Sunday, June 14, 2009

Neighborhood Group Supporting GPD

Group Hopes Ribbon Campaign Boosts Morale

"Their morale is so low I can't imagine having to go to work day in and day out with everything that's going on. It's gotta be so difficult. There's a lot of police officers that are working extra hard to keep us safe, and we need to show that side of the story." ~~ Rebecca Jaffarian, Northgate Neighbors Association


SCATS ~~ I'm all in favor of recognizing a job well done, but maybe this effort is a few weeks too early. Until the investigations are completed and with maybe 12+ cops under scrutiny, how do we know which cops are "good cops" and which ones aren't?


Anonymous said...

I'll wait for the D.A. and the Grand Jury. 2 points SCATS.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I quit relying on the PoPo man to protect my safety decades ago.

If they have low morale, tough s#!^, they damn well knew what was going on long before the public did, and they failed to do the right thing about it. The option was always available to go to State BCI or the Feebs. Instead these pristine officers looked the other way and kept their mouth shut. They sold their honor for a paycheck!

Now they can work in the slop they helped create. GPD headquarters was built in an unused sewer plant 30+ years ago, and since then the Department has turned to sewage.

Graehaven said...

12+ officers? Who else? First I've heard of a number that large.

Anonymous said...

Loszynski didn't give names. Just numbers.

jcorourke said...

Lozysnki is just Auberger's pawn. Who hired him? And do you know how he got hired????

SCATS said...

JC ~~ It sounds as if you know the answers to the questions you posed. Please enlighten all of us :)

PS ~~ I believe Auberger hired him just as he hires EVERYONE who works in the Town of Greece. Of course, he's another pal of Maggie's hubby ;)