Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pignato Jury Seated

Opening Arguments Made

Victim Begins Testimony Alleging The Following:
Pignato: You know you could go to jail? You want to meet in 20 minutes?
Victim: Why?
Pignato: Well you don't want to go to jail do you?
Victim: No.
The alleged victim said, "I thought he wanted sex from me so I wouldn't go to jail. It's against my probation to be drinking." She then said they went to Pignato's home and took a bath. "He started kissing me and then he lead me to his bedroom. We had sex. He was rough. I thought about fighting back. I tore his shirt"


Pignato's Attorney Scott Green: "The woman has filed a notice that she plans to sue the town of Greece, Green said, and may have been told by a lawyer that “this is a million dollar case.” "



Anonymous said...

Nick Joseph's future room mate is Gary Pignato!

What's the status of the DA's investigation? Why don't we hear anything about that?

Anonymous said...

Was Auberger in the closet?

Anonymous said...

Lawsuits, investigations, employees suspended with pay. It's only taxpayer $$$$!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me that the taxpayer dollars are only used to pay the liability insurance policy that covers these bad behaviors! Please tell me that we haven't decided to self-insure, because we are so well managed and so well controlled!

Anonymous said...

How did you know that John was in the closet

Anonymous said...

I thought Robach was in the closet......? Must be getting crowded in there!

Anonymous said...

You can bet that PIGnato walks...

Anonymous said...

When the curtain finally falls on this incident, Greece Taxpayers will fork over cash to a woman who will make Spitzer's hooker look like a minimum wage employee!

The Town of Greece went self insured back when RogerDodger was Supervisor, and has opted to continue down that road since. Hell, no insurance carrier will touch a liability policy for the Town of Greece.

Don't worry though, it's only 2 more years till Greece raises assessments again so whoever is Supervisor can tell the citizens how he held the line on taxes.

DAMN, ignorant citizens are a wonderful concept!