Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Parrinello Seeks Hearing In Response To Rahn Charges

“We are going to categorically deny each and every charge, each and every specification and we are going to demand a hearing." ~~ John Parrinello, Rahn's Atty

Rahn acquaintance Richard Gangale never charged in 2004 homicide investigation that Rahn immediately declared "self defense"

Rahn had suspect's handcuffs removed and gave him a cell phone connected to a defense attorney that is purported to have been John Parrinello


Parrinello's (Rahn's) Response To Charges

SCATS ~~ Imagine that! Rahn's pal literally got away with murder! Looks like it's time for Rahn, Auberger to both step down!


Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that Rahn asks for a public hearing so that all of Auberger's "rats" and moles in the PD will be identified. Two already have been.

All command officers who live in Greece are members of the Greece Republican Committee and all give generously to Auberg's election fund.

This can be proven by looking in the Project Sunshine site and punch in John T. Auberger.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why he ordered the "independent" investigation.

I heard on News10 who interviewed Mike Green, and Green stated that anyone who participated in the independent investigation CANNOT be interviewed!

Nice way to impede justice Johnny Boy. Can't wait until November.

Anonymous said...

Oops...I went to look for the quote - it's on News8:

"Green's office cannot use statements from town employees who were compelled to talk during the internal investigation. To do so would be against federal law."


Anonymous said...

Now I understand why Greece is always listed as one of the "Safe" communities. Crimes like homicides go uninvestigated if the people involved are cronies to anyone in GPD. Nice!

Anonymous said...

MURDER She Wrote!

Anonymous said...

Now the town gets to submit a Reply to all those affirmative defenses within a certain number of days. Wonder if we will get to see those too.
Anyone can serve if they are 18 and not a party to the case. Is it possible they goofed on that and had a town official or police officer or employee serve Rahn? Let's hope not.
There are process servers that work for $50 a trip. Cheap if it provides us with proper service.

Anonymous said...

To 8:03PM.....The question I have is....... Why is it against Federal Law for the people who spoke to the investigator to speak with the DA's office?

Anonymous said...



Long story short:


The Fifth Amendment clause which reads "no person shall be compelled to be a witness against himself in any criminal case" bears a striking resemblance to the old phrase "nemo tenetur seipsum accusare" (no man is bound to accuse himself), but from a historical as well as contemporary standpoint, this has been easier said than done. Over the years, interpretation of this clause has resulted in expansion and contraction of this supposed (fundamental fairness) right, but given that the Supreme Court has not yet articulated its real meaning, it is perhaps best seen as a privilege, albeit a very broad privilege (one that protects not only direct answers to questions, but anything that would furnish a link in the chain of evidence needed to prosecute).

SCATS said...

To 8:03 & 11:22PM ~~ I'm not totally sure but I think you may have misinterpreted what was meant. It was my impression that the "compelled statement" was what can't be used. I suspect the DA can get his own statements through the normal means used in a criminal investigation.

Anonymous said...

What we have is a perfect demonstration of the stupidity of conducting a civil investigation where testimony against interest can be compelled in the same timeframe as a criminal investigation.

The same Civil Rules that allowed Lozynski to kick Parinello out of the interview do NOT apply to the criminal investigation. A police officer by the terms of his employment must comply with a Departmental investigation, must give testimony against his own interest, or loose his job and pension.

In a sane environment any potential criminal investigation would have first been completed by the DA or NYSP and turned over to the DA. Once the DA signed off a Departmental investigation could and would have occurred. The Criminal case would be on paper and either prosecutable or not prosecutable. It would be steryl from any compelled testimony.

By bringing in Lozynski at the point he was brought in, any Criminal case was potentially contaminated. Lozynski's experience with NYSP which was highly touted is in the arena of Civil Service Investigation, NOT criminal investigation.

There is also the question Parinello has been shouting from day 1; was Lozynski legally hired and appointed to the position of Public Safety Comissioner or Director. I tend to side with Parinello that Lozynski was NOT properly hired or legally entitled to conduct the investigation he ran.

The Lozynski investigation very well may have totally screwed any possible prosecution either Criminal or Civil. At the very least it put additional burdens on DA Green's staff of comedians. Once more Monroe County's squeeky voiced DA failed completely. Instead of protecting his investigation he let Greece contaminate everything.

Anonymous said...

Am I to understand there are people who feel this investigation should NOT have happened?

SCATS said...

To 2:02AM ~~ You make some great points. I tend to agree with Parrinello about Loszynski not being the Town's "official" head of Public Safety too. There seemed to have been no proper appointment done in public with a vote by the Town Board.

To 7:28AM ~~ I think what you are hearing is the suggestion that the methods used are inappropriate and will eventually be found to be unsound, thus rendering this entire "internal probe" into little more than a digital exam when a full-fledged colonoscopy with the complete "cleansing" was required ;)

The FBI, Attorney General et al should have been called into Greece on this one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of the imput. I have learned a lot from reading these comments and it makes me so mad to the point of asking for a suspension of the supervisor without pay.
For taking us the tax payers down the wrong trail for his own well being. JOHN -out - out -out

SCATS said...

I'm still curious to know who Auberger's "rats and moles in the PD" are? I'm guessing Lt. Wise is top rodent since he seems to be the designated spokesperson. Who else?

Anonymous said...

the only project sunshine site i find is a non for profit kids program

SCATS said...

To 11:38AM ~~ I think the other person meant Project Sunlight. Here's the address:

Anonymous said...

scats, thanks I found the sunlight web sight intereting. It appears that many of the town employees contributed. I would wonder if their giving was under duress or voluntary?
I was glad to see that our acting police Cheif's name and Steve Wise's name was not on the list.
How ironic that the 2 officers named, were both recently promoted and the wife for one works for the town also.
Police should not be involved in party politics nor should town employees.
During the Riley and Boily adminstration town employees were not allowed to serve on any party committies.
If you attend a Republican Committee meeting you will see that John A changed all of that.