Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Loszynski Threatens Parrinello With Arrest

Investigator claims Parrinello was disruptive during questioning of Chief Rahn

"He was given repeated warnings not to interrupt the proceedings, which he ignored." ~~ Jeff McCann, Deputy Supervisor



Anonymous said...

Where is Auberger? Why is McCann always providing response?

Anonymous said...

The green little Wizard of John will not come out of the booth. He must continue to operate "oz" and control the land he has built.

I envision him like Captain Queeg, in a small closet, with his metal balls in hand..."clack, clack, clack", like a mini-me version of Bogart, thinking, cursing, clacking...

...calling Mags on the phone. Getting Bob "Weezner" on the phone...getting ANYONE on the phone. "Fire! Fire!" "Doesn't anybody care about ME?"

What a sight!