Monday, June 08, 2009




“There’s nothing that says romance like a rendezvous in a mini-mart parking lot in the city in August.” ~~ William Gargan, ADA

“What we have here based on the credible evidence is a consensual act between two grown people.” ~~ Scott Green, defense atty.



Anonymous said...

Poor Piglet!

House For Sale
Must sell quickly so I have comisary money to buy Vasalene.

We can make a deal

Anonymous said...

It is 4 years from now and poor lil'- Pig needs a job. And Parinello calls Phelan who calls Boily who calls the Super who hires lil'-Pig as our school district's newest security officer. Stop laughing. This will probably happen. So train your daughters now as to what this guy looks like, his MO, and that she should be afraid of school security, very afraid! And the clown posse will think it is just fine because he served his debt to society. Stop snickering. They are THAT dumb! This is Greece after all.

Anonymous said...

That can't and won't happen if we get rid of all the "boars" in town starting with Auberger on down. Really people, we cannot let this idiocy go on and on and on. One rotten scandal after another and we keep putting these jerks back in office. It's time to clean house and there ever was a good reason to do this, we have it now.

Anonymous said...

In a public statement, Auberger has already washed his hands of he whole thing.

Justice has been served

Or is something else being served up\

Time for John Au to go.

Anonymous said...

This is a great day. It's about time that the police finally get what they deserve after years of authoritative abuse. Hope there are more convictions in the very near future!