Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pignato Made Mental Health Arrest of Accuser

Woman attempted suicide 8 months before meeting Pignato for sex

Neither defense or prosecution has mentioned the prior arrest yet

"The judge said the attempted suicide arrest was not supposed to be public. It was part of the trial because the defense subpoenaed all reports of this woman from Greece Police, and the mental health arrest was included.

The judge said it should have been sealed, but he reluctantly unsealed it today.

Greece Police say based on the subpoena, they were right to include it in the package they gave the defense."


Anonymous said...

So the complainant who is the prosecution's key witness lied under oath about the previous arrest so is that perjury? Is she an impeachable witness?
So something that may completely wreck the state's case further shows how despicable this policeman is.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry - there's twelve more waiting in the wing for their turn to swing the bat.

Stick a fork in the pervert - he's done.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like GPD is trying to help Pignato by including the mental health arrest with the others to taint this woman for the jurors. Way to go GPD. We've learned to expect the lowest tricks from you!

Anonymous said...

How about we call it the way it really is, another screwup by DA Green & his ladies club.

The complaining witness has a record in both NY and Kentucky, and the DA's investigators should have known that before presenting to the Grand Jury, if they didn't they eat it.

Baby Pig has PopaPig and a few of PopaPig's friends looking under each and every rock, and them old boys ain't gone stupid.

GPD was subpoenaed for any and all reports, and they rendered them. That is how it is supposed ot be done according to the law. If GPD had failed to render the report of the 1078 GPD would have been wrong.

The DA knew or should have known about the 1078, and had every opportunity to request the Judge to supress it.

Piglet's lawyer is earning his pay. How it comes out is up to 12 jurors and a Judge.

SCATS said...

To 8:33PM ~~ Actually, it sounds as if you might be onto something there based on this from today's D&C:

"The mental health arrest report normally would have been sealed and unavailable for the trial. But the Greece Police Department inadvertently handed over a copy when Green subpoenaed the department for arrest records involving the woman."

Are these guys competent in any way shape or form?