Monday, July 13, 2009

More News Police Reports "Forgot" To Mention ...

Family cat slain in Greece

Open letter to the cowardly individual(s) who shot our cat:
Did you know the property you were on is private, not public land?
Did you know that the pregnant cat you shot for fun was our family pet, Peanut?
I am pretty sure it is illegal to discharge fire arms anywhere on Kirk Road.
My teenage daughter was looking forward to the birth of a bunch of fuzzy, cute little kittens. You broke her heart.
Does killing a family's pet make you feel better about yourself?
I hope your behavior gets you caught someday and you go to jail.
If I catch you on my landlord's property, you will go to jail.

SCATS ~~ Now we have to worry about Fluffy & Spot in addition to our cars!


Anonymous said...

Kirk Rd is near police headquarters. Maybe a stray flew over the firing range.

Anonymous said...

Kirk is not near the police that is about a mile east on Island Cottage. I am concerned that someone was firing a gun on Kirk Rd in general. When did this happen? Why wasn't the article in the paper? Shouldn't the police be concerned? Rifle. shotgun BB gun, pistol?
Again thank you to this site for alerting us.

Anonymous said...

Teenage waste product on the loose in the Town of Greece. A similar incident happened on Florida Avenue a year ago. The police think it's the Barnad Street pot heads. Anyone who can slay a cat is a future serial killer.

SCATS said...

To 9:01AM Kirk Rd. is relatively "close" to police HQ, possibly close enough to hear a gunshot. It WAS "reported" in the editorial section of the paper on July 9th, which is where I accidentally discovered it ;)

As I've said before (very recently too) just because it's not in the weekly police reports doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

How did you "accidentally discover" something that wasn't hidden?

Go SCATS! You can read!

SCATS said...

To 4:33PM ~~ I didn't fully explain what I meant to say, sorry. It was accidental in that I seldom pay attention to the editorials. In this case, I just happened to notice a link on the side of a page about a different story that had the headline: "Family Cat Slain In Greece." I can't recall ever noticing headlines on the lower right side following story before. There was nothing about this item in Local News, Greece News or Greece Police Reports.