Monday, June 01, 2009

NY State Math Scores Grades 3-8

Achievement in math in grades 3-8 has improved overall this year, according to 2009 test results announced today by Regents Chancellor Merryl H. Tisch and State Education Commissioner Richard Mills.

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Tom Kackmeister said...

Re: Jay Gallager's Tuesday D and C article re: tax rebates:

Thanks Jay for the article re: tax rebates. It is sad but true.

Did you also know that people who do not pay any property taxes due to various school and town/county low income tax breaks (and other breaks) also get those "refunds"? Still others who pay significantly reduced taxes also get the full
rebate even if the tax they paid is less than the rebate amount.

Try taking this up with various government entities and all you get is a big run around!

Also, in determining what is "income" for various tax breaks, the state
includes withdrawals from 401k's as income but not withdrawals from IRA's. The logic for that goes back to a very old court case; that case did require the
inclusion of IRA annual growth as income but no taxing jurisdiction actually
includes that income. Trying to get that corrected also leads one to a vicious

Our state in action!

Anonymous said...

If stupidity were an Olympic Sport, our state government would set the record!

Mishandling your own money could be considered carelessness, but mishandling other folk's money (and that's what these taxes are!) is negligence that tests the definition of criminality.

What is almost as frustrating as having these miserable failures handling our money, is that we voters keep sending them back to do it again, and again, and again. Really people, how many of you would continue to invest in a stock broker that was this financially incompetent? Isn't it time to tell the Albany politicians that we have had enough?

SCATS said...

To Tom K ~~ And you should attempt to bring that topic up with "leaders" like Joe Robach! He thinks it's just fine that some of us must "support" other people's tax burdens. He thinks he's doing older NY'ers a favor, too. I think we should ask him to pay 5% of each of our property tax bills out of HIS pocket ;)