Friday, June 12, 2009

The "Secret" To Odyssey's Success Is Out!

I think I've finally hit upon the "secret" to Odyssey's success! On another thread (relevant entries shown below) someone pointed out Odyssey has so many "disadvantages" by not offering a full selection of courses. Someone responded that the cited "disadvantages" were actually an advantage because it let's everyone focus on less. I think that is a very astute observation! It's easier to be successful when you have fewer directions to tend to. Fewer sports programs, fewer extra-curriculars, fewer foreign languages and fewer electives helps keep Odyssey students, teachers and administration focused on ONE GOAL ~~ EDUCATION! And the best part of all is that it should cost FEWER DOLLARS because it requires FEWER RESOURCES :) Think about it! We could cut the budget by at least one-third, maybe half and get ALL FOUR HIGH SCHOOLS ONTO NEWSWEEK'S LIST!

Anonymous said...
1:28 -Please enlighten me about the disadvantages an Odyssey student faces. Aside from lacking their own football team, I've found none! 6/11/2009 1:55 PM

Anonymous said...
To 1:55:A major disadvantage that Odyssey has is because of its small size, the types of subjects offered are limited. The other schools offer classes not available to Odyssey students, many in the technology and language areas. A recent example is the elimination of French. Spanish is the only foreign language now offered. 6/11/2009 7:05 PM

Anonymous said...
7:05- what you call a disadvantage might well be an advantage! By focusing resources on one language I'll bet more students perform better. 6/11/2009 8:00 PM


Anonymous said...

We could go back to neighborhood schools and save on transportation too. Thanks Scats!!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Captain Obvious has some competition in the common sense arena.

Anonymous said...

How do you figure that 4:29? What are you referring to excatly?

Anonymous said...

Could I ask a question that Hubbard brought up recently, but can never be brought up enough: What is the purpose of these "lottery" schools?

Our district tells us there is no advantage to a child attending one of these schools as opposed to a neighborhood school, yet they require taxpayers to unnecessarily shell of HUGE money to keep the system in place. I would love to hear this question put forward directly to the BOE at a meeting. I believe we'd see more side steppin by the BOE, than a country line dance.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of the lottery schools is to provide a safe haven for school board member's, teacher's, politician's and administrator's kids to get an education without having to rub elbows with children of color who eat a free or reduced price lunch.

Anonymous said...

The original purpose of the lottery schools was to "save the pain" of having to regularly redistrict school attendance boundaries while Greece was experiencing mass population shifts, geographically.

It has become something quite different, as referenced by 6:27 pm.

Anonymous said...

I'm well aware about why they BEGAN, my point is that I'm not sure why we're STILL paying for this.

SCATS said...

To 6:15PM ~~ No one has an answer to that question, at least not one that makes any sense ;) By not addressing it, they hope it will just go away. Funny thing though. It's been an ongoing issue since 1993. I don't think it's going away!

Anonymous said...

SCATS, well at least this Super and the BOE have left no stone unturned when looking at ways to cut spending in these tuff financial times. If I were a union member and even one GTA job was cut, while this 'lottery' crap continues, I would be calling for GTA leaders heads to roll. This should be a huge issue for the union who's facing the possible loss of positions at the hands of a district claiming poverty.

Anonymous said...

"No stone unturned" eh? Sounds like a new catch phrase for Greece. "Welcome to Greece where we leave no stone unturned ..... just a few boulders."

Anonymous said...

'sounds like a vision statement to me.

Anonymous said...

Students should never within a public school have a "specialty school" as it is simply unfair to all other families in the community irregardless of cost.

All students should have an equal opportunity at the same levels of education. To not do so is at the very least questionable and at the very most unconstitutional, students are citizens.

In regards to finances. I am sure if Odyssey were closed the other schools could absorb the student body. Perhaps the cost savings help put back in place vocational programs, arts. I've found it funny (not) that the School District continues to fund sports, even Hockey yet when it comes to Arts, vocational training they whack it.

Is every kid who plays soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey etc going to get a job in sports? Pretty unlikely. In fact, I'd bet more kids (who were) in vocational classes, arts find jobs there or in related business then sports players find in that industry.

I understand parents like to see their kids "play ball". I understand kids like to "play ball". But parents and the kids need to realize that its a tough world and its going to get tougher. Our children need be prepared with marketable skills .vs. the ability to hit a ball with a stick. Not to mention that MANY more kids dont play sports than do!

The charge of Public Schools is to teach our children and give them marketable skillsets without disallowing any of them opportunities.

Odyssey by nature disallows other children within the community the same opportunities. Reduction or axing of classes needed to represent ALL students prospects in favor of funding sports and/or Odyssey is another example of this unfair district set of policies.

Educators who work at Odyssey should never have their own children be allowed to attend, there's a real no brainer, yet doesnt happen that way. Both of the Principles children are graduates from Odyssey for example.

If a specialty school is warrented then it should be for troubled kids. A place where resources are expended to get them on a more productive path for a future while removing the disturbance from mainstream schools. Watch how many of the Odyssey educators would stay on THAT ship. They'd jump off instantly. This says much.

It says much about what the school is. It says much about the dedication of the teaching/administrative staff. 'As long as we get the "right kids" we have the "Academy"'. Bring in the troubled kids as a whole and, "This is not what I became a teacher for" will occur.

In these difficult times here's my solution for families:

1. Odyssey be Closed.

2. Each High School has one sports program Olympia maybe Football, Arcadia say Basketball, Athena say Baseball. If the district wishes they can "Take the best" from all hish schools for each team. So we have the "Greece Central Football team" etc.

We'd also have the best sports teams in the area. So parents can "woo woo" on that and so can Greece Central Press.

With money saved, restore vocational programs, fund the arts properly.

Now we are TRULY giving our students ALL a fair chance. After all, as I said... How many sports kids get the big leagues or even minors? Few. So... A life lesson right there. Of three high schools only "nn" will "make the cut. Thats life... And maybe some of that "fine cut" will have a better shot at making real careers in sports since the best of all the high schools are "one team".

Meanwhile the rest of the kids can benefit from the money saved and give them opportunties since after all, they are the majority right?

Our school district stinks of the same garbage as Greece local government. Aristocracy that doess all of us tremendous injustice and it needs to change.

SCATS said...

To 7:38PM ~~ There's just one tiny flaw in your proposal. You forgot that it's the sports boosters who actually run Greece Central! Just remember the hockey debacle ;) I'm SURE Supt. Achramovitch does!

Anonymous said...

Well of course! I'm writing that stuff not because I believe that someone at Greece Central, Town Of Greece, The Greek Nation or even the Grease 1 or Grease 2 actors might actually go, "Wow! Look! A person with brains! Must not be a product of our schools! Get em!!!!


I write that stuff because I am trying to "Fill up the Internet". Its a personal goal.

Anonymous said...

Oh... and as a side note really the one you call "Supt. Achramovitch" is not!

See back in the late 60's and 70's there was a show called Star Trek. Its wasnt a show. It was real.

It took them nearly 30 years to mate and perfect two of the technologies. The Atavacron which could send people (and presumably event cats) to another time and another technology called "Landrew"... A computer apparently made of elements of Intel's old failed processors with a little bit of Bill Gates premature sperm just for good measure.

They wrapped it all together over many years. Packaged it in an android form, shipped it here and gave it a six figure salary.

Scuse' me... I have gas.