Thursday, June 11, 2009


From Email ~~

"I was in an office today and started to read an article on the rankings of area high schools. According to the article 19 area high schools were ranked in the top 1500 high schools in America.

This is the ranking with Odyssey Academy ranked as the highest in the area at 95 in the country. This is a great honor and we all should be proud and I sincerely mean that. Now having said that, my point is that not one Greece High Schools made the list. Thus not one Greece High School is in the top 1500 in America.

My point is that Odyssey is an Academy not a high school. Students are selected. To compare Odyssey to a regular high school is nuts. Look at the schools on the list. I don't have the article with me and we did not get paper yesterday. If I am right there are some rural/city schools on the list, Canandaigua comes to mind. I think R-H was on the list. They have 25% minority population. One of the arguments in Greece is our increasing minority populations and that Greece is more like a city. R-H does it with 25% minority. Look at some of the districts to make a guess as to who we should be ranked with. Good average sub. communities.

I think you could make a posting.

SCATS Note ~~ R-H is #1102 and Canandaigua is #1110. Why can't ALL of Greece's high schools be among the top 1500?

** Newsweek's Top 1500 High Schools List


Anonymous said...

These 1,500 schools are the top 6%. It would be an accomplishment indeed to get all Greece High Schools in that top percentage - probably an unrealistic one.

As far as Odyssey students being hand picked, the "sibling rule" negates that. Once one kid wins the lottery, the school is obligated to take all their siblings, who are certainly not hand picked.

Anonymous said...

Avon, Hilton, East Rochester, Eastridge and Palmyra-Macedon are all on the list.

According to the article in the D&C to get on the list, "It is a ratio of the number of students that challenge them selves in Advance Placement or International Baccalaureate and/or Cambridge exams given at each school divided by the number of graduating seniors."

"Subjective criteria, such as teacher quality and extracurricular activites, do not factor into the rankings."

R-H, Eastridge, Pal-Mac all have a higher ratio than Greece. In my opinion this is a matter to rest on the shoulders of the Greece High School staff. They are not supporting, encouraging and motivating students to take these higher courses.

"Where student learning is the goal"

Thank you GTA

Anonymous said...

7:09 pm Not all regular high schools! We would be happy with just one regular high school to make the list.

Webster has both of their high schools on the list.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Sorry folks but as long as raises are given with NO MERIT associated nothing is going to change.

The simpleist example I can give is 2 years ago 'every' principal and vice principal in the district was 'meeting standard' AND 2/3rds of them were 'exceeding standard'

Makes ya proud doesn't it?

As far as the gta contract is concerned 'no' standards exist in that contract - heck you don't even have to come to work to get a raise with that contract.
So what do you expect as far as results are concerned?

By the way please don't blame the union - this was all approved by your school board which is why I have always said the 2nd biggest problem with public education is school boards - the first is monopoly.

Anonymous said...

7:09 your attempt to discredit the "hand picked" theory in the lottery schools, by bringing up the sibling rule, falls WAY short. The point here is that households that place a value on their child's education end up getting ALL of their kids in. That said, there are plenty of other like minded families that don't win the (behind closed doors) lottery, that are left sending their kids to other schools. It's in these schools where they are joined by the "undesirables", that only serve to bring down those around them. In addition to this fact, the rate of "undesirables" in those classes is EVEN higher, becuase there are only 3 out of 4 high schools "undesirables" can attend. In essense our BOE fails these other good families twice. Once by incresing the rate of idiots in there classroom, and twice by not having the "stones" to create a REAL alternative location to send those "undesirables" UNTIL they are convicted felons.

Anonymous said...

So 10;50 are you saying there are undesirables in our schools because i have not heard about this from any of those "running" our schools.
Are you one of those trouble makers?

Captain Obvious said...

The reason that Greece schools fail to be able to replicate the success at Odyssey is because administration (Achramovitch, Mitchell, Pallas) is incapable of properly motivating other staff. Meier (principal at Odyssey) can.

Excuses aside, it can't be any simpler.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hubbard:
An FYI: Odyssey is part of that GTA union you like to blame for everything--I wonder how many of the other schools on the list are also part of a union (my bet is probably most of them). Amazing how our scores have been rising now that elementary teachers are actually almost allowed (close your door though) to teach math facts, vocabulary, phonics, spelling rules and grammar again. Perhaps we should look in other places for a change: the higher-ups (district people) who think they know how and what to teach although many have spent limited time as teachers, families who are too busy/don't care to put education first, administration that can't/won't discipline kids so they just leave them in the classroom to disrupt the learning of others. I am sure there are MANY factors involved with how sad it now is to be associated with this school district. I am also going to provide some solutions: maybe if we got back to teaching basics, had competition back in schools, and had the ability to put students who don't want to learn in a different kind of program, scores would rise even higher. How about some common sense instead of statistics and data?????

Anonymous said...

7:14, and that common sense approach to education ( which I applaud, by the way) is exactly why I looked long and hard at the list of BOE candidates to try to find someone who shared that philosophy. Your educational approach needs to be reflected in the board policies and the super's goals.

Anonymous said...

Any superintendent who doesn't know that these are ALREADY their CORE goals doesn't deserve their fat paycheck.

Clerks sit around and wait for others to tell them what to do. Superintendents should already know it and be (1) doing it and (2) making sure that others are, too.

What can be more obvious than this?

Anonymous said...

7:14 am

Is Greece the only district that:

has students that don't want to learn
parents that don't care
disruptive students
free/reduced lunch students
teachers that work only to the clock
district administrators that are not perfect
programs that are not perfect
students that learn at different rates
BOE that is not perfect

We do not live in a perfect world. STOP making excuses for the failure of the Greece School District.


Come on!!! It is the teachers JOB to motivate students to learn, to take advancee courses and to teach students how to over come mountains in their life.

If you were in charge of a hospital you would only allow well people to enter. Sick people go to the hospital to get better.

Children that can not read go to schools to learn to read!!Shut up and teach them to read

SCATS said...

I think I've finally hit upon the "secret" to Odyssey's success! On another thread someone pointed out Odyssey has so many "disadvantages" by not offering a full selection of courses. Someone responded that the cited "disadvantages" were actually an advantage because it let's everyone focus on less. I think that is a very astute observation! It's easier to be successful when you have fewer directions to tend to. Fewer sports programs, fewer extra-curriculars, fewer foreign languages and fewer electives helps keep Odyssey students, teachers and administration focused on ONE GOAL ~~ EDUCATION! And the best part of all is that it should cost FEWER DOLLARS because it requires FEWER RESOURCES :)

Anonymous said...

7:14, if you had paid attention to much of what Hubbard said before, during, and since he sat on the BOE, you would realize you are now repeating the same things: "I am also going to provide some solutions: maybe if we got back to teaching basics, had competition back in schools, and had the ability to put students who don't want to learn in a different kind of program, scores would rise even higher". The only thing you may disagree about, is that it shouldn't take built in 5,6 or 7% raises to achieve those things.