Friday, July 31, 2009

Supervisor & Town Board's Hiring Practices Questioned

Methods used to hire cops needs revamping in light of ongoing investigation


Thursday, July 30, 2009

GCE CANCELS Chicken BBQ @Barnard Tonight

I wonder who will get credit (blame) for this? (innocent look)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Roderick Scott's Trial Date Set For Nov. 30th

Parrinello claims there is no conflict of interest in representing both Scott & Rahn (story)

Texas case has striking similarities

We're 3+ Months Into Greece PD's Internal Investigation

Where doe$ it all $tand?

How much ha$ it co$t?

Why do we $till need 8 inve$tigator$?

I$ the end in $ight yet?

When will hearing$ be held for Mackin, Ball & Rahn?

Where will tho$e hearing$ be held?

Do we have enough officer$ on the force now?

Why no update$, Mr. Auberger?

Why Did GCSD Give Yolanda Hill A Plea Deal?

She Stole $28,000 In Services, A Larceny
But GCSD Let Her Off With a Misdeamenor That Let's Her Serve Probation With No Restitution

BOE Prez Tydings ~~ “We’re glad that it’s done and we’re sorry it actually had to come to this."


SCATS ~~ Why are "we" glad it's done? Sorry it came to what?? Is he apologizing for the fact we spent thousands of dollars to get her 5 kids out of Greece where the rest of us supported them and then decided it was wrong to make her accountable? Does this mean we won't pursue future thefts?

Making Sense (or not) of BOE Business ...

I found the following items of interest while searching through past BOE Meeting minutes ~~

From the BOE minutes of 6/9/09:
Louis Alaimo received a change in job title from School Business Administrator (Dept of Finance & Support Services) where he made $105,793.00 to Asst Supt of Finance & Support Services (Dept of Finance & Support Services) with a pay raise to $132,000.00.

SCATS ~~ That's a whopping $26,207 per year increase!! How is this justifiable??

From the BOE minutes of 6/23/09:
Engagement of Attorney Motion: That the BOE appoints David Rothenberg as Special Council to the District effective April 28, 2009.
Moved: Second: Adopted 9-0

SCATS ~~ Let me get this straight. We hired this fellow on April 28th, but approved the hiring on June 23rd? There's a word for that: ILLEGAL!!! Only the Greece BOE could hire an attorney illegally! And to show how bad this really is, the BOE held a Special Meeting on April 28th where they could have approved this and made it legal. Why didn't they? Probably because it was NOT on their agenda! So when did they discuss hiring this person? The minutes of the April 28th meeting doesn't show an Exec. Session so ...??

From the BOE Minutes of 5/12/09:

Substitute Bus DriverTransportation $20.54

Tutor $19.00 06/26/09 Districtwide

SCATS ~~ We pay a substitute bus driver MORE than a tutor?? If that doesn't tell us where our priorities lie ...

From the BOE minutes of 4/7/09:

Resolved: That 16 donations made to the Greece Central School District totaling $ 56,960.13 be approved.

and later that same meeting ...

Second Read Policy 5220 Sale and Disposal of School District Property (which allows us to sell anything deemed unneeded)

SCATS ~~ The BOE has no clue what was donated to the district! And they have no clue whether it was ever useful, or whether GCSD turned around and sold it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tell Me It Ain't So!!!!

Found on Craigslist ~~

Stone rd prostitute (greece)
Has anyone noticed the hooker -skinny 30ish white girl w/ long dark hair always in heels and the same short skirt-? She walks between west ridge road and mt read, we have watched her pick up "johns" right in front of our home @ 3am and other odd times. They seem to have moved from Lylle to greece.

SCATS ~~ Maybe this explains the reason behind the TV ad I saw with the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis & Rotary leaders hawking Greece as a "great place to live, work and raise a family" last night.

NY Schools Spend Most In Nation

Of All States, New York’s Schools Spend Most Money Per Pupil
By Catherine Rampell

New York State’s public schools spent $15,981 a pupil in 2007. That’s more than any other state or state equivalent, according to data released today by the Census Bureau.

On average, each American state spent $9,666 a pupil in 2007, a 5.8 percent increase over 2006, the report said.

After New York, the areas that spent the most per pupil were New Jersey ($15,691) and the District of Columbia ($14,324). States spending the least per pupil were Utah ($5,683), Idaho ($6,625) and Tennessee ($7,113).


Monday, July 27, 2009

No Crime in Greece For The Past Week!

D&C Posts No "Police Reports" For Greece

To The Other Towns ~~ Nah, nah, na-nah, nah!


GCE* Holding Chicken Dinner @Barnard School

Come "Pig Out" On Carbs!
(Chicken, Mac Salad, Salt Potatoes, Roll & Butter)

Then Buy A Gym Membership Inside To Work It Off!

Thursday 4:30-7:30

* Benefits Greece Community Education Scholarship Foundation


Sunday, July 26, 2009

GCSD Wants Input On District Vision Statement

Residents' comments sought on draft vision statement
Two "Community Vision Forums" Planned

Olympia High School Library
1130 Maiden Lane
September 24 ~~ 6:30 p.m.

Pine Brook Elementary School Library
2300 English Road
October 1 ~~ 6:30 p.m

SCATS ~~ Is this a worthwhile endeavor or a waste of time & resources?

"Graduation is the goal"

GPD Gets "Best Practices" Certification

Five local agencies get recognition for monitoring, communications related to sex offenders


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yolanda Hill Gets Probation For Theft Of School Services

GCSD Not Seeking Restitution

"School officials could not be reached Friday afternoon to clarify whether Miranda's children were still enrolled in Greece."


SCATS ~~ I won't be surprised at all to find her kids back in Greece Schools in the Fall. It appears GCSD has let her off-the-hook financially. This means we spent $$$$ investigating, arresting and having her prosecuted ... to what end? What is happening to the 20 odd other cases that were reportedly under investigation at the time Hill was arrested last Feb.? Where do they stand?

Friday, July 24, 2009

We'll Test Your Grasp Of The Rules ...

On Friday afternoon, on one of the threads I asked if anyone could tell me the connection between Jerry Helfer and Cincinnatus at MonroeRising. I didn't receive much of a response. Here is what I thought I might hear about (until it gets removed):
The Helfer/Cincinnatus Connection

I'm wondering why someone of Jerry Helfer's caliber would allow himself to become a "friend" of a fictitious person associated with such vitriole. Anyone?

Why I Loathe Party Politics ... And How I'm Going To Handle It


It's election year in our scandal-ridden 'burb (backroom meetings, a jailed assessor, a corrupt police dept. and a one-party town govt. that is taking blame for it all). Bad news seems to be a daily reality in Greece these days. While most elections bring up some heated exchanges, the months leading up to November 2009 are looking to be more contentious than most. The Democrats want to "sweep" away the problems by winning seats (I hope they don't sweep anything under the carpet ~ GCSD has already filled that space!). The Republicans appear to be ignoring the issues and favoring personal attacks to deflect their involvement (a very dysfunctional response). The internal investigation into GPD isn't going to address all the things people have on their minds or want fixed, and so far, discussion seems to be a dirty word to the party in charge.

Given this backdrop, finger-pointing, name-calling, mud-slinging and generally disrespectful behavior is already a common occurence. People are calling each other "Democrat" or "Republican" or "liar" just like little kids on a school bus call each other "retarded." If it weren't so immature and irresponsible given the seriousness of what we're facing (Auberger's characterization), it might be amusing. Sadly, it's not. Worse yet, it accomplishes

I'm not going to back away from debating some of the hot-button issues on here, because I'd like Greece to be known as something more than the "Dysfunction Junction" it's become. Changing the status quo is required. It's a dirty job, but I'm convinced it MUST be done. To do it will likely require putting some fresh faces into office to bring a measure of balance to a one-party system that has failed us in numerous ways. To me, it's NOT ABOUT YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION. It's about WHAT YOU PLAN TO DO DIFFERENTLY. I suggest you folks try to remember that when you write your comments.

To that end, discussion of hot issues is encouraged, BUT for the most part, there is seldom a need to bring up party affiliations, union affiliation, personal appearance/characteristics, attacks on family members of those running for office, attacks on me while I'm trying to moderate this foodfight, etc. I think most of you know what is in good taste and what isn't. When in doubt, I suggest you leave it out.

I will delete some comments, if needed. I will edit some others. I will use Comment Moderation as I see fit. I will sometimes end a thread if it seems to be going nowhere that's productive (my call). I will "reject" comments that are unfit to post. Will it seem subjective at times? Possibly. But I'll do my best. If you do yours, it won't be an issue ;)

Project Sunlight To Be Integrated Into State Curriculum

State Attorney General's Office Offering Teacher Workshops

Fall professional development workshop planned for Greece teachers

“It’s timely and relevant for our kids. It’s important for life learning." ~~ Jennifer Solomon, Social Studies curriculum coordinator (Project Sunlight)


SCATS ~~ I support teaching kids about Open Govt :) Could we get BOE members & the Greece Town Board to learn about this concept, too?

When Did GCSD Start Running A Membership Gym Club?

"Barnard Fitness Facility" offers "reasonable rates"

Whose idea was this?
Who is in charge?
Where does the money collected go?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Auberger Presents “Little Guy, Big Guy” Storytime

Tonight -- Greece Public Library, 2 Vince Tofany Blvd., 6:30-7:30PM
Little guys, ages 5-9, may take their favorite big guy for a fun hour of stories, jokes and crafts, sponsored by the Friends of the Greece Public Library. To register, call 225-8951

SCATS ~~ I was going to go but then I found out it had nothing to do with the "stories" about how he runs Greece. Honestly, I couldn't fabricate anything fictional that would be as good as what we're going through this year.

By the way, I wonder who is responsible for this fire call: "Vince Tofany Boulevard, alarm system activated, twice, no fire" Did they catch the perpetrator? If not, why not? If so, what happened to him/her?

Roderick Scott Due In Court Friday

Lawyer John Parrinello filed court papers earlier this month seeking to have the manslaughter charge dropped, arguing Scott acted in self-defense.


Got A Headache? Three More Pharmacies Coming Soon

Town gives final approval for two new Walgreens Stores
A third store is in the planning stage


SCATS ~~ Just what we need ~~ More drugstores to treat the side effects of all our scandals ;) Please pass the aspirin, Tums, Ben-Gay ...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Law Firm For Greece Seeks Parrinello Interview Tapes

News10NBC receives letter from Binghamton law firm, Coughlin and Gerhart
They represent the town of Greece in labor issues

SCATS ~~ I wonder who will win the Auberger vs Rahn/Parrinello smackdown ... anyone up to placing a bet? I think I'll go with Rahn. He won last time.

Sgt. Ball Suspended WITHOUT Pay

Disciplinary charges pending


SCATS ~~ Rumor has it that Ball will be "blamed" for Nick Joseph's hiring (falsifying documents?)

Auberger's Response To Seeing Himself In the Mirror:

"I don't think they realize the fact that running a government is very serious business and I think we take it serious. I think that the residents in the Town of Greece will see through their shenanigans."~~ John Auberger, after seeing his reflection

“We saw another closed door meeting, there's an appointee we have no information on, no knowledge of, but he's on a pre-approved agenda, making motions, approving motions, before he was even sworn in.” ~~ Dan Maloney, Dem. Supervisor candidate


“I’m going to shine the mirror of accountability and responsibility on our local Town Board.” ~~ Brian Caterino, Educable

“I appear before you to protest ongoing blame-game that is being played out in town ... Now it’s political damage-control time.” ~~ Joe Moscato, Dem. Town Board candidate


My personal favorite media response to all of this is the D&C Greece BLOG today, titled Poker Face Shenanigans At Town Hall
Great job, RJ!!

SCATS ~~ Yes, John. It may be a "political stunt" (just like your yellow shirt-wearing supporters in the audience) but unlike many Town Board actions, it was executed in public :) Isn't yellow the color of ...? I'm sure you know.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Convicted Rapist Questioned BY DA's Office

James Comfort Visited By Investigators;
Questioned About Rahn & Parrinello
(Sgt. Trowbridge Led Comfort Investigation in 2003)

RNews Video

Town Board Making Appointments Tonight

The appointment of Kirk Morris to the position of Fourth Ward Councilman to complete the term of Rick Antelli. (I wonder how many items the agenda will attribute to him to move or second since he won't be sworn in yet?? )

Authorization to enter into a lease agreement with Marie Riley for a portion of the property abutting 1080 Edgemere Drive. (Any relation to the Donald??)

Appointment of Kenneth Bowser to the position of Police Officer, effective August 10, 2009, pending approval by the Monroe County Civil Service Commission.

Appointment of Murry Solomon as Hearing Officer to conduct the hearing on the Charges and Specifications issued against Police Chief Merritt Rahn.

Appointment of John Corcoran as Hearing Officer to conduct the hearing on the Charges and Specifications issued against Deputy Chief of Police William Mackin.

SCATS ~~ Obviously, Kirk Morris' appointment was pre-planned and even pre-announced as can be seen in the May 15th story on MPNNow where it states: "In addition to Auberger, the Republican slate will include incumbents Shannon O’Keefe (1st Ward Council) and Bob Bilsky (2nd Ward Council); as well as newcomers Andrew Conlon (3rd Ward Council) and Kirk Morris (4th Ward Council)."


The "Man in the Mirror"

Greece Town Board Meeting
Tuesday July 21 at 6PM
Town Hall ~~ 1 Vince Toffany Blvd

Bring a small mirror (like the kind from the Dollar Store) to flash towards John Auberger. Let's show him who is responsible for hiring Gary Pignato & Nick Joseph, who runs the Greece Police Dept. and where the "buck" stops in the Town of Greece! Feel free to get up during the public forum and ask him to take a peek into the "looking glass" for himself while you recite:

"Mirror, mirror in my hand ... Show me who is in command ..."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rahn Withdraws Filing For Retirement

Wants Auberger & Town Board To Testify In Public Hearing
Rahn is “mad as hell.”
Wants job back

UPDATE (6PM ) ~~ WHEC reports that "Parrinello confirms that he was contacted today by investigators with the district attorney's office." Apparently, they are quite interested in the meeting between Parrinello & Auberger.

Diversity Issues Keep Popping Up In Greece Schools

Lawsuits, discipline issues, lack of diversity in workforce continue to plague GCSD

Parent Pauline McCleary calls GCSD "the most difficult school district I’ve been in.”

Parents, students & employees feel GCSD needs to do more for minorities, including hiring more diverse workers into administrative and classroom settings.

Less than 2% of 3000 employees in workforce is African-American, but 11% of students are African-American


Vandals Target Greece Schools

Five school windows were broken at Barnard Intermediate School, 71 Maiden Lane, on July 8.

Patrols responding to a break-in alarm discovered five juveniles running from the Longridge Primary School, 190 Longridge Ave., on July 10. Prosecution of the youths is pending.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dem Candidates Want A "Clean Sweep"

"It was Auberger who brought in a couple of bad cops that started this whole ball rolling in the police department. It is from the leadership. The leadership of this town needs to go. That's the only way to clean it up." ~~ Dan Maloney, Greece Dem. for Supervisor

"That is a ridiculous assessment. Obviously, as I mentioned before, you need to have faith in your employees to give you truthful information. To say that is really a political statement by my opponent." ~~ John Auberger, Current Rep. Supervisor


Video (Watch as Auberger trips over his words)

Are We Looking For A New Supt?

Is this the reason Achramovitch hasn't received a raise or any public comment by the BOE regarding his annual review (due in June each year)?

Anonymous said...
To Greece Central Community
Old fashion dirty politics mastered by the master politican Roger Boily has put his golfing buddy Tyings in as BOE Pres and the village xxxxx Smith in as BOE VP. As stated tonight Smith never even attend a single Greece high school graduation as a BOE member. This is in addition to sleeping at BOE meetings and looking at Roger to get the clue as to how to vote.
Smith as VP. Can you see him running a BOE meeting? Can you see him as Pres. of the BOE next year?
New BOE member and Hockey mom drops her friend Julia and teams up with Roger to make it a 5 to 4 for the Boily puppets of Tyings and Smith. It is another new low for Greece Central. While I did not agree with Julia on some items, as a first year BOE Pres. I have grown to respect her ability to bring some peace to the BOE, have students first, to be concerned about low test scores and low graduation rates, to get into the school buildings, while holding down a full-time job and to vote her mind without partisan politics.
It was been reported that Steve A. has submitted letters to leave the district by July 1, 2010 and maybe as soon as January 1, 2010. I am sure this was with Julia's concern to have an instructional superintendent instead of a Boily puppet. Now with Roger back running the district will Steve A can get his much desired contract extension to take him to 55 for his pension.
God help Greece Central again. The district was making progress toward inproving instruction. A new math program and a new superintendent was a good start. Now it is politics as usual.
Thank you Roger Boily.
Doug Skeet
7/14/2009 7:42 PM

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ball: Conducted Nick Joseph Background Work

Sgt. Ball's lawyer claims it wasn't "dummied up" like Pignato's
Says Ball "is getting stigmatized" and is "totally innocent"

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The "Man in the Mirror"

The "Man In The Mirror" Meeting
Tuesday July 21 at 6PM

Greece Town Board Meeting
Town Hall ~~ 1 Vince Toffany Blvd

Bring a small mirror (like the kind from the Dollar Store) to flash towards John Auberger. Let's show him who is responsible for hiring Gary Pignato & Nick Joseph, who runs the Greece Police Dept. and where the "buck" stops in the Town of Greece! Feel free to get up during the public forum and ask him to take a peek into the "looking glass" for himself while you recite:

"Mirror, mirror in my hand ... Show me who is in command ..."

Does ANYONE Buy The DEC's Explanation?

DEC: Bear did not die from fall, but from a multiple choice list of possibilities

1 - They believe the bear might have gone into shock from blood lost at the site of the dart injection.
2 - DEC officials point to positional asphyxia as another possible cause of death.
3 - They said the bear might have gone into heart failure.

Necropsy report (Sounds like the bear had an STD!)

SCATS ~~ I say "POPPYCOCK!!" And judging from comments left on numerous other BLOGS and media sites, just about everyone else is saying "POPPYCOCK!!" too.

DA Looking Into Nick Joseph Hiring

Who did Nick Joseph's background check?

SCATS ~~ Yesterday, Auberger couldn't recall any meeting with Parrinello regarding Pignato's hiring ~~ ~~ "A spokesperson says Auburger has no recollection of them ever meeting, but declined an on-camera interview." However, today's D&C says: "Auberger has acknowledged that he met with Parrinello about Pignato, but said the recommendation was not central to the decision to hire Pignato."


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Parrinello Could Be A Material Witness In GPD Scandal

Claims he met secretly with Auberger & Pignato in 2002 when Auberger hired Pignato

“I'm going to hire you because John Parrinello says I should." ~~ Auberger to Pignato (according to Parrinello)

"Is Supervisor Auberger under investigation as part of this criminal complaint?" ~~ Atty. Larry Kasparek

“I don’t want to start wild speculation. We’re looking for any information we can get.” ~~ DA Mike Green

Parrinello Press Release

WHEC obtains copy of 2002 memo from Chief Rahn regarding Pignato's background check

Rahn ~~ “an inordinate amount of time was spent completing this investigation and tracking down all the rumors that have been floating around about Pignato ... I see no reason why we should not hire him and in fact, I would recommend him for the next opening.”

“Either John Auburger knew what was going on ahead of time and he's part of the corruption, or he didn't and he's ignorant and inept. In either case, he has to go." ~~ Dan Maloney, Supervisor candidate (Dem)

SCATS ~~ I especially liked the part of the video where Maloney suggested he could get to the bottom of the entire GPD investigation for just $1 ... by buying a mirror at the Dollar Store and asking Auberger to look into it! Let's ALL send Auberger a mirror :)

Remarks The Circus Posse Prez Tried To Squelch ...

Frank Oberg's Comments To The BOE 7/14/09:

This marks the start of my fifth year on the board. I can not sit silently after what has transpired here tonight. I am making the following remarks because I have a desire for a better process going forward under our new leadership.

When I first ran for this board, I naively thought that elected board members could and would come together and work for the betterment of education in Greece. How wrong I was.

It is clear to me, and it should be to the community, that the infusion of $15,000 three years ago to win three seats on this "volunteer" board of education has resulted in the fact that big money politics is a factor in determining the educational outcome for our district's kids. It is abundantly clear that politics have been in play these past three years. It is has never been more clearly demonstrated than these past few days. The selection of board officers tonight was not based on merit but was based on all manner of back door deals, intense pressure, whispering, and the outright telling of lies by certain board members who were determined to control the outcome.

It is sickening to me but it is in keeping with the "finest" traditions of Greece power politics. The selection process was about determining who could be controlled, who could be counted on to march to the drumbeat of the "puppet master." It was not about who was best qualified to move our program forward.

Upon my first election to this board four years ago, I and my running mates came to this board with a list of approximately 60 items that we saw as necessary to bring change in this district. Most of that list was accomplished within the first year. Then came the politics! The stated purpose was to put an end to the so called "Majority/Minority way of doing business" and to put a focus on education! In the succeeding years more big money was employed by "special interests" to stack the board with "pliable candidates!" Behind the scenes, there is much "pressure" applied to various board members to get in line, usually to support whatever the superintendent's position is. The fact that it is going on is undeniable!

We now have a board that refuses to develop board goals, refuses to establish or enforce high standards of performance for our administration or for our kids. We have a board that has not bothered to develop a list of items that need to be fixed or worked on. Worse yet, this board has not insisted that our superintendent develop such a list nor require that the status of that list be reported on at periodic intervals. This board permits a system to function that I will label "pinball machine management!" This district bounces from pillar to post on the problems we tackle much like the playing of a pinball machine! This is a board that "lets things happen" as opposed to "making things happen!" As Beatle George Harrison's lyrics indicate, "when you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there!"

This board of education has no comprehensive plan to bring about needed improvements. The "School Improvement Plan" initiative has been running for two years yet this board does not require regular updates on its status or its results. Yet even that plan is not an all encompasssing plan to bring about improvement in this district. A glaring example is the absence of an overall comprehensive capital improvement plan. It was not even on our superintendent's list of goals when this board last set them until I made a point of it. I should acknowlege that such a plan is finally in the development stage. However, a recent study session on this topic revealed that the initial cut at developing a plan did not include any mention of the athletic fields or resources, a glaring omission!

This board rarely makes any attempt to have serious discussion about issues at our meetings. Often, parliamentary tricks such as "tabling motions" or "calling the question" are employed by the "NEW Majority" to limit or avoid discussion particularly if such might touch on sensitive matters that some do not want discussed. Apparently, "majority" is no longer a dirty word in this board's vocabulary when it works to their advantage. This board has also expended district legal funds to have district lawyers attempt to limit the ability of certain board members to introduce motions or discussion topics.

This board does not find it necessary, except when prodded by a lone board member or two, to express the will of the board legally by making and voting on resolutions as the law requires.

I wish to be fair. There are a few results produced over the past couple of years of which I am proud. Expenditure growth and property tax rate increases have been moderated, the board has wisely established some reserve accounts which enhance the financial viability of the district, and we have insisted on establishing labor agreements that help to contain future costs to the district. We have clearly made vast improvements in the openness with which we approach the development of our annual budget. We have positively addressed the findings of the Comptroller's Audit and introduced various improvements. The Special Education program has been improved. There are a few others I haven't mentioned!

I am also cognizant of the improvements in various test scores that have occurred these past two years. This improvement did not come about because of this board but because of the hard work of many, many of our district employees who diligently perform their jobs regardless of what occurs in this boardroom!

I think recognition should be given to the fact that not all of this board's members participate in the underhanded despicable board politics I have previously described. Julia should be given recognition for the fact that she has been trying her best to bring more focus and clarity to the efforts of this board over this past year. That is why I supported her election for another term as president.

Yet, there is much more serious work to be done by this board. We need to stop playing back door, big money politics. We need to get focused on determining and then addressing the significant issues of this community's school district even if those issues are controversial and might grab the front page of the local newspapers.

This morning, board members Julia, Anne Marie, Gale and I attended the first part of the district's annual retreat. We heard a very informative discussion on the district's draft vision by Dr. Euebbing, a vision that has finally come about because of Julia's persistence over a two year period. We also heard a presentation by Peg Portcheller on the "Professional Learning Community." Neither of these presentations made nary a mention of the need for power politics. Rather, both of these education leaders stressed the need for all stakeholders to be working together, the need for continuous improvement, modelling good behaviors, having high expectations, establishing a culture of trust and respect, and demonstrating high ethical behavior! It is a shame that the entire board could not have been there to hear this and then be able to put it all in practice for the good of our kids and community!

We, the members of this board, need to restore a sense of real leadership and direction in this district. It is up to the members of this board to put past practices behind us. It is time for a new beginning! I hope we can begin now!

SCATS ~~ Oddly, Sean McCabe's vitriolic response (Maybe he had a guilty conscience listening to Oberg's comments?) was well-tolerated by Mr. Tydings. Nope! No favoritism there, folks ;)

He Said, He Said, He Said ...

Trowbridge: Rahn told me to do it

Duffy: No One talked to Me

Parrinello: Auberger Pushed it

BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Hoffa's Body Has Been Found Under Greece Police HQ!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Clown Posse has become a Circus Posse

Tydings over VanOrman
Smith over Oberg

Tydings introduced Supt. Achramovitch as Supt. Walts!!! Can you say Freudian slip??

Other highlights ...

The BOE unanimously voted on a resolution to accept the entire GCSD policy book although they immediately broke their own policy by not having Residents' Forum at tonight's meeting.

The BOE voted to end their attempts to pursue termination of Steve Walts' lifetime healthcare.

Final approval on the EXCEL project still hasn't come from The NY State Education Dept.

Tydings didn't like Oberg's comments and attempted to silence him during BOE member comments. Frank stood his ground, but changed his tone. McCabe reacted as though he was specifically named in an attack (he wasn't ~~ guilty conscience maybe?) and was allowed to censure Oberg's remarks, but Oberg wasn't permitted to respond. Instead, Tydings decided no one else would get to comment, aside from himself and Steve.

SCATS ~~ If you want to know what life is like under Communist rule, tune into a BOE meeting this upcoming year and listen to how the Circus Posse shuts out the community's voice & attempts to silence any dissenters within their own ranks. You are advised to hold onto your wallets, since the Circus Posse Prez's spouse works for GCSD. I wonder how fast the stalled contract negotiations will get moving again ... ? Tydings should abstain from voting, negotiating, commenting, etc. since it will be a clear conflict of interest for him to do so.

The BOE seeks the donation of an alarm clock to help its newly elected VP to remain awake during the meeting. All donations will be readily accepted, since this will be no small task.


Turns Himself In To State Police

Charged With Falsifying Pignato's Background Check Document

Claims Rahn Directed Him

Pleads Not Guilty To This Felony

Released With No Bail

Supervisor Auberger asked if this shows any deficiency in his own work. “At the outset of this investigation we said that we would leave no stone unturned and we're doing that right now. it shows that this process does work. We've uncovered this issue, forwarded it to the District Attorney and we're doing all that we can to restore credibility to the police department."

Interview With Trowbridge's Atty

Press Conference With DA Mike Green

The Complaint

Letter Of Duffy's Charges Against Pignato

SCATS ~~ Too bad John hasn't restored credibility to his office and the town board!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Community Invited To Attend Tuesday Meeting ...

... As Long As You Don't Want To Speak, That Is ;)

Board of Education Reorganizational Meeting Tuesday
Community members are invited to attend the Greece Central School District’s annual Reorganizational Meeting on Tuesday, July 14. The session starts at 6:30 p.m. in Room E46 on the third floor of Apollo Middle School, 750 Maiden Lane. A public hearing on the Contract for Excellence is scheduled to start at 6:45 that evening with the Board’s regular business meeting to immediately follow.

SCATS ~~ Why has Residents' Forum been eliminated from this "regular business meeting" when BOE policy clearly states it will be held at each regular monthly meeting? Perhaps they want applause, not input. Or perhaps they don't want to hear comments about their possible under-the-table and backroom deals such as the one alluded to below:

Anonymous said...
Leaking news that a certain BOE member has been secretly meeting with Dick Snyder and he will be appointed interim Super? what a joke. No wonder the GASA contract got pushed through?? Did he sell out his group? 7/13/2009 9:12 PM

Trowbridge Suspended Over Pignato Background Check

According to I-Team 10 sources, Pignato's background check came back to town officials with glowing recommendations - those apparently vouching for his character were his command officers when he was at Rochester police Department and Palmyra’s Police Department. The problem is, some of those references appear to have been made up and Trowbridge never spoke to those people.

For now, Trowbridge is suspended from the department, but we are told that he is likely to be charged criminally within days, for submitting the inaccurate background information.


Resignation submitted to New York State Retirement System

Town of Greece Received Notice Friday

Saturday Was Mackin's Last Day As An Employ

"Mackin’s retirement does not have any affect on his state pension because the current investigation only deals with the benefits, like health insurance, he receives through the town.
Whether Mackin loses the health benefits will not be determined until the completion of a disciplinary hearing, which has not been scheduled yet." ~~

SCATS ~~ Seems like it's time we start hiring some replacements for all the positions lost during the scandals. Time to call Maggie, right John?

Police Shoot & Kill Bear In Amherst




Tia Gerstner FINALLY Faces Consequences

Judge imposes 10PM curfew & eliminates driving 3.5 months AFTER fatal DWI accident kills classmate

“Prior to this incident, we have a young woman who was drinking underage, smoking marijuana. Those are all things that are obviously she should not have been doing that day and I just want to make sure that she continues on the straight and narrow while she's before the court.” ~~ ADA Perry Duckles


SCATS ~~ Personally, I'm outraged and disgusted by the fact it appears that this teen was permitted to: finish school; attend graduation; attend all the parties; and live her uninterrupted life. WHY IS THE DA FOOT-DRAGGING FOR THIS KID?

More News Police Reports "Forgot" To Mention ...

Family cat slain in Greece

Open letter to the cowardly individual(s) who shot our cat:
Did you know the property you were on is private, not public land?
Did you know that the pregnant cat you shot for fun was our family pet, Peanut?
I am pretty sure it is illegal to discharge fire arms anywhere on Kirk Road.
My teenage daughter was looking forward to the birth of a bunch of fuzzy, cute little kittens. You broke her heart.
Does killing a family's pet make you feel better about yourself?
I hope your behavior gets you caught someday and you go to jail.
If I catch you on my landlord's property, you will go to jail.

SCATS ~~ Now we have to worry about Fluffy & Spot in addition to our cars!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is Our Give-A-Damn Broken?

Or Are Greece Residents Just Sheeple, Willing To Jump Off The Cliff As We Silently Follow The One In Front Of Us?

From editorial mentions to blogger comments to friends who ask in passing, why are Greece residents so silent about the constant turmoil that plagues our town? If an eastside community had the problems that plague our police department, town government and school district, hundreds would turn out for the next meeting demanding immediate action. Why don't we?

Low Test Scores
Bloated Budgets
Theft of Services
Wasted Money
Backroom Meetings
Political Posturing
Property Tax Scams
Under-Performing Schools
Contract Negotiation Stalemates ...

If you are sick and tired of all of the above, look in the mirror.

YOU ARE TO BLAME. What are you going to do about it?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who Will Make Sure Arcadia Garage Sale Complies With Law?

Garage sale items needed at Greece Arcadia (Today's D&C)
Items can be donated from 9 to 11 a.m. Wednesday, July 15, and in the same timeframe Monday, July 20, through Wednesday, July 22, at Greece Arcadia Middle School, 130 Island Cottage Road. The sale will be held from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Aug. 5 and 6 at Arcadia.

Garage sale sellers should know their inventory (D&C July 3)
The federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act applies to you.
The law, passed last year and tweaked earlier this year, mainly applies to children's products.
It prohibits the manufacture and resale of a variety of unsafe goods, including those deemed to have a too-high lead content and any items that have been recalled.
Knowing what has been banned can be confusing, but the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which enforces the law, said merchants can check its Web site to find out.
Most of the law's attention has focused on manufacturers, chain stores and other distributors, including consignment shops and online merchants...
The resale law prohibits the manufacture and sale of children's products containing more than 600 parts per million of lead, and also bans three types of phthalates — chemicals used to make certain vinyl and other products soft and flexible.

SCATS ~~ The sale's organizers better be sure to check the CPSC website for the info they need to make this sale safe.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sgt. Trowbridge Suspended With Pay ($82,000/yr)

23 Year Veteran of GPD Is 4th Suspended Since Monday In Ongoing Internal Investigation

Loszynski may present formal charges to him later today



SCATS ~~ Things must be really bad for "I am him" to wait until Friday to let us know about actions taken on Monday. I guess they figured they could avoid the press for the weekend ;)

No Residents' Forum** Listed On Agenda For Reorganizational Meeting

** From BOE Policy #3220 ~~ "The Board of Education recognizes the importance of maintaining an open dialogue with the community by assigning an agenda item for public comment at each regular business meeting. "

07/14/2009 Re-Organizational Meeting @ 6:30PM

Public Hearing ~~ Contract for Excellence 7:00PM

Oaths of Office
Election of Officers (Will they mud wrestle to see who gets to be Clown Posse Prez & VP for this year?)
Signing of Board Member Code of Ethics (Do they do this just for laughs?)

(WHERE is Residents' Forum? I guess they don't they want anyone talking about the Supt's future plans ;)

Supt's Report
EXCEL Project Update
State Assessment Results

New Business
No Items (Seriously!?)

Old Business
Former Supt's Health Care (Will they ever deal with this?)

Second Read Policy 8272 District Web Site and Web Pages

Second Read Policy 5632 Facility Design and Construction
First Read Policy 7421 Athletics
First Read Policy 7410 Extra Curricular Activities

SCATS ~~ Don't let the absence of any mention of the Supt's situation fool you. It can ALWAYS be added to the agenda later ;)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Jane Doe 2 Speaks About Pignato Case

“He was arrogant and cocky and not considering me or any of the other women. It made me sick and angry.” ~~ Jane Doe 2


Partnership To Improve Principal's Skills To Improve Schools

Rochester Leadership Academy follows national trend towards stronger schools

“Highly effective schools have a very effective principal who is focused on the school’s educational outcomes.” ~~ Dr. Lee Bolman, a nationally acclaimed expert on school leadership


SCATS ~~ Does Greece participate in any similar program/s?

County Sets Up Whistle Blower Hotline

County employees can report suspected cases of unethical or illegal behavior on the part of any County official or employee by calling:


SCATS ~~ GCSD & Monroe County have Whistle Blower Hotlines. It's time for the Town of Greece and GPD to join the trend.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pignato Sentenced To 2 - 6 Years In State Prison

"My recent public notoriety has been the most embarrassing degrading and humiliating experience for me and all my family." ~~ Gary Pignato


Parinello: Greece Town Board Acted Unlawfully

RNews reports:

The lawyer representing suspended Police Chief Merritt Rahn said the actions taken by the town board against his client were illegal.
John Parrinello said the board acted unlawfully when voting to charge Rahn with wrongdoing because the meeting it held was not properly advertised.

Parrinello also claims town board members were ordered by Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger to vote for the charges and the vote was not a free exercise of each member's voting authority.
Rahn was suspended without pay after an internal investigation lead by retired State Police Investigator Joseph Loszynski found more than 40 allegations of wrongdoing against Rahn. Greece Director of Constituent Services, Kathryn Firkins, would not comment except to say, "We are confident of the appropriateness of the process.”

SCATS ~~ The SAME laws apply to BOE meetings!

A VERY Good Question ...

Anonymous said...
I wonder why the story of three "upstanding" youths jumping and beating the crap (lost at least 3 teeth) out of an unsuspecting peer on his bike in Wood Run hasn't hit the papers. I'm told the large gash down the outnumberd youth's face was left by a Greece Lightning ring worn by at least one of the upstanding children. You see, Steve II was wrong about Coach Webb, he's doing a wonderful job with his team! 7/07/2009 11:12 PM

Anonymous said...
Maybe Julia can bring those fine boys to her faith comittee meeting since she was the one that brought back that stellar coach of the year. 7/07/2009 11:24 PM

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Achramovitch: A Lame Duck Facing A Split BOE?

Anonymous said...
What should be even more important to Greece residents (because he was claimed to be a great union negotiator) is the rumor coming out of the third floor that says two weeks ago Achramovitch told his cabinet that he would be leaving as soon as he finds another position. He told them that the board asked him to leave and he would not receive a new contract after June 30 2010 when his current contract expires.

If this is true, and I believe it, why is the board hiding this fact from the public. This once again smacks of closed door, back room shenanigans by a board claiming transparency and accountability. Only in this district does this kind of intrigue and secret gamesmanship take place.

Instinct tells me that Boily is responsible for the secrecy concerning his good buddy, Steve. Look for Roger the dodger to try a rescue attempt by engineering a coup that will give us another three years of the inept Steve who masquerades as a legitimate educator. My instinct so far has never failed me. Wait and see! 7/07/2009 9:35 AM

Anonymous said...
9:35 may be right! Another possible scenario that would save Steve would be if the vote were 5 for retaining Steve and 4 against. You have to ask why would anyone with any pride and integrity take a job knowing that four of his employers are opposed to him and his total failures during the past three years. The answer is that he does not have any pride or integrity and desperately needs the $210,000 job for the next three years, a job that has proven to be way over his head. 7/07/2009 10:22 AM

SCATS ~~ Oh, so is this WHY the BOE failed to evaluate him in June (two years in a row!) like they are supposed to do?

Camarata Gets 2 Yrs In Kodak Kickback Scheme

To Repay $10 Million Restitution

"Your cooperation with the government was immediate and complete. Without your testimony, I think the verdict might have been much more difficult for the government to accomplish ... your help was the linchpin for the government's case." ~~ U.S. District Judge David G. Larimer


SCATS ~~ We need to think about building a separate prison to house all the "bad apples" that use and abuse Greece and its residents. Maybe we could call it "The House That Jack Built" ...

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave!

Former Greece Town Board Member Rick Antelli Is Newest Addition To Monroe County Legislature

Replaces Doug Dobson

"It's just a way to manipulate the system." ~~ Joe Morelle


SCATS ~~ What the heck difference will one more Republican appointee make? It's not like this will cause any trouble, right?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Rochester Tops Forbes' List For Biggest Pay Cuts

Top Ten Cities For Pay-Cuts

SCATS ~~ This should help us settle our union contracts, right?

Where Oh Where Did WeatherBug Go?

What happened to the Weather Bug Station that was located at Parkland Elementary School? It's disappeared from the list of WeatherBug locations :(


Stolen from vehicles: Police received reports of items stolen from vehicles between June 25 and 29. Stolen items included GPS units, stereos, cash, keys to the Greece Central School District offices, a gym bag, a sideview mirror and rims. The vehicles were parked on West Ridge Road, Flynn Road, Greece Ridge Center, East Manitou Road, Stone Road, Elm Ridge Center, McGuire Road, Dewey Avenue, Orchard Creek Lane, Mt. Read Boulevard, Bennington Drive, Arlidge Drive and Post Avenue.


SCATS ~~ The employee who left their car unlocked with these keys in it should reimburse GCSD to replace the locks! I wonder whether or not GCSD is having the locks changed to prevent theft of computers, printers and other high tech electronics or to keep records safe and private.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

GPD Reports Increase In Larcenies From Cars

W Ridge Rd & North Greece Areas See "A Significant Increase" Of Thefts From Vehicles In Last Two Weeks

"The theft of property vehicles is a crime of opportunity. We want to remind residents to lock their vehicles and to keep items of value — like a GPS unit — out of sight, even if you are leaving your locked car for several minutes." ~~ Lt. Chatterton, GPD


SCATS ~~ I'm sure it's unrelated to the end of the school year ;) Besides, GPD's message is that it's YOUR fault for not locking your car, since it's OK for kids in Greece to engage in such activities.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Marone Repaired Breakwall To Greece Home

Richard Bianchi, a member of the Monroe County Conservative Party's exec. committee, claims to be friend of Marone

"He is my friend. It was on a lunch hour. He was there 15 minutes with one or two others. I bought them lunch." ~~ Bianchi


Thursday, July 02, 2009

If "Student Learning" Isn't The Goal ...

... Then tell us, what is?

Our district needs a new mission statement.

<~~~~ Vote on our choices
Suggest something ...
... PLEASE!!!

Attention Grabbers ...

Parrinello Expects Rahn Hearing "Around October"

A hearing officer will be appointed to preside;
Then give recommendations to Greece Town Board



Who Pays 7 Month Hospital Bill?

Scott Burke, 37, of Greece was discharged from Strong Memorial Hospital seven months after being shot by a police officer, according to a hospital spokeswoman. Burke was moved to the jail, where he is being held without bail, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Burke is accused of threatening to kill his wife during a domestic dispute in the couple's home on Nov. 21, 2008.



Gannett Cutting 1400 Jobs

VP of Marketing Jim Fogler at the D&C confirmed the action will impact Rochester employees, but says he won't discuss the impact until the layoffs are implemented.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Will Hockey Mom's Vote Decide BOE Leadership?

VanOrman vs Tydings

Both Want To Be BOE Prez

Stenglein Likely Holds Tie-breaking Vote

Press Conference: Maggie Ends Rob-U-Trad Contract

Defends Republicans in Legislature (Majority Caucus)

Emphasizes "Keeping The Politics Separate From Govt"

Says they may create a new way to accomplish cost savings to taxpayers on future projects


SCATS ~~ Rob-U-Trad = Rob-You-Trades?

Parrinello Snubs A-PAC**

Wants Rahn Hearings At Blue Cross Arena

"We'd invite all the Greece residents to come in and witness what their $100,000 has amounted to — no more than a petty political prosecution ... We want (Town Supervisor John) Auberger on the stand ... we want Loszynski on the stand." ~~ John Parrinello, Rahn's atty.


** Just kidding!