Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pignato Filed No Police Report On Domestic Call

Prosecution Witness Calls Into Radio Talk Show
Ex Boyfriend May Not Get Chance To Take Stand Now

“I'm the previous boyfriend, the one that got called on the phone to go pick her up, if not she was gonna go to jail. The one who watched all the action, the one that's gotta testify for the state. I'm the secret witness." ~~ Pat Mantese, accuser's ex-boyfriend

“You know we have no right to tell witnesses who to speak with, who to not speak with. They have the ability and right to speak with whomever they want to.” ~~ Bill Gargin, ADA


Anonymous said...

Scats.....I have a copy of the GPD Policy on Domestic Disputes/Offenses, Family Offenses, Orders of Protection. The effective date is 1/23/08. I believe this particular part of this policy applies to Pignato and is in direct conflict with the other officer's testimony at Pignato's trial stating it is up to the responding officer to decide whether to fill out a Domestic Dispute report. And I quote from the policy:

Responding officer(s) at the scene of a domestic disturbance who do not make an arrest should provide the following assistance to the victims, and where appropriate, the children or other family or household members.

1. Advise all parties about the criminal nature of domestic violence and of legal and social assistance available.

2. Remain at the scene until satisfied that the immediate danger of violence has passed and/or all appropriate options to protect and assist the victim have been exhausted.

3. Provide the victim with referral information for legal and social assistance and support.

4. Complete a Domestic Violence Incidence Report and ask victim to sign the completed report. Officers should document the reasons for a non-arrest on the DVIR. Giive the victim the victim's copy of the DIR and the Victim's Rights Statement.

5.00Advise the victim of the availability of proceeding in Family Court as a family offense pursuent to Section 847 of the Family Court Act.

So, according to GPD policy, Pignato was required to fill out a report but failed to do so. A violation of department policy. Please see #4 of policy.

Comments anyone???

Anonymous said...

You forgot 3a: Coerce the victim (male or female) into forced sex upon discovery of parole and/or conditions that warrant self satisfaction when convenient.

If 3a is enforced, please go directly to #6.

6: Go to jail, go dirctly to jail, do not pass "I am him", do not expect it to impact your employment unless you get caught.

SCATS said...

To 6:55AM ~~ My only comment would be that based upon my understanding, the police were called by the woman's boyfriend because she had been drinking. I don't recall reading about any complaints of "violence" on her part by the boyfriend. While this has been categorized as a domestic "dispute" it was my sense that the boyfriend called the police simply because he knew she was in trouble regarding the terms of her probation. I admit I haven't read anything explicitly stating the reason why the police were called. I'm merely suggesting that since there may have been no violent act, perhaps this wasn't a typical "domestic incident" and there were no "victims" ... until Pignato made his "deal."

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard mention of any fight or argument in progress when Pignato showed up either. Don't they call all calls to homes "domestics" unless there was a burglery or something?

Anonymous said...

From my vantage point this reinforces the view that Greece police fudge crime statistics by not reporting things or using discretion in how they report.

SCATS said...

To 2:48PM ~~ They also combine offenses into ONE report ;)

Anonymous said...

Simple math. Compare the 911 calls against the recorded results.


SCATS said...

To 11:01AM ~~ That wouldn't be an accurate comparison when you factor in things like calls about fender benders or calls to animal control which are also handled by GPD.