Sunday, July 26, 2009

GPD Gets "Best Practices" Certification

Five local agencies get recognition for monitoring, communications related to sex offenders



Anonymous said...

I don't what "best practices" really means. I think its just another double talk word used by mangement consultants.

Anonymous said...

That's just great. Day one we get a conviction on Gary Pignato, convicted and described by the judge as being a "sexual predator with a badge" and the next day they get an award for controlling creeps like him.

Anyone else see the oddness in this?

Anonymous said...

It's a clear example of "best practices"

Anonymous said...

1:35- it's kind of like the fox watching the henhouse, isn't it?
From comments I've seen posted on media web sites, it sounds like lots of Greece cops handed out their "business cards" to the women they pulled over. That struck me as really strange behavior. What purpose could it serve? What's the message in it? "Personal" safety?

Anonymous said...

I'm positive that Auberger is behind this. Anyone want to bet that the guy who awards these best practices isn't a republican crony?

I bet Smallberger hired one of this guys relatives!

SCATS said...

To 11:04AM ~~ WHAT is your point?