Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prosecutor Raises Hoffman's Bail To $2500

Former teacher faces numerous counts of statutory rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse & endangering the welfare of a child

“At this point we are dealing with numerous felony offenses where he's facing some serious time in state prison that's why I requested the increase in bail to ensure he will be making his appearances at this court.” ~~ Sarah VanStrydonck, ADA


SCATS ~~ Wow! An increase from $500 to $2500 should really send a message. NOT !!


Anonymous said...

Lets completely ignore the Constitutional purpose of Bail in the instant case, and lets too get real. What the hell difference is there between 500 bucks Bail and 2500 bucks Bail? Is there really a chance the extra $2000 will keep the man in jail more than a few hours? I think not.

This was nothing more than another cheap Mike Green stunt to get a PerpWalk photo oportunity in another case his office is probably screwing up. This is the kind of crap going on in the DAs office to keep the spotlight off their lack of skills and ability.

When will Green present the financial crap in GCSD to a Grand Jury? 12th of Never perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Now, now 12:04. Green is going to make sure he cleans up Greece Police! Of course it will all be to Maggie's liking. The school district she doesn't care about.

Anonymous said...

Maybe after the state is done cleaning up Greece they can start cleaning up the DA's office who seems to have too much time to be hitting up Happy Hours at local bars....