Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Roderick Scott's Trial Date Set For Nov. 30th

Parrinello claims there is no conflict of interest in representing both Scott & Rahn (story)

Texas case has striking similarities


Anonymous said...

The key to this case is proving he had to defend himself "beyond a reasonable doubt." It was dark, stormy, the kid had on a big coat and came after him yelling "I'm going to get you!" That's not the response a normal person expects after telling someone to stop and that you have a gun. I think Mr. Scott will be a free man when this is over. That's how it should be. Thanks SCATS for sharing that other story from Texas. Most interesting for sure!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were innocent until proven guilty and that the prosecution needed to prove he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt - not the other way around. Granted, it will help his case if he convincingly can state that he was defending himself – but the burden of proof lies with the prosecution.

Anonymous said...

What was that in the article about the autopsy showing alcohol or drugs and it would help the defense? First time that was brought up. If that victim was high on something it could have made him act in a foolhardy or aggressive manner which could mean that man was in fear of his life. If the car burglar took the gun from the citizen he could have shot him instead. Tough call.
Suggestion:call 911 and hopefully they will get there fast. And even if we have a gun stay inside and only use it if the person is trespassing into our house. Don't give away spare keys to your house so you don't shoot a friend or relative. And we all should have locks that work and doors that are not made mostly of glass. Get motion flood lights.
Any other suggestions?

SCATS said...

To 1:56PM ~~ I thought so too, but at this point in time it seems as though Roderick Scott has already been tried AND convicted in the court of public opinion with the help of the DA's office.

To 2:34PM ~~ Careful! It was Parrinello who stated he had seen the toxicology report and it was favorable, whatever that means! He was not specific at all and his wording was open to interpretation (I think). On the other hand, comments posted on some of the media sites regarding this story shortly after it happened had lots of chatter about Cervini being "on" something.

About home safety, get a very large dog or an alarm system.

Anonymous said...

Here is a Kentucky case. If that kid gained entry into the Scott home it could have been this.