability has failed in in this administration.