Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lt. Wise (GPD) To Speak To Northgate Neighbors

Northgate Neighbors Community Meeting
Wednesday, June 17th at 7:00PM
Our Lady of Mercy Community Center
36 Armstrong Road

Lt. Wise will talk about crime issues in this area. He will also introduce the police officers who patrol the geographical boundaries of Northgate Neighbors. The group will discuss how the Town of Greece will manage the construction project at Northgate Plaza (should it ever begin).


Anonymous said...

Can we afford officers at the meeting when we're short in the town?

rj said...

We in the Northgate Neighbors want to meet the officers who patrol our area.

People just love to complain ANONYMOUSLY.

Complain and whine but never take action to do anything.

Anonymous said...

much like rj hides on this site

rj said...

RJ does not need to hide. If you notice I am not anonymous like all you whiners and complainers.

SCATS said...

RJ ~~ I must correct you. People just love to complain ;)

I will say that no one really knows what people might be doing about the things they complain about on here. I do many things. I make phone calls, write letters, attend meetings and I run this BLOG to share info and bring awareness ... to name a few :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you rj. Glad you're not taking any garbage from people here.

Anonymous said...

Dear RJ,

People are entitled to their opinions. I don't suppose you sit outside of DA Green's office daily asking him to stop looking at all of the illegalities he is uncovering in the PD?

You can carry a torch for those who serve proudly, but you really do no service at all when you start to look like you're standing up for Nick Joseph, Gary Pignato, Merritt Rahn, and anyone else who has broken the law.

As hard as it may be for you to understand, the people of Greece are the victims when cops go bad.

There is no doubt that cops have gone bad. Why are you not trying to help in a manner that causes a real positive change? Attacking those who have an opinion is more of the same. "Look the other way"...

Sorry. No disrespect, but you are really off point. There are more people in Greece than those that live in your Northgate neighborhood. If you cannot look at the situation for what it is and stop complaining when the media or the law does its job to fix what's wrong, then perhaps you should go back to the other side of the fence where you came from.

Gather up your drug paraphernalia and complain that the cops do nothing about the drug problem in your neighborhood. Now all of a sudden you think they're wonderful?

Which is it? You can't have it both ways darlin. Those who have worked with you see the difference, and those who don't know how ridiculous it is to cry tears over crooked cops. Are you working for some sort of private agenda you haven't disclosed?

By all means - spill the beans. Many people are scratching their heads, including those who know you well. Yeah, that's why we'll remain ANONYMOUS.

Anonymous said...

Very well stated 10:52. RJ puzzles me too. First she can't get a cop to do anything about the druggies near her home, now she's become their cheerleader even though those druggies are still littering her street. You can't have it both ways. Maybe she's afraid she'll be their next target. Hmmm .... sounds right to me.

Anonymous said...

Lt Wise is nothing but a pull toy for Auberger. He will say whatever Auberger tells him to say and we all know what that is. If they expect to get any honest answers to the police problem in Greece, they are listening to the wrong man.

rj said...

Note to all my Anonymous fans:

At no point did I ever say that Pignato and Joseph were innocent.

As for the drug problem in my neighborhood, the police are doing something about the situation. And it is also the responsibility of the citizens to bring it to the attention of the police, which is what I did and continue to do.
It's unfortunate that so many people want to complain and whine but yet never take action.

It pays to be Proactive instead of reactive.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Love me or hate me. But never say that I defended Pignato or Joseph.

rj said...

By the way...I have no hidden agenda. I work for no one other than myself. I love how all you whimps want to attack me personally yet you all have to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

rj -
Just because someone is anonymous doesn't mean they aren't proactive. The fact is YOU DON'T KNOW! It's also fact that YOU RUN AN ANONYMOUS BLOG TOO! lol You just do it under the banner of the D&C name. Maybe your attempt to bring credibility to what you say, who knows? Better be careful or Scats will delete your entry for calling people names.

jcorourke said...

WOW! I say kudos to RJ for standing up for what she believes is right. And I am glad she isn't shying away from this blog thanks to you naysayers who are hoping she is scared away by all your personal attacks. Anonymous people are usually not proactive anyway. That's why they hide under anonymous. I am sure all you anonymous commentors would have been members of the Gestapo back in the day.

SCATS said...

To rj & jc ~~ I tend to agree with 11:18AM's observations. I know I'm VERY proactive, despite my anonymity :) I also know many others on this BLOG are as well. Some people have their jobs to protect, very understandable given the history of what happens to people who speak out in this town. Maybe that's why we have an entire PD under investigation ... no one COULD speak out!

RJ ~~ As pointed out, your BLOG is also anonymous, so please don't come here to throw stones on that issue. The only difference between your BLOG and this one is that YOU are known & I am not. Other than that, they are run similarly. And as 11:18AM pointed out, name-calling is not well tolerated here.

To JC ~~ I checked and you have no profile, no white pages listing under your BLOGGER name ... so YOU are anonymous too. Were you a member of the Gestapo?

Anonymous said...

Once again accusations are made against someone (rj, in this instance) with no basis or presentation of proof. Personal attacks seem to be rampant too. That seems to happen a lot here and goes unchecked. I don't know how you get control of that SCATS but I hope you figure out a way. I know it's gotta be tough. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya.

SCATS said...

To 1:27PM ~~ I'm sorry but I really don't see that rj has been "personally" attacked. I also don't see anything she has been "accused of" other than creating confusion through her seemingly contradictory actions/statements related to the GPD.

I do see that the person who posted on 6/13/2009 10:52 PM raises some questions based upon the publicly reported activities rj has engaged in. Questioning a person's behavior related to specific activities is not the same as doing a character assassination using rumor. The only person calling names here so far is rj herself.

SCATS said...

By the way, the first person to post on this thread raised an important question. That person's question was "attacked" by rj who categorized it as "complaining and whining" ... isn't that how our politicians dismiss problems? They change the focus back to the person who raised the question. I'd like to see that question answered.

Anonymous said...

The meeting better not take more than 15 minutes. After the robbery at the Dewey Ave Kwik Fill, it's pretty obvious that these cops need to be on the beat, not on the soapbox.

It makes me really angry to know that robberies are going on and not being reported publicly but they have time to play tiddleleewinks and fluffy bunnies with the people who LIVE in the same area!

Either somebody isn't using their head, or the whole town has gone to hell. You decide.

Anonymous said...

The officers will be off duty but paid OT to attend this meeting.

Anonymous said...

Remarkably enough I stumbled across this. A few weeks back I was at the Latta Road Post Office waiting in line. One of the clerks spoke across the isle to this rather "large" gentlemen who it turns out is a Monroe County Sheriff. About 5 or 6 of us had an intellectual conversation right there in the post office (go figure!).

He knew all about Lt Wise, the GPD and the balderdash of "Safest community" which comes essentially through research that is applied quite incorrectly in the case of a township.

The Dewey Ave. corridor has witnessed continued escalation of crime for many years. From heaps of car break-ins to escalations in drug dealing and now towards robbery. Kwik-Fill's, Hess, A+ etc. along the Dewey corridor. The GPD knows this, the city police know this.

However... What your not being told is where its coming from.

Your common belief would say, "Its coming from over the city border".

However... you have several gangs who basically live in Holyoke Apt's. Real gangs. The GPD knows this, Auberger knows this. Auberger does not want you to know this.


Because real gangs unlike some collection of school kids react to attack. That is to say, if they crank down on the area they know there will be a response. Said response would not be favorable to your politicians.


Because your politicians have allowed this area of the community to decline and expended resources essentially on the farthest side of the community. Roads, infrastructure so homes can be built homes, building more tax base in doing so. Some of these housing areas are quite sizeable. They look like one street from a "main drag", but enter into them and you find a whole puzzle of roads with heaps of homes.

In speaking with this Monroe County Sheriff one party asked what he felt the impact of Walmart and the towns decisions would be on the Dewey Area. He cited he was quite happy he lives on the other side of town, that every single Walmart that borders near city borders results in many problems. Not just crime per se. Devaluation of homes as prospect home buyers when buying in the suburbs tend not like the clientel (for right or wrong) drawn in from the city borders. Subsequently since housing values depreciate what happens is many residence become rental's as realtors purchase them below what would normally be market value and other homes are sold to those who simply cant afford "the other side" of town.

Anonymous said...


He stated essentially it sets in motion circumstances that are very difficult to roll back. Walmart tends to remove small business and large that simply cannot compete with America's richest retailer. This sets into motion empty storefronts and decay.

When he was asked why the town would allow for it he stated, the town cannot discriminate against businesses and if zoning allows for it there is not much they can do to stop it. However, they can force Walmart to ensure that they will provide on site forms of security. That the corporation guarantee's forms of policy enforcement... just like the Mall's attempts at disallowing unattended youth or "trolling".

None of this has apparently been done thus ensuring at least some levels of community issues. He cited the reason as being no secret. That the town administration wishes to push Greece out farther on the west side and eventually have the eastern portion absorbed into the city. He stated the obvious mechanism by which to accomplish this is to allow for decay. The local police being unable to handle it short of increases in taxation resulting in the folks on the westside saying, "We're not going to pay for that" and the people in the problemed area unable to afford the taxation increases and valuation of the area in decline to being with and fostered further by the bordering with the city.

Thus the groundwork is layed for the area to become part of The City Of Rochester and allowing the town to grow outward on the westside without population exceeding what is considered a township.

Thus... it is of no surprise at all that the Greece Town administration and "cronies" will try and show a organization such as this that, "you count and are important to us"... that, "your fears and concerns matter to us". Yet... until the organization merged to create a voice they as citizens went unheard... but, the administration and indeed prior GOP administration knew full well of the crime escalations, car break-in's etc.

Anonymous said...


The Greece Town Board is no different than the county administration. Citizens need realize this. The same rhetoric, the same types of actions/activities. Tell you what you need to hear essentially. Treat you as being important. Then they do what they do and its done. Then you can scream and yell all you like but its simply "too late".

This type of governmental activity is no different than the Bush administration. Its where it was learned. It is also the reason that "true Republicans" have stated nationally that their party has been hi-jacked and it is absolutely true.

What I find most surprising is how people continually fall for it.

In fact, our local Greece Government councilman work for the County during the day. Literally. It should be a surprise to us that they engage the same forms of politics? This "county connection" is also how we ended up with Officers who never should have been on the GPD.

We have many fine officers in the GPD and they fully realize the community considers them excellent. Sure, its nice to hear it as well.

But... if you independently were to ask them about the matters they would tell you, "Its not our fault". It is in fact the fault of the same people that Northgate Neighbors are allowing to speak and pour baloney into. We do not see the Town Board speaking to the community as a whole do we? In fact, we just earlier this week saw them remove the citizens ability to walk into Educable and make a TV show.

Understand something here. Public TV was formed to allow YOU THE CITIZEN to communicate EASILY to all of the other citizens in your community. Whether that was about your daughters soccer game or about crime in your neighborhood or concerns of school, government, media and much more.

It is the other citizens option whether or not they choose to "Tune you in". Educable's abilities provided assistance in producing quality productions, its not just the broadcasting. This has been taken away, without a vote from the people of the townships.

Again... your going to take what this government says is true as fact?

If Maggie Brooks administration came into the Northgate Neighbors meetings and spun you information on Irondequoit Walmart would you say, "Yep... thats the way it is". Of course not, because YOU HAVE BEEN TO THE STORE. Here, you dont have it yet and ONCE YOU DO its simply TOO LATE.

So... Until that time your local "trusted" government will spin you what you want to hear as afterwards, too bad... so sad, "How were we to know?".

Our Greece Police Officers are fine men and women. However, they also know who has brought shame upon their name. They are not stupid and were they ALLOWED to talk they would tell you everything noted above and then some.