Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is Our Give-A-Damn Broken?

Or Are Greece Residents Just Sheeple, Willing To Jump Off The Cliff As We Silently Follow The One In Front Of Us?

From editorial mentions to blogger comments to friends who ask in passing, why are Greece residents so silent about the constant turmoil that plagues our town? If an eastside community had the problems that plague our police department, town government and school district, hundreds would turn out for the next meeting demanding immediate action. Why don't we?

Low Test Scores
Bloated Budgets
Theft of Services
Wasted Money
Backroom Meetings
Political Posturing
Property Tax Scams
Under-Performing Schools
Contract Negotiation Stalemates ...

If you are sick and tired of all of the above, look in the mirror.

YOU ARE TO BLAME. What are you going to do about it?


Anonymous said...

HEY, I have a full schedule all day. I have to surf 113 channels of crap on Cable looking for something I haven't seen before, and look for new games on the Internet. Isn't it enough I take the kids every weekend?

The kids are the wife's responsibility, she has custody and I sure pay her plenty of support money. I barely have time to get to the bar and see if I can hook up with some new babe for a little entertainment.

Don't be getting all up in my face about the damn defective schools!

Anonymous said...

I think even westside communities would be looking down on us.....except for gates.

Captain Obvious said...

Before he left, I heard a high ranking Greece school administrator say, "I've never seen a community that loathes itself as Greece does." He is gainfully employed elsewhere, bringing incredible value there.

Four years after another high ranking Greece administrator left, he confided to me that it took him all of that time to realize that it isn't normal to have taxpayers hate you.

Greece needs true leaders in both main roles: town and school.

Without them to turn around the community's unhealthy (almost "criminal") self deprecation, Greece will continue on this self fulfilling prophesy of implosive self-destruction.

Anonymous said...

The complainants may all be taxpayers as they are all parents of children or adults and as they are all citizens etc......the complaints are because of the corruption that we somehow can't seem to excise from this town. This has been going on for years all the way back to sheriff skinner when he ruled. It was more expedient to have things taken care of by a paternal figure and that has carried on to today. Graft and corruption have always been a part of Greece,town and school district. Obviously the county is rife with corruption too. It's the way they get things done.
There are fine people the majority that are town and school employees but there is corruption beneath.

Anonymous said...

The answer to the question about why people in Greece don't storm town and school board meetings demanding changes can be summed up in one word - PRIDE.

Residents of this town lack pride, they lack pride in their town, they lack pride in the school district so important to the education of our children.

Ask someone at the mall or any gathering, as I did, the question "As a Greece resident what is it about your town that you are most proud of?" Here are some responses I got from 23 residents - Our soccer fields and soccer programs - 8, Wegman's Markets - 5, The Mall - 4, our Parks - 3, and I don't know - 3.

This is not very scientific, but a pretty sad statement. Not one person said our schools. I rest my case. When people lack pride in their town and school district, general apathy and the acceptance of scandalous conduct prevails and substandard education and services are the result.

Anonymous said...

I can't defend everything people do here., but it is difficult to participate in town and school affairs. If you disagree you are out the door.

One problem I have found talking to some local notables. They always want to work "behind the scenes." i.e.they don;t want to stick their neck out for fear of ostracism and loss of business. Behind the scenes only works in limited conditions where there is some sort of consensus and good will is assured. That's not the case anymore.

I'm afraid I don't agree with the poster who talks about the negative image people hold of their own town. I think the opposite is true. Too many leaders try to paper over the problems in Greece and say everything is okay. This attitude creates a sense of cynicism among most that leaders won't admit or address problems -- until it is too late
Changing Greece will take a lot of effort since these entrenched interests are unwilling to admit the depth of the problems. Much like our national leaders kept telling us the economy was okay as it sunk into deep recession or depression.

Charlie Hubbard said...

In the case of the GCSD we have divided this town in a very unhealthy way.

We now have 2 school systems - the haves and have nots - the involved and the don't give a da#n.

We have divided neighborhoods with open enrollment. We have taken away the 'pride' of being a part of a neighborhood - a certain 'school' neighborhood. The kid next door goes to a different school, we don't even know them.
When we toke our kids to a school function we didn't just take our kids we toke the whole neighborhood, maybe 2-3 cars but we went 'together'.

Perhaps the worst part is it doesn't have to be - none of this is needed and leadership to fix it is almost non-existent.

As most readers of this blog know some of us tried to fix it - however at the end of the day purpose was trumped by politics.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that alot of the complaints are from people who are renters and don't even pay tazes. Example Affinity Place at Orchard whatever it is called now. Ghetto Trash City.

Anonymous said...

Apartment dwellers pay taxes to their landlords through their monthly rental amounts which include this cost.

Anonymous said...

If, by "Self Centered Politics" you mean:

(1) Spitting on the owners' vote by publicly quitting an elected office, mid-term,

(2) feigning outrage with how dysfunctional other elected officials are, though having already moved their own legal residence to another district under a cloak of secrecy,

(3) acting as if none of it happened

Then plenty of us agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Apartment dwellers don't ALL pay money fot taxes. This is a bogus statement. The majority of people who dwell at the Old English Village do not pay anywhere near what the taxes are for Greece Residents. Plus it's subsidized housing!!!!

Anonymous said...

The schools are defective because we have way too many people using the system and not paying a penny for it. English Village and all those other low income housing people who send their kids to Greece Schools on tax payer dollars.

Anonymous said...

But they perform in sports so its all worth it.