Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greece Dem. Candidates' Website Is Up & Running

Awhile back, I posted a listing of prospective Democratic candidates for Greece. Now you can read their bios and obtain other related news on their website: http://www.greece2009.com/

Supervisor candidate ~~ Dan Maloney
Receiver of taxes candidate ~~ Kathleen Trimmer
Town justice candidates ~~ Bill King & Deborah Indivino
1st Ward Council candidate ~~ Karen Byfield
2nd Ward Council Candidate ~~ Joe Moscato
3rd Ward Council candidate ~~ Shawn Lavin
4th Ward Council candidate ~~ Karl Nielsen


Anonymous said...

I welcome any canidate that is not already employed by the couty legislature/gov or social cronies. As it seems that it is a conflict of interest to serve your town when your main alliance is wth the Reb. County Gov. and that comes first before the towns people.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for them all. No amount of excuses will change my republican mind.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone post a link to a ward map of Greece please. Until this year we didn't have much of a choice since the dems didn't take the election seriously. Maybe we will vote with a choice versus continuing the reign of the politburo.
Nice website. But the dems will have to do more than breathe to get elected. In Greece it is never good enough to just be an "anyone but the incumbent" to get a seat. There are still so many that vote party line and think it is below them to vote democrat in the burbs.
It would be nice to have a clean sweep and start over.

Anonymous said...

I found my Ward by clicking on the "NY Voter Information" link on the Democrats website.

It tells the people who elected me, my ED, and my ward.

Nice website.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


That's a funny word to use in GREECE with cronyism breeds like swine flu in a hot lab dish!


Anonymous said...

If I was a republican I would never use the work crony to characterize my opponent.
IT leaves you open to attack.

Plus for most of us the word union is not dirty word.
We may not like some union actions but unions are not bad per se. This sounds a lot like a smear campaign.

SCATS said...

Blog Administration deleted the comment posted at 9:19AM. It was an unprovoked two-line personal attack on a named individual.


SCATS said...

To 7:53AM ~~ I searched the Town of Greece website and was rather disappointed to find that a map of our town's wards was not posted :(

Anonymous said...

I am located in the 4th Ward off of English Road. The candidate Karl Nielsen stopped by my house and explained to me how each ward is broken up. If you live from Northside of Ridge Road between Manitou to Long Pond RD and South of Hincher your most likely in the 4th Ward. I found Karl Nielsen to a friendly, intelligent, and helpful. Keep it up Karl!