Thursday, June 11, 2009

Westside Towns Switching Public Access To Cable

Already approved in Gates, Chili;
Greece expected to switch at June 16th Town Board meeting

"Pulling the plug on independent television reeks of desperation. It's a last-minute move and purely political." ~~ Brian Caterino, Edu-Cable



Anonymous said...

Brian Caterino again:

Just to put the point on the obvious here: When Ralph Espostio claims that he just figured out that Time Warner would provide service for free he seems to be disingenuous.

He had a meeting with Time Warner management about a year ago to discuss this. He even stated he was going to meet them at a town board meeting about a year ago. It was after this meeting that the bids for facilties came out. He wanted Time Warner to provide a studio they told him they would only do the bare minimum. At least that's what Time Warner officials told me.

After the bids came out Espostio was effusive about several of them.
Documents I've shown here seem to indicate the towns anxious to get a full access service channel going.

Perhaps Esposito is having Reagan moments. Is Ralph Espostio the no brainer here? .

Meaghan could have done more research. Further to frame the issue (in the what is at stake sidebar) as strictly monetary does a disservice to the issue. Quality service free speech rights and much more is at stake.

Anonymous said...

That's right. The commercial stations are not free. Advertising and franchise fees pay for those.
Does the school district have to go along with the town of Greece on this? Can Brian still videotape the meetings and put them on a website so we can watch? Could this be paid for by advertising? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Brian- asking the news reporter to do research is an excersize in futility. It won't happen.

1:38 - putting it on the internet might make it so everyone has to pay once Time Warner gets their way on internet usage fees. Regardless that, Brian still should get paid for his work.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Educable doesn't tape the School Board meetings. All Educable does is air them as well as the graduation tapes after they are provided with them.

Anonymous said...

Do people that have no cable or dish get to see that educable channel?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Educable, I watched last night at 8:00 p.m. to see what Dan Maloney was all about.

Wow! Iwas most favorably impressed. He is articulate, knows the problems in Greece (who doesn't) and has a plan to fix them, especially the problems with the Police Department and the hiring practices of John Auberger.

I would dearly love to see the two of them go head to head. It would be no contest, Maloney is ten times more intelligent than Auberger and it's plain that he will never need a Firkins to speak for him. He is more than capable in that area.

I will be watching this race closely because for the first time, I believe we have someone who would make a fine Supervisor and I am a Republican!

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for this guy making his living off union superiority 3;05 I also would want to know more.

However the way this man's union has fleeced the taxpayers of this country = sorry.

Anonymous said...

Public Cable Access is the people's station. The town of Greece has refused requests for public hearings for over 2 and a half years. It just shows that lack of democracy in Greece, giving the people's station to a corporation. The whole idea is to have any form of dissent stifled.

People can be sheep or fight for what is right. Come out to the Greece Town Board meeting on Tuesday and speak truth to power.

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

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Anonymous said...
To 3:34 - you mean that you would rather have that xxxxxx Auberger as supervisor, hiring xxxx from other areas just because Parinello asked him, the same with the Nick Joseph affair, he's a political xxxx with no brains and no guts. He hides behind Firkins and only appears or speaks at senior citizen affairs, tree plantings and he's always in the background picture anytime Maggie has something idiotic to say.

I would much rather have someone with brains any day, at least someone with the wherewithall to think on his feet and deal with problems. This guy also seems to have some integrity which is rare these days, especially in Greece. It's been almost two weeks now with no major scandal.

His union background has nothing to do with his candidacy for Supervisor. That's like saying Auberger who worked at Kodak is responsible for the demise of Kodak.

6/11/2009 7:51 PM

Anonymous said...

Bye bye "Dr." Catterino! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy here we go again. Another opportunity for a retired PoPo man to sell the Town another brilliant video system that doesn't work. Gee, if we're real lucky they will get a new edition of the Official Book of Excuses too.

We meant to broadcast that meeting but the man who was supposed to turn the camera on didn't know how, and the janitor couldn't be found.

Nobody remembered to put a new tape in the recorder.

We relied on the representations of experts we hired to tell us what was needed and unfortunately the experts failed to understand our requirements.

Stupidvisor HairBurger inadvertantly sat his breifcase on the switch under the dias that shuts the recorder off when necessary for confidential discussions.

The bracket that holds the camera failed.

We rely on the brilliant students from GCSD's secret TV studio to act as camerapeople, and nobody advised the Board no camera operator was available due to STD testing.

in keeping with the Nobody knows nothing era from the DPW loosing half of the sewer inspection camera system,
Nobody saw nobody take any camera.

Anybody want to chip in on a case of ExLax for all these politicians? I have a hunch they are all suffering from fecal backup syndrome.