Monday, June 01, 2009

Has Anyone Checked The Security Videos?

From Police Reports:

Maintenance workers at Greece Athena Middle School found burned materials in a bathroom at the school, 130 Island Cottage Road on May 21. It was discovered that two students had been playing with matches. **

Someone broke five windows at Craig Hill Elementary School, 320 W. Craig Hill Drive, on May 25.

** Please note that the D&C has confused the school name/address in this story. SCATS knows Athena MS is on Long Pond Rd ;)


Anonymous said...

"students had been playing with matches"

Were they playing?

More likely they were just trying to graduate using the time honored tradition of burning the schoolhouse down!

"Check the video"
Really, what makes you think any video of value exists? We know how well the system works. Just ask the Director of Security at Hilton. When the HS auditorium there was vandalized the video didn't provide any identification, because it didn't work.

SCATS said...

To 1:55PM ~~ I merely make suggestions. The truth usually oozes out ;) In the end, it helps make more people aware of the wasted money on certain "technology" purchases. Thank you for responding.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a similar problem in that terrible suicide in Canandaigua Didn't they have a camera on the side entrance, but no one bothered to monitor it?

IT sounds like most school security is phony

Anonymous said...

They were at Arcadia! the students were caught and punished accordingly. There are not cameras in the bathrooms!!

Anonymous said...

Were I to explain the reality of school security -v- the perception of school security, way too many people would be crestfallen and a few just might be indicted. No wait, Mike Green doesn't offend his fellow politicians by putting the crap they pull in front of Grand Juries.

Canandagua is playing Hide the Salami with both hands and feet. The incident of a kid bringing a sawed off shotgun into the building is so damn far beyond what should have went down there are at least 5 people who need to loose jobs, and 2 of them need to be explaining to a Grand Jury their failure to do their damn job. Canandagua should be giving thanks to whatever God they choose that the kid decided to suicide rather than attempt his halfbaked plan. Then they should address why the hell all the overpaid @$$^)*%@ on staff cmpletely failed to identify the perp before he went to a gun. REPEAT COLUMBINE situation without a second conspiritor folks.

BTW was I the only one rolling on the floor laughing at the statement by the Police Chief there regarding student use of cellphones plugging the radio frequencies necessary for Police Communication? Did that #%$%& learn from Rahn?

Here's the story folks, School Security is a JOKE. Retired cops don't know $#!t about school security, cops know how to show up late and write scripts of what they think happened. People who know Security aren't liked by School Administrators. Are you suprized by that?
You shouldn't be, School Administrators don't like anything effective, like good teaching, running an educational facility rather than a entertainment zone, or working for the wages they are worth.

Get the hint, buy your kid KEVLAR!

We know what events are coming, and none of the current joke called Security can or will stop it.

Anonymous said...

Article about a person who was considered liable as a publisher. Acc to this there is an increase in people suing blogs.

SCATS said...

To 8:54PM ~~ We must have struck close to home. Otherwise, what is the purpose of your posting, aside from a weak attempt to intimidate?

Anonymous said...

Stevie hates it when you use his quotes. They sound so silly.

Anonymous said...

This blog is the best thing that ever happened to Greece! Keep up the great work Scats!!!!! You rock and you tell it like it is!!

SCATS said...

To 1:41AM ~~ Thanks.

Anonymous said...

In order to be liable, they have to prove what you published was untrue. In most cases what is posted here is true.

They just don't like their nasty little secrets aired in public, but that's too bad.

One other important thing, the case cited occurred in Texas. Enough said!