Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave!

Former Greece Town Board Member Rick Antelli Is Newest Addition To Monroe County Legislature

Replaces Doug Dobson

"It's just a way to manipulate the system." ~~ Joe Morelle


SCATS ~~ What the heck difference will one more Republican appointee make? It's not like this will cause any trouble, right?


Anonymous said...

Is there a term limit?
Yes this will give him the incumbency advantage. Also who knows who their rep is on legislature and who knows which town ward they are in? Not that we don't care but it isn't a big requirement to our identity. They hope that people will vote in a confused and apathetic manner like voting for judges. Let's just vote for democrats this time around and get rid of all the incumbents in the Greece vicinity.

Anonymous said...

Swapping all Reps for all Dems is NOT "the answer." A balance is needed, checks and balances by having BOTH sides represented. Do we need change? HELL YES! But total change will give of more trouble.

Anonymous said...

We should be willing to take that kind of trouble for a while. There is not other town besides Gates that seems to have the kind of corruption we have in Greece.
Besides for both Gates and Greece in many locations it is hard to see where the city ends and the towns begin so we might as well join up and turn democrat.

Anonymous said...

Actually as a short term solution
we need to sweep these current republicans out. They are extremely corrupt and won;t give up power until they are voted out.

Then if folks don't like the democrats they can can get a new crop of republicans in hopefully more ethical and less tied to the pleasuers of power.

Anonymous said...

Antelli is someone I'll always vote against. Antelli hid from the Draft at RIT and despises Vietnam Vets. He is unfit to stand on any platform near the Medal of Honor.

Antelli stuffed his wife onto the County payroll at DMV, and Merit Rahn spent an awful lot of time at Antelli's beauty shop. Looks like Rahn lost another backer when Antelli moved up.

The best solution to Greece Town Board is an evenly split Board. Democrats will have a chance to prove they are a worthy party and Republicans will keep them in check. Who knows the lid may actually get blown off. All Democrats would just be another disaster with different bobbleheads nodding in agreement.

SCATS said...

To 10:03PM ~~ I agree about the need for a balance of power.