Wednesday, June 03, 2009

He Said ... "I Am Him" Said ...

Parrinello Issues Press Release After He Was Threatened With Arrest During Rahn's Interrogatory

"I have sent written requests to Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger asking him to send to me written confirmation that Loszynski had been appointed Director of Public Safety and to also send me a copy of the duties and obligations of the Director of Public Safety. That has not been done.

There is no doubt in my mind that this investigation has turned into a malicious witch hunt of Chief Rahn."
~~ John Parrinello

Town of Greece Responds Via Kathryn Firkins

"Attorneys for those being questioned in administrative interrogatories have no standing in the proceeding, this is a fact known and acknowledged by any of those familiar with the process." ~~ Kathryn Firkins


Anonymous said...

Really, this is a nonstory. Throwing attorneys representing the individual being questioned out of hearings is fairly common, unless the attorney is representing a Union the person under questioning is a member of.

All this accomplished was making John burn a little hotter. Rahn is smart enough to say nothing, and I'd bet 5 bucks John heard every word said in that room. Recorders and even transmitters are very small these days, and NY is a single party concent State. Rahn had the right to record the intervue.

Anonymous said...

Isn't all of this a lot like a flashback to Rahn's previous troubles and Parrinello getting him off the hook? Sure sounds the same to me! Maybe we'll be stuck with Rahn once more. Maybe he'll be the undoing of Auberger

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of sicko control freaks. And what legal background does Firky have to speak on such matters?

John-A must be up to his ears in doo-doo, so now he's gotta push the mouthpiece "I Am Him" out to do the evil bidding.

Poor Dorothy. The Wizard still won't come out of the booth. What's a girl to do?

Anonymous said...

whatever you think of him, Parinello is a very effective pr attorney. I imagine he will try to put the heat on this investigation and on Auberger-- s well he should.

Will this scandal never end. If all this keeps us Firkins will have to say I was him.

Anonymous said...