Friday, July 24, 2009

Project Sunlight To Be Integrated Into State Curriculum

State Attorney General's Office Offering Teacher Workshops

Fall professional development workshop planned for Greece teachers

“It’s timely and relevant for our kids. It’s important for life learning." ~~ Jennifer Solomon, Social Studies curriculum coordinator (Project Sunlight)


SCATS ~~ I support teaching kids about Open Govt :) Could we get BOE members & the Greece Town Board to learn about this concept, too?


Anonymous said...

Greece residents should be invited to show how the law doesn't work.

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration has rejected an insulting comment directed at a specific person.

Graehaven said...

Kids don't need to be "empowered," they need to shut up and learn. Of course, it helps if they're actually being taught something cohesive and interesting. Try teaching the founding documents! How about the federalist papers? How about Paine's "Common Sense?" How about we actually READ the Constitution and Declaration of Independence? Try teaching the founders.

Getting the kids' creative juices flowing? Try some homework. How about some role playing in class? In class discussion is fine, but the kids directing the course is NOT.

The problem is NOT that government is in the shadows, it's in our face far too much. Encouraging students to ACCEPT that as the way it should be is patently WRONG, according to our Constitution.