Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NY's assessment system "is neither uniform nor equitable"

State should let counties require their municipalities to all assess property at the same percentage of value

Most localities that have gone the longest without a general reassessment (and have the most outdated values) are in Westchester County & Long Island

Yonkers hasn't done a general reassessment since 1954.

As a percentage of the value of property, New York has the Top 10 property-tax rates in the country. Monroe County ranks fifth at 2.8 percent


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Anonymous said...

What a lovely presentation of the Deficate & Criminal's news value that was.

Lead with a retraction of a story that shold not have run, and then publish a totally bogus piece quoting a politician who doesn't know crap from shoepolish.

Every square inch of NY State was inventoried in 95 and reassesed by 97 thanks to Govenor Super Mario BANKRUPTING the State.
If the S&C had fact checkers or editors who knew their ass from a hole in the ground they wouldn't run misinformation like that.

If the "reporter" had a clue the report would have said every municipality in NY must reassess every 5 years, and many of the political subdivisions are now doing so every 3 years because it is profitable.

If that rag arrived at my house free I'd leave it pile up beside the road.