Monday, June 22, 2009

Sheriff Candidate Dan Greene To Appear On Cable Ch.12

Wednesday night at 8PM


Anonymous said...

Let's hope the satellite dish get's fixed by then! lol Of course, in a few weeks he'll just need that dish to pick up HBO.

Anonymous said...

Greene has a fighting chance, given the Republican scandals in Monroe County. It's too bad that changing a single letter in his name, spells "Greece." Poor sucker.

Anonymous said...

Look carefully at Candidate Greene as opposed to continuing with the present Sheriff who is abusing his office. Unless Greene comes across as a complete bumbling idiot I'll be voting for him.

OFlounder does NOT work and play well with others in his official duties. He forgets he had to pay name pols to campaign for him last time around.

Anonymous said...

Dan Greene is an incredibly smart and decent person who is well spoken and knows the issues and problems in the Sheriff's Department. He IS the man for the top job.

This is the time to take politics out of this particular election. Forget what "party" you are enrolled in. Vote for Dan Greene because he IS the right man for the job for Monroe County Sheriff! He will put people before politics.

Anonymous said...

"This is the time to take politics out of this particular election."

Let's be clear and be real people when using campaign rhetoric. Elections are politics. Greene will attack O'Flynn and vice versa.

Pro/Anti comments here for Greene and Pro/Anti comments here for O'Flynn are purely political from the respective parties.

The average voters who may visit here shouldn't be treated like they're stupid.

12:38's comment is a prime example. An accusation of abuse with no proof. Classic.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It's always nice to see the well thought out intelligent comments here. Very persuasive writing abilities 1:03. I'm sure your side is very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know SCATS, 1:03's comment didn't seem to have much to do with the topic. It wasn't name calling but maybe could be construed as bullying if you look at it hard enough.

Whaddaya say? Do you consider taking it down?

Nawwww, I agree. It does sound like it's one of the Greece Democrats and we both know they get some wiggle room. You can do that "now, now this is a warning" thingy that lets it slide but intimates you actually have some concern.

Can we all get some clarification SCATS. As long as we don't call each other specific names and speak in a way that makes it seem like we are gonna try and take the other poster's lunch money, is insulting someone in the way 1:03 did ok then?

If so, that opens a whole new opportunity for all of us here. This'll really get to be a fun site if it's not just the demmies that get to have fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jerry Santagelo, or maybe his son, or maybe Reilich's?

How's that workin' out for ya?

SCATS said...

To 9:25AM ~~ It sounds as though you must be "new" to reading this site. Yes, I considered taking it down before, but then I thought perhaps the immaturity shown by the comment (1:03PM) spoke for itself.

To clarify about name-calling, I do not tolerate statements like: "Bob is an idiot" or "You are stupid" or similar such examples. If you want to "attack" something, then go after the person's position or ideas, their behavior at a meeting, etc. AND explain why it's something you so strongly disagree with. Here's an example of an acceptable statement:

"The people of Rochester are stupid for continuing to elect officials who support wasteful spending on projects people don't support. Ren Square and the Fast Ferry are two recent examples..."

The following is probably going to get edited/deleted depending on context:

"Bob Duffy is a stupid ex-cop."

(Sorry Bob! I don't mean it!!)

Anonymous said...

SCATS, I'm really thinking that last bag of organicly grown catnip you got into is some bad stuff.

You really need to stick to the locally grown nip you pick yourself.

Bob Duffy is a BRILLIANT Mayor who should only be viewed through protective lenses. So sayeth his media releases.

Good Lord, next thing you'll be claiming GCSD management is incompetent and Greece PD should be abolished.

SCATS said...

To 3:39PM ~~ Apparently you haven't heard. I'm off catnip ;)
Green tea is my new "drug" of choice.

I happen to think Duffy and Brizard are two of the best things to happen to the city in a long time. That does not mean I think they are "perfect."

I also happen to KNOW (not think!) that GCSD mgmt IS incompetent. They have proven it time and time again.

I'm undecided about retaining GPD vs MCSO ... I can see benefits both ways ;)

Anonymous said...

The great sadness of youth is how much you kids do not KNOW.

The second is the marvelous ability to NOT learn the schools have conditioned youth with.

Green tea eh, are you brewing that with fresh cut nip out in the sun? It's very good for settling the stomach you know.

Monroe County United Catnip Farmers

SCATS said...

To 12:07AM ~~ ANOTHER UNION??? :D

Anonymous said...

An agricultural producers association dedicated to superior Nip.
No money is involved and it is run by Feline-Americans.

SCATS said...

To 1:50PM ~~ I'm pondering whether or not I should nip this in the bud ... Cheshire-Americans, such as myself, want to have an uninterrupted supply chain. Ordinary Feline-Americans just can't be trusted with our share of nip ... too many alleycat types, ya know?

Perhaps we should set up a lottery system to determine who gets nip first. Of course, ANY winner is assured their entire extended family will be served first before moving on to the next cat in line. We'll send out something so people can start signing up for the "nip lottery" ... I'm feeling very lucky!

Anonymous said...

The Association already has a lottery system set up and running.
Let meow assure meu I know purrrrfectly well who and who's squeeze get the first Nip, as well as who holds the stash.

Furchewnately we have been able to exclude the arrogant Siamese already due to their expressed catitude toward our distribution flunkeys. Our supurrr secure computer system (we bought it from a GCSD employee)does include Cheshire-Americans in the lottery drwaing, but since not even us felines can see inside the compurrrter we have no knowledge of how the lottery is rigged.

The Association is happy to announce this looks to be a good Nip Year, and we may have a new product. Nip laden pillows are currrrrrrently in testing by spawcially trained testers in Furport NY. We went to Furport to avoid any PawLickTickle influence from corrupt PawLiTicians in Greece.

SCATS said...

To 4:16PM ~~ Dog gone it! I think you're a bit late trying to avoid the pawlickticks in this scheme! The dog catcher was caught shredding lottery applications when he was supposed to be rounding up the feral felines who work in the local spas. Now, the Top Dog has called for a complete investigation and says he will leave "no litter unturned." After raining cats and dogs today, there's little hope left of finding any remaining fully clumped evidence for the PI to inspect. Oops! There's the dinnerbell. It's Kal-Kan time. I must eat on time to keep my next furball from getting stuck in my throat. CHOW!

Anonymous said...

i am glad to hear that dan greene will be on channel 12 & i hope the public watches & listens. there is NO way that someone with his "credentials" should be given a gun, let alone become this county's sheriff.....

Anonymous said...

dan greene is in no way qualified to be sheriff. LOOK AT HIS CREDENTIALS. and -- maybe you might post this. you are ridiculously biased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCATS said...

To 3:33PM ~~ You missed the show. It was last week ;)

SCATS said...

To 7:23PM ~~ If you were suggesting that SCATS is biased, then I am suggesting that YOU need to take a chill pill. I work on this BLOG when time permits me. It's on MY schedule, not yours. I usually check in at least twice in 24 hrs, often several times each day. I don't get paid for this, so YOU need to learn some patience.