Thursday, July 16, 2009

Does ANYONE Buy The DEC's Explanation?

DEC: Bear did not die from fall, but from a multiple choice list of possibilities

1 - They believe the bear might have gone into shock from blood lost at the site of the dart injection.
2 - DEC officials point to positional asphyxia as another possible cause of death.
3 - They said the bear might have gone into heart failure.

Necropsy report (Sounds like the bear had an STD!)

SCATS ~~ I say "POPPYCOCK!!" And judging from comments left on numerous other BLOGS and media sites, just about everyone else is saying "POPPYCOCK!!" too.


Anonymous said...

Haert failure, NO S#!t. That always happens with death. Brilliant necropsy, who did they have do it, the butcher who carved up the bearmeat for the BBQ?

Once again the NYS Possum Police prove their high value. Now they can return to their vital function of enforcing bottle & can return laws and napping in the parks.

Anonymous said...

They are now saying the Dart hit an artery. Wow those DEC workers really know how to hit a target.

SCATS said...

To 3:33PM ~~ "Now"? Are they changing the story? Where?

Anonymous said...

They have given multiple answers to explain the incident. Why not? It works for Auberger, it can work for the DEC. What's a few raped women, injured pregnant women and dead bears between friends?

Anonymous said...

Where'a Al Sharpton?
That bear wouldn't have been shot if he was a white bear, or even a Panda. Poor bear was shot just cause he was a Black Bear in Rochester. What next, Greece Cops coming after the Black Bears in Greece? Will an ADA who's name rhymes with Pinocchio be offended by that?

Will Mike Green conduct an investigation? Was the bear a known drug dealer? Was he breaking into houses?