Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joe Moscato To Discuss Taxes Spent For Public Safety

Tonight at 8PM on Cable Ch 12

How our tax dollars support public safety in Greece as well as Monroe County


Anonymous said...

Joe is the way to go.

WE need to get the cronies and clowns off the town board. We need some other voices on the board,.

Joe has proven he cares and will get

Anonymous said...

Forgot your thought, huh Joe?

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

BLOG Administration deleted the previous one-line comment for name-calling.

Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up to Joe! Good job on the police discussion.

Anonymous said...

Mother of God Joey, have you been in a closed room with too many Greece Democrats? Didn't you notice the smoke smelled strange or have you been retired too long?

The presentation Joe made reminded me of his years of employing words that sound about right, but didn't quite fit.

METRO, come on Joe, don't you recall the Constitutional prohibitions on charging percapita for police service? That was definitely covered when you were on the job. Who writes your material these days?

The scissors were prescious though Joe. Please work on your delivery, and Don't RUN with the scissors.

Anonymous said...

Joe is so last year! Move on buddy.

Anonymous said...

I'd say Joe is a true reflection of the Greece Democrat party. I hope a lot of people watched his attempt at expalining something. What that exactly was? I still have no idea! "I want to run around the town with a pair of scissors in my hands. And I'll pay for the budget with money that I make myself with markers and construction paper! Vote for me."

SCATS said...

The entries from 3:41AM onward show what desperate folks are willing to do when feeling threatened :)

Anonymous said...

I liked what Joe had to say and its seems quite relevant given our currrnet crisis. More on other government corruption is I am sure to come.

In case anyone is reading I just caught a new story on ROBUTRAD on the D and C web site

Anonymous said...

For those poor threatened individuals a/k/a 3:41, 6:01 and 8:14, it's not rocket science. Why does it take more than half a brain to understand that 28% of your Town and County tax goes to pay for a service we do not receive.

Would you pay out of your home budget 28% to something you don't get or want? What kind of idiot would do that?

What the politicians in Monroe County don't want the people of Greece to know is that we are subsidizing our well-to-do neighbors who pay 28% less than we do in Town and County Taxes and get something for their money - the full service of the Monroe County Sheriff's Department. Their total tax bill is decreased because they do not have police departments. Therefore, all the money we pay for the sheriff's is going to those towns for their police services.

I suspect those posters mentioned above are town employees or else they are severely brain impaired or deaf.

This has been a well kept secret for years and the real power brokers in County government think that the stupid people in Greece will keep paying their bills because our supervisor who is in bed with them keeps us in the dark. However, the time has come when Greece citizens, many of whom have fallen on tough times, need to stop paying for services not received.

We don't need the sheriff's department. Other than the services of the Monroe County Jail, the sheriff's department has nothing to offer us. Just try to call the sheriff's department if you are in trouble in Greece, they will not come even though we are paying the same amount as those living on the east side of the county.

Come on people, wake up! We are being robbed by Auberger and Company, not only are we being deprived of services for our tax money, but they are also doing their best to screw up the police department we have and which does serve us.

This, for the sake of those who could not understand, is what Joe was talking about. It's very simple.

Anonymous said...

I am a resident of Webster. Last night while visiting my son in Greece, we watched Mr. Muscato's presentation on Channel 12.

His subject matter, the exploitation of taxpayrs in towns with their own police departments struck a familiar chord with me.

Two years ago I was and still am a member of a group of Webster residents pushing for the abolition of the Webster PD in favor of the Sheriff's Department. We wanted to do this because two years ago we gathered the same facts being presented by Mr. Muscato. Ironically, his numbers were almost the same figures we came up with. Our conclusion parallelled his. Reisdents of towns with their own police dpeartments wre being double taxed by supporting the Sheriff's Dept. as well as their own PD's.

However, the problem was we were receiving no coverage from the Sheriff's Dept. We came to the same conclusion as Mr. Muscato, the portion of our double taxation, 50% was being used to support our east side neighbors, Perinton, Pittsford, etc. pay for their police protection as they had no PD's of their own. In other words, towns with their own police departments were, in fact, subsidizing police protection for towns without.

Wityh these facts in hand we petitioned our town board to abolish our PD. At one time we had the votes necessary to do just that. Unfortunately, our spineless supervisor backed out and the initiative failed.

As I watched Mr. Muscato's presentation I wondered why he had resorted to props like the cutting of the tax dollar. After reading some ofthe comments on this subject on this site, it became perfectly clear. He apparently knows his audience. So to make it as simplistic and understandble as possible so that even an eighth grade student could understand the message and get the point, he resorted to this method. I hope that some of the moronic comments on this site are not indicative of the overall intelligence level in Greece. If so, it's no wonder your town is so scandal ridden and the butt of many crude jokes by east side residents.

Anonymous said...

As a retired Sheriff's deputy I can tell you that we have a 300 man road patrol. The fact is that without 100% taxation of all towns, this level could not be maintained. I suggest you ask the candidates Flynn and Greene the following questions:

Without tax from the City and the four large towns could you maintain that level?

If the four large towns, Greece, Gates, Irondequoit and Brighton were to abolish their departments, could you provide adequate coverage countywide with existing resources and manpower?

Their answer would tell the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Just read that Robutrad article in the D&C and it appears to me that Johnny A. is doing the same thing, using town employees to do his politicking for him.

I know of town employees who must go out and gather petitions under the threat of losing their jobs. I know of town employees who created a phone bank and called voters to the polls during the election of Roger Boily to the school board. This done during their working hours. I know of town employees who must contribute to Johnny A's campaign coffers under the threat of losing their jobs. This done by his saying that if he is not reelected, they will lose their jobs.

Somehow this all reeks of illegality as do the campaign contributions by command officers in the police department. Whether it is so or not, it gives the appearance of wrongdoing - did they gain their promotion because of their generosity?

It stinks and should be investigated!

Anonymous said...

Call Loszynski and ask him to look into it. Tell him it's a stone you want turned.

Anonymous said...

Scats; will Joe's presentation be televised again?

Anonymous said...

Well gee, for those who think I'm brain dead or deaf, even though my wife might agree 3 days a week, I ain't. I'm also not a Republikin nor am I a Town employee or desperate.

Now, your lengthy pieces were wonderful, and I'm sure based on your FEELINGS. Unfortunately, Greece nor any other Town in NY State does not function on feelings but rather on LAW. (I do realize that's hard to believe)

There are a few little incinveniences that prevent your feelings and desires from happening, and Joe Moscoto damn well knows it after his years working under Swine1.
First is the entire body of NY State laws dictating the function and procedure units of government must follow. Then there is the Town Constitution.

Campaign bullcrap is just that, bullcrap. Joey sat there in front of the camera speaking in the same way I came to love years ago abusing the English language, and I doubt Joey will ever change, it's his charm. The very things that made Joe a damn good street cop will make him a lousey Councilman because LAWS prevent him accomplishing the things he desires to accomplish.

The cost of the Sheriff's office not being equally shared is an old story. It was trotted out int he 1960s, and it gets reissued every decade or so. Back in 71 when the nice folks of Brighton complained they weren't getting bang for their buck from the Sheriff they learned different when about 20 of their prescious love trophys spent the night in the old County Pen.
This crap ain't new!

I suppose a lot of people new to Greece don't recall when Phelon abandoned the NorthWest quarter of town to Sheriff's road patrol because Phelon claimed he didn't have sufficient manpower.

Anyone beleiving the Greece Police Department can be disolved and the Sheriff will magicly pick the job up isn't considering the Greece cops will be hired by the Sheriff, and the County will simply institute a fee for service system for policing each geographical unit.

Minimally, any such transition will require approval of the State as well, and that will cost more money.

Sadly we do not live in the best of all possible times nor are we governed by the best possible people. I fully agree Stupidvisor Hairburger should go, preferably off to some desert island sans pension. He has been a more dismal failure than Roger Rabbit was inthe position of Stupidvisor.
Unfortunately, the Greece Democrats aren't offering any shining beacon atop Paddie Hill as a replacement. As the sign lowered down to Charlie the Tuna said, "Sorry Charlie"! Accept that you live in the Town where the Dog Catcher who hid out at the firehall grew up to become Building Inspector and Code Enforcer, and the Acting Assessor became a so called Planner in the Highway Depaerment even though Mikey has no damn idea what he plans, and move on to realistic goals.

SCATS said...

To 5:45PM ~~ I was told about last evening's broadcast only.

Anonymous said...

I just love someone who criticizes another for their abuse of the English language and they can't even write a complete sentence with proper spelling.

You know the old saying, "People who live in glass houses. . . ."

Besides all that, he or she states that it's old stuff and the law prevents what Mr. Moscato advocates. What law? tell me where it is written that some taxpayers must pay for services they do not receive? I don't believe it and if it is so, the law should be changed, that's why people are supposedly elected to office - to change what is unfair and inequitable.

The writer then rambles on about"20of their prescious (sic) love trophys (sic) spent the night in the old County Pen" and something about a "dog catcher who hid out at a fire hall . . ." which has nothing to do with anything and makes no sense at all and forces me to question the credibility of the writer.

Anonymous said...

6:06 doesn't know what he is talking about.

There is no state law that governs this. There is no Town Constitution. Monroe County taxes are regulated by the Monroe County Legislature, which we all know is and has been controlled by Republicans since time began. Do you think the wealthy power brokers who live in Pittsford, Mendon, Penfield, etc. will allow any change in the tax structure that will hurt them? No way, my friend. The stupid peons of Greece will pay their way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Town historian - you are obviously a very old man who is entering the first stages of "old timers disease."

Speaking of laws regarding taxes, I know that State law allows towns and villages to form or abolish police departments at will without a referendum. Wheatland did it a few years ago and Brockport came close, but lacked the board votes to do it.

An earlier poster is correct in that the Monroe County Legislature has everything to do with the inequitable and unfair taxing in this county. Someone owning a $450,000 home in the Village of Mendon pays about $350.00 in county taxes and receives full coverage by the Monroe County Sheriff's Department.

Someone in Greece with a $450,000 home will probably pay about $20,000 in county taxes, 28% of which will go to cover that poor person in Mendon who has to pay the outrageous sum of $350.00.

If you believe this is fair, go ahead and keep electing those who allow this to the Monroe County Legislature where this inequity could be changed in a minute.

Anonymous said...

3:26: I think that must be your group I saw on tonight's news trying to rid Webster of its PD right? I'm wondering what percent of the town's people do the 900 signatures on the petition represent. Any idea?

Anonymous said...

About 3%.

Anonymous said...

really? 3%?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thats a better percentage than we get to come out and vote in school board elections. They must really care about the issue. Remember, these are not voters, they are petition signers.

Anonymous said...

Right on 6:06 The former dog catcher liked to put on the blue for all the parades but when the chips were down was a no show. "Fireman" yeah right. Mikey knows where the bodies are buried and should step up because they will shed him like a bad rash if they get too close.

Anonymous said...

Hairburger is definitely nervous about Mikey, after all Hairburger stuck his squeeze on Mike's payroll when he imported her from GCSD to Town Hall to make things more convenient. The reality is Mikey doesn't even realize what he knows.

I see we've been joined by the spelling compliant GCSD/DemocratDefenders/GTAmembers as well. Obviously they know nothng so they attack the messenger. I'd offer them a suggestion or 2 but SCATS might hawk another hairball.

SCATS said...

To 2:48AM ~~ Please know that I often call people out on here for attacking the messenger to change the focus from the actual issue. It's what people who feel threatened do. Pointing that out usually does more good than resorting to the emotional retorts.

By the way ... please tell me, who the heck is "Mike" and is it the same as "Mikey?" You've used both male and female pronouns which added to my confusion. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mike = Mikey

Male & female, are we allowed to speak of those behaviors among the current Councilman whi hates Nam Vets & Civil Service employees?

Mikey's the Town employee who got moved from the big desk @ Town Hall to the small cube @ Highway because he couldn't be fired for misconduct under Civil Service Law. He's also the little fellow who got his ass chased off the soccer field by the fat woman @ a girl's soccer game. In the interest of not upsetting too many polite people I'll only say Mikey's name was made a household word by a TV program on the Ponderosa Ranch years ago. There is no need to embarras his daughters.