Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Parrinello Addressing Claim That Cervini Was Shot In Back

Court Papers Filed To Address The Issue

(41) "I truly believe that if Scott were not black, and the deceased white, there would have been no immediate arrest for murder and perhaps a complete investigation which would have indicted Mr. Scott."

(42) "This case is yet another example of the inefficiencies of the rank and file of the Greece Police Department."


SCATS ~~ I COMPLETELY agree with Parrinello's assertions as stated above! After reading through the 42 statement document, I also agree that it depicts the events exactly as I understood them to occur that night based upon the statements made to police by all involved.

Roderick Scott was used by GPD to "make an example" at a time when they needed to get the focus off GPD's internal affairs troubles. Unlike Gary Pignato, Nick Joseph and numerous others in our community since then who were free (not a single day in jail until conviction) before their trials, Mr. Scott was jailed, shackled and paraded in front of media for the better part of two weeks! He's already "paid" any debt to society he might have owed given the circumstances.

Any sane person would assume that someone entering the cars of strangers at 3AM in the midst of a nasty storm was likely in possession of a weapon, especially when they boldy charge the person who confronts them, tells them to Stop" and warns that the police are on their way. Was the whole thing sad? Indeed! It was also a wonderful lesson in how an individual's stupidity can cost them their life. The three teens deserve a "Darwin Award" for their actions that night.

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Anonymous said...

As easy as it would be to drop this fiasco into the lap of GPD, it doesn't belong there.

The ADA insisted on cutting the investigation short and perpwalking Mr Scott. She even called Mike The Magnificent and obtained his screaching permission to charge as was done for the initial arraignment.

The stink will settle on GPD, but they shouldn't own it.