Sunday, July 05, 2009

GPD Reports Increase In Larcenies From Cars

W Ridge Rd & North Greece Areas See "A Significant Increase" Of Thefts From Vehicles In Last Two Weeks

"The theft of property vehicles is a crime of opportunity. We want to remind residents to lock their vehicles and to keep items of value — like a GPS unit — out of sight, even if you are leaving your locked car for several minutes." ~~ Lt. Chatterton, GPD


SCATS ~~ I'm sure it's unrelated to the end of the school year ;) Besides, GPD's message is that it's YOUR fault for not locking your car, since it's OK for kids in Greece to engage in such activities.


Anonymous said...

Parenting in the Town of Greece is a lost art anyway.

Anonymous said...

With that attitude we might as well save some money and disband the PD altogether. Let the crooks take control. I almost forgot! They already have!!