Monday, July 06, 2009

Rochester Tops Forbes' List For Biggest Pay Cuts

Top Ten Cities For Pay-Cuts

SCATS ~~ This should help us settle our union contracts, right?


Anonymous said...

Rochester -- the dour city -- now the low wage capital of the country. I'm sure all those Wal-Mart jobs coming out to Greece will raise this average -- not.

This decline will really effect the tax base and school funding in the relatively near turn.

Greece discover the demise.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Sorry Scats but this will do nothing to help settle union contracts. The reason is union contracts have NO relationship to community standards.
Example on 4-13-09 at a budget hearing at Arcadia I asked the super how him and the board could justify the 'increase' in employer contrabutions on health care from 90% to 95% in the recently approved teamsters contract IE this in no way reflected the trend the district owners were paying - no answer - why? because 'they' don't think that way.
Salary and benefit increases are based on one thing and one thing only - ENTITLEMENT - and it is one of the basic problems in public education - no merit - NOTHING.
As I have pointed out many times you don't even have to come to work at GCSD to get a raise.

As I have also said many times don't blame the unions - put the blame right on the BOARD.

SCATS said...

Charlie ~~ I was being facetious ;)

Anonymous said...

I think all Rochester area public employees should get an additional 3% pay raise to make up for the lost wages of the non-public employees. We could call it a stimulus package and pay for it with federal funds which are of course free.

Maybe I should run for political office I am so darn smart!

Anonymous said...

Jester of north greece is appointed to the legis...........running in the fallnow as the incumbant.... didin't we see somewhere that is is good buds with rahn?

Anonymous said...

What should be even more important to Greece residents (because he was claimed to be a great union negotiator)is the rumor coming out of the third floor that says two weeks ago Achramovitch told his cabinet that he would be leaving as soon as he finds another position. He told them that the board asked him to leave and he would not receive a new contract after June 30 2010 when his current contract expires.

If this is true, and I believe it, why is the board hiding this fact from the public. This once again smacks of closed door, back room shenanigans by a board claiming transparency and accountability. Only in this district does this kind of intrigue and secret gamesmanship take place.

Instinct tells me that Boily is responsible for the secrecy concerning his good buddy, Steve. Look for Roger the dodger to try a rescue attempt by engineering a coup that will give us another three years of the inept Steve who masquerades as a legitimate educator. My instinct so far has never failed me. Wait and see!

Anonymous said...

That must mean Achramovitch is applying elsewhere. Soon it will be obvious he is trying to escape. Maybe he will go to Texas or the northwest where all the jobs are.
So the metro Rochester area is number one in wage problems. Ironic that all the public employees are not feeling the pinch. And New York State has 6 of the top ten cities with wage decreases.
And how many teachers do we have on paid non-teaching leave....special assignment...while their cases are being heard? Even if Greece has none our NY state taxes are paying for the teachers in NY city that are sitting all day making full salary for painting, writing books etc.until their cases are resolved.

Anonymous said...

9:35 may be right! Another possible scenario that would save Steve would be if the vote were 5 for retaining Steve and 4 against. You have to ask why would anyone with any pride and integrity take a job knowing that four of his employers are opposed to him and his total failures during the past three years. The answer is that he does not have any pride or integrity and desperately needs the $210,000 job for the next three years, a job that has proven to be way over his head.